Timothy Mowry Lifestyle

Timothy Mowry Lifestyle, Timothy is a personality, who is primarily known as the father of similar twins Tia & Tamera Mowry. Apart from his fame as a celebrity father, he is also understood for his manifestation in the Tia Mowry at Home.

Talking his twin daughters, are profitable actresses and singers known for works in TV series such as Sister, Sister, Twitches, Tia & Tamera, as well as many more. Well, like any father Tim shares a great friendship with his kids. But what regarding his affection life? Is he still wedded to Darlene Mowry?

In this article, we are going to examine some untold details regarding Timothy Mowry’s marriage, wife, career, net worth, as well as much more. Let’s start.

Timothy Mowry lifestyle

Timothy Mowry’s lifestyle, Timothy is an actor and father of Tia as well as Tamera Mowry. He was born Timothy John as TimMowry on January 4, in the year 1957, in the place of the United States. As of the year 2022, he is 65 years of age.

Timothy Mowry’s lifestyle With His Family

Young Timothy Mowry With His Family

Talking about his childhood, he developed in a Christian family and has a reasonable upbringing. Unfortunately, he still keeps the detail about his father as well as his mother a secret. As for his ethnicity, he is American and has Irish & English ancestry.

Timothy Mowry lifestyle and Timothy Mowry Is A Former Army Officer

When it comes to his experienced life, Tim has had his hands in a few professions. As per the reports as well as sources, he was in the U.S. Army. Afterward, after resigning from his job in the Army, he moved to California, where he fulfilled as a custody officer/jailer with the City of Glendale Police Department.

Later, after the accomplishment of his daughters in the entertainment industry, he also appeared in the TV series Tia Mowry at Home. The TV series aired from the year 2015 to the year 2017 and showed the everyday life of the Mowry family.

His Ex-Wife named Darlene Mowry Was In The Army

Talking to his ex-spouse, named Darlene was also in the Army where she worked as a drill sergeant. Before this, she also helped as a security guard for a short period.

Presently, she helps as a manager for her daughters. Not only this, but she is also the producer of films that encompass Double Wedding, The Poof Point, & Seventeen Again.

Timothy Mowry Was Married To his Ex-Wife named Darlene Mowry

In case you didn’t know, Timothy Mowry’s lifestyle, Timothy Mowry Lifestyle, Timothy was wedded to his wife named Darlene Mowry. The former couple met for the first time during their high school days and dated for years before they walked led down the aisle in the year 1975.

Timothy Mowry Lifestyle


Timothy Mowry’s lifestyle as well as Timothy Mowry With Wife Darlene Mowry & Twin Daughters

Timothy Mowry With their Wife named Darlene Mowry & Twin Daughters

Soon after they tied the knot, the duo shifted to Gelhausen, which is in Germany, as well as settled down there. However, after the birth of their twins, they relocated to the place of California.

Well, just like any couple, the cute pair shared a great relationship, but the things between them were not meant to last for long.

He Divorce After 40 Years of Marriage

After getting married in the year 1975, Timothy and his then-wife named Darlene were in a marital relationship for over 40 years. However, despite decades of togetherness, the duo agreed to distinguish. Sadly, Their divorce was completed in the year 2015.

Unfortunately, the ex-spouses have not disclosed the exact reason for their split, but they stated irreconcilable differences in the divorce documents. Anyway, irrespective of their separation, they are still decent friends and are seen spending time with their children.

Well, attending the divorce, Timothy Mowry Lifestyle’s reportedly gotten into a new relationship with an Asian girl. He has, however, not disclosed many details regarding his new partner.


Timothy Mowry’s lifestyle as well as Timothy Mowry’s Children

He is a father of four kids from his marriage with Darlene Mowry. His twin-daughter named Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry was born on July 6, in the year 1978. The former among the two, Tamera was born 2 minutes along with Tia at 4:30 pm.

Timothy Mowry Lifestyle

Tim’s Wife & Their Two Sons As well as Two Daughters

Tim’s Ex-Wife as well as Their Kids
Similarly, his third child, a son named Tahj Mowry, was born on May 17, in the year 1986. Furthermore, the youngest of all Tavior was born on July 5, in the year 1993. Well, as a father, Tim is very tight to his kids and they love expending time together.

All Of Tim’s Kids Are Successful

As we said, Timothy Mowry Lifestyle, Timothy Mowry’s kids are successful professionals. His twin daughters are successful actors and singers and have been a part of various TV series as well as movies. They originally increased fame following their impression in the sitcom Sister, Sister.

Soon after that, they occurred in the Disney Channel Movie Twitches and its sequel, Twitches Too. Some of their most profitable works encompass Detention, Girlfriends, Tia & Tamera, Prince of Peoria, & several others. Additionally, the identical twins also formed a band named Voices, which came up with their first single Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! in the year 1992.

Just Like the twins, Tim and Darlene’s third child named Tajh is also an actor & singer. He is understood for his jobs in the Disney Series Smart Guy and also appeared alongside Ice Cuber in the year 2007 film Are We Done Yet?

Timothy Mowry Lifestyle

Well, the youngest son of the Mowry pair Tavior is an athlete as well as plays football for the University of California Davis.


Timothy Mowry lifestyle and Timothy Mowry Also Has Grandchildren

Not everyone knows, but Timothy Mowry Lifestyle is already a good grandfather. He has four grandkids, named Cree Taylor, Cairo Tiahna, Aden John Tanner, as well as Ariah Talea. While Cree and Cairo were born from his daughter’s marriage with Corey, Aden as well as Ariah was born from Tamera’s wedding with Adam Housley.

Timothy Mowry lifestyle & His Grandkid
Timothy Mowery & His Grandkid

Like any grandparents, Tim is very near to all his grandkids. He loves spending time with them.

Timothy Mowry LifestyleTimothy Mowry Lifestyle, Timothy Mowry’s Net Worth?

As a former U.S. Army and the father of one of the most successful actresses, named Tim has amassed a big net worth. While his wealth is estimated to be in millions, the precise sum is yet to be made civil.

On the other hand, his daughters named Tia & Tamera have a net worth of around $4 million each. They have mostly made their money from movies as well as TV works.



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