Tracey Hinds bio

Tracey Hinds bio is a mortgage broker who is outstanding as the ex-husband of Macy Gray. Tracey Hinds bio is an R&B as well as soul singer as well as songwriter, musician, record producer, as well as actress.

Tracey Hinds bio and Gray’s wedding only lasted a couple of years. Despite the brief relationship, the former husband, as well as the wife, were parents to three kids. While they could not save their marital relationship, the tragedy gave birth to a star, named Macy inspiring dating her first album and making her the winner of the great Grammy Award.

Several people are familiar with the singer, but only a little is known about her ex-husband. So, where is he now? Why did their wedding end? In this article below, we will be focusing more on Macy Gray’s husband, named Tracey Hinds bio.

Who Is Macy Gray’s Ex-Husband, named Tracey Hinds bio?

The singer’s husband named Tracey Hinds bio is an African-American born in the United States of America, clasping an American nationality. He used to work as a great American mortgage broker when they were together. But as of present, it is not known if he is still in that faculty or has switched to some other.

Well, apart from his birth country, there is no other information regarding his background or early life available. The details about his birthday, parents, education, as well as everything are a mystery. Since his wife was also not a popular name back when they tied the knot, no people were interested to know about them resulting in the lack of information regarding him in the media.

Tracey Hinds bio Marriage With Macy Gray

Hinds and his ex-spouse Gray were wedded only for a couple of years. The former mates met in Los Angeles as Macy had just shifted there from her hometown. It was when the singer was struggling to find work in the new city, she met the affection of her life.

Macy Gray’s ex-husband named Tracey Hinds bio Together

Tracey Hinds bio with his ex-wife named Macy Gray

The ex-pair was madly in love with each other and finally decided to tie knots in the year 1996 after dating for about two years. Things were going great between the two originally when they were just girlfriends and boyfriends. However, not everything was the same after their grand marriage.

Tracey Hinds bio and Macy began having problems with each other which directed the relationship toward daily confrontations as well as frustration. As a result, the husband and wife parted ways in the year 1998, only a year before Macy had a breakthrough with her first hit album. So what led to the compartment of the pair’s marital relationship? Read the subheading below to discover!

Tracey Hinds bio

Why did Tracey Hinds bio Separate From His Wife named Macy Gray?

As we mentioned above, everything was perfect between the pair when they were only in a love relationship. But after their wedding and having children, everything went upside down. Parenting wasn’t as easy as they believed it would be as well as having two kids to look after was tough.

Raising babies while they were attempting themselves in their profession was questioning for them. Despite the problems, the duo kept coping with the hope of things getting decent someday. But unfortunately, things never got better between both of them.

Later, Tracey Hinds bio and his ex-wife agreed to part ways after a year of the marriage when she was pregnant with her third child. Regardless, they officially ended their courtship in the year 1998. She then walked to Ohio and lived with her mum as she had nowhere to go with two small children by her side as well as another inside her.

The singer told to Telegraph,

I didn’t have anywhere to go when I as well as my ex-husband split up. You know, no grown-up wants to stride back into their mum’s house. You just feel like such a loser. But with two children, where else was I going to go?

Tracey Hinds bio

Tracey Hinds bio since then has kept himself very personal as well as hasn’t indicated if he dated or wedded anybody afterward. Meanwhile, the singer is single at the moment as well as hasn’t had any severe connections after her ex-hubby.

Tracey Hinds bio Has Two Daughters As well as a Son

Even though the husband, as well as the wife’s association, didn’t last long, they had three kids during their matrimony. Tracey Hinds bio along with his then-wife greeted their first child, a daughter named Aanisah Hinds on January 16, of the year 1995. Furthermore, the second child was a son, Thamel Hinds, born in December of the year 1995, as well as their youngest daughter Happy Hinds was born on October 6, of the year 1997.


Tracey Hinds bio Wife named Macy Gray & Their Children

Tracey Hinds bio’ ex-spouse named Macy Gray with his daughters Aanisah Hinds, Happy Hinds, as well as a son named Thamel Hinds
All three children are now an adult, graduated, as well as settled in their professions. His daughter Aanisah originally studied Visual and Performing and graduated with a degree in painting. Furthermore, Thamel is allegedly a musician following in his mother’s footprints as well as Happy is the editor-in-chief at Happy Hinds Magazine.

Tracey Hinds bio

Nevertheless, the father isn’t on good terms with his children though he used to see his son and daughters sometimes. They all were put up by his ex-wife taking her career side by side. The breakup of the pair also occurred in the lack of the father’s love in the kids’ life.

The Divorce Inspired His Spouse Macy’s First great Album

The mortgage broker and his ex-mate allegedly had a terrible statement at the time of their detachment and still haven’t reconciled. However, their ending became the new outlet for Macy Gray. Just a year after their divorce, Macy released her first debut album named On How Life Is in the year 1999, which was a huge hit that shot to her fame.


Macy Gray Became a profitable singer after their divorce from her husband

R&B and soul singer named Macy Gray performs on stage
Following her achievement, she has already released 10 albums as well as 5 singles as a lead artist. Also, she has done several songs as a featured artist, promotional singles, and music videos, as well as made guest appearances. Macy Gray is now established as an R&B as well as soul singer as well as songwriter, musician, record producer, as well as actress.

Tracey Hinds bioSince her first album, her career is prosperous and she never had to look back. Also, Macy Gray is a recipient of multiple accolades as well as has been nominated for grammy awards five times, winning one. She won her first Grammy Award in the year 2001 for “I Try” for best female pop vocal achievement.

Net Worth Of Tracey Hinds bio; Is His Ex-Wife named Macy Gray Rich?

Well, since not much is known about Tracey’s career as of the year 2022, his net worth is still not revealed. Nevertheless, as a mortgage broker, he might have earned decent money enough for himself as well as his family, if he has any.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Macy Gray is a multi-millionaire with a total fortune of around $12 million. Being able to earn a name as well as fame in mass, she is rich enough to afford her children as well as herself an outstanding lifestyle.

What Is The Gender Of Tracey Hinds bio?

Maybe because of the name or some other justifications but there is still confusion among people regarding the sexuality of Macy’s ex-beau named Tracey. As the name “Tracey” is more considered for females, this misconception might have grown.



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