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Troy Dendekker is the spouse of a dead American musician, Bradley Nowell, the guitarist and the lead singer of the ska-punk band Sublime. After the demise of Troy Dendekker’s husband, Troy has been mainly known in the media outlets as Bradley Nowell’s widow. Owing to the recognition and identity she attained as the singer’s wife, Dendekker has also been carrying on the bequest established by the band in the 90s.

Troy Dendekker has also submitted a documentary about the journey of Sublime, with and without Bradley Nowell. Along with this, Troy also runs awareness movements on a drug habit, in the wake of her husband, Bradley Nowell demise from a heroin overdose.

In addition to all these, Troy is also a mom and is seemingly leading a wonderful life in the present. Well, in today’s article, we are going to find out all the unknown facts about Troy Dendekker.

Troy Dendekker Was Married to Bradley Nowell and they also have Children:

As we have mentioned earlier, Troy is the widow of the late Bradley Nowell, Sublime’s lead singer and guitarist. Though it is difficult to tell how they met, Troy and Bradley Nowell reportedly started dating in the early 1990s when Bradley Nowell was supposedly out on one of his trips.

Soon after the beginning of the romantic relationship between Troy and Bradley Nowell, Troy got pregnant with her first child in October of 1994. Troy gave birth to her only child whose name is Jakob James Nowell on the 25th of June in 1995.

Just a year after the coming of their son, Troy and Bradley Nowell decided to tie the knot. Well, on the 25th of June in 1995, Troy finally wedded with her long-time sweetheart Bradley Nowell. The gorgeous Hawaiian-themed marriage procession was held in Las Vegas among family and close friends.

Troy Dendekker’s Husband, Bradley Nowell Died a Week After Their Wedding:

Things between the two, Troy and Bradley Nowell were going pretty well until the hardship crashed. Just a week after their wedding, on the morning of the 25th of May in 2016, Bradley Nowell died because of a heroin overdose.

The happening happened at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco, where Bradley Nowell along with his band partners was staying. It was one of the band partners, whose name is Bud Gaugh who arose to find Bradley Nowell resting quietly on his mattress next to him. Though Bud Gaugh called paramedics, Bradley Nowell was pronounced finished on the spot and he had rather died many hours before.

As per the media outlets, Bradley Nowell had tried wakening his band partners to go out to the beach before that morning but they were too much tired that they can’t go out.

After the funeral of Bradley Nowell, his ashes were scattered over his favorite surfing area in Surfside, California.

Talking about Troy Dendekker’s spouse’s death days later, Troy Dendekker, who was only 26 at the time expressed with tears rolling down her cheeks. At first, I was so mad that I wanted him here so I could shout at him.

Troy Dendekker Still Seem to Adore Her Late Husband, Bradley Nowell The Same

It is not easy to neglect someone close to you, particularly if the person is someone you like enormously. The same goes for Troy who lost her long-time boyfriend turned husband just after a week of their wedding.

It looks like Troy is not over Bradley Nowell’s memories of her time spent with him. It has been over two decades and Troy Dendekker still seems to have the same warmth for him. The 49 years old Troy keeps on broadcasting pictures of her with her Bradley Nowell on her social accounts and that pretty much shows Troy Dendekker’s love for Bradley Nowell.

Troy Dendekker
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On the 5th of September in 2020, Troy Dendekker posted a lovely picture of her together with Bradley Nowell which Troy captioned, “Hi Bradley Nowell.”

Apart from this, there are a large number of posts Troy Dendekker has shared over the years.

Troy Dendekker Married For The Second Time To Kiki Holmes:

A few years after the demise of her spouse, Troy wedded for the second time to Kiki Holmes, also known as Keith Holmes. Troy and Kiki Holmes get married on the 1st of November in 2002. Troy Dendekker and Kiki Holmes were together in a matrimonial relationship for more than 15 years.

In October of 2016, Kiki Holmes even shared a picture of his wedding certificate, devoting it to their 14 years of togetherness. In the inscription of his now-deleted Instagram post, Kiki Holmes wrote, 4 years with the woman, Troy, whom I love so much. Feels like 36 years hahaha. I love my spouse and what we produced together.

Likewise, on the occasion of the 15th wedding anniversary of Troy Dendekker and Kiki Holmes, Troy Dendekker’s second husband Kiki Holmes shared a video clip that featured pictures from their marriage. The post has, nonetheless, now has been erased.

But unfortunately, despite all the love and bond for one another, the wife and the former husband are no more in a relationship. As per the media outlets, the couple, Troy and Kiki Holmes filed for divorce on the 25th of July in 2018. Well, there are not any updates on whether their divorce is confirmed or not.

Troy Dendekker Has Three Children With Her Second Husband, Kiki Holmes:

Apart from Jakob James Nowell, who was born from Troy Dendekker’s first marriage, Troy has three other children as well. In a marriage with Kiki Holmes that lasted for almost 16 years, Troy Dendekker gave birth to three children, Rudy and Mary. Troy has unfortunately not disclosed the name of the third kid who is a daughter.

Well, Troy shares a healthy relationship with all her kids and often shares pictures of them on their social media accounts. On the celebration of Jakob James Nowell’s 25th birthday, Troy even shared an image of all her three children.


We wish Troy Dendekker a happy family life.

Troy Dendekker Short Bio: Parents and Early Life:

Talking about the early life of Troy Dendekker, Troy was born on the 8th of March in 197 to their mother Robin Newton and father David Newton. Well, Troy Dendekker is not the only child of her parents, Troy also had a brother whose name is Drake, who is dead.

Social Media accounts of Troy Dendekker:

Troy Dendekker
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Troy is pretty much active on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram. As of 2021, Troy has more than 13.5k followers on her Instagram where she is well known by the name “Mama Troy”.

Similarly, Troy also has a Facebook profile, but Troy has unfortunately kept it confidential.

Childhood & Early Life of Bradley Nowell:

Bradley Nowell was born on the 22nd of February in 1968, in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California, Nancy, a singer, and piano teacher, and Jim, a construction worker. Bradley Nowell had a younger sister whose name is Kellie. After Bradley Nowell’s parent’s divorce when Bradley Nowell was only 10, the hyperactive and emotional, Bradley Nowell became a hard child, and Bradley Nowell’s mother, Nancy gave up his supervision. Bradley Nowell came back to Long Beach to live with his dad, Jim.

Bradley Nowell was enthusiastic towards music since childhood, as both Bradley Nowell’s parents played musical gadgets. Bradley Nowell learned to play the guitar at a very small age. When Bradley Nowell was 11, Bradley Nowell was introduced to dancehall music and reggae, when Bradley Nowell went with his dad, Jim on an outing to the Virgin Islands.


During Bradley Nowell’s teenage years, Bradley Nowell formed his first-team whose name is, ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’ Bradley Nowell listened to a lot of hip-hop, reggae, ska, punk, pop, and funk music and Bradley Nowell was great at mixing all the sounds and changed into a new form of music. Their team played mostly at local clubs and house parties.

The career of Bradley Nowell:

Bradley Nowell met Eric Wilson during their school years. Though, Bradley Nowell and Eric Wilson started playing together much later. After Bradley Nowell’s school graduation in the year 1986, Bradley Nowell left for the ‘University of California, Santa Cruz.’ During Bradley Nowell’s college break, Eric Wilson introduced Bradley Nowell to his childhood friend and neighbor Floyd “Bud” Gaugh. The three, Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson, and Floyd “Bud” Gaugh started playing together. Eric Wilson as the bassist, Bradley Nowell as the lead singer and guitarist, and Floyd “Bud” Gaugh as the drummer. In the year 1988, the three formed the team ‘Sublime.’ People appreciated their music at events and house parties. Though, they desired to be stopped often, as they were wild and went out of influence.

Bradley Nowell changed to the ‘California State University,’ Long Beach, to study finance. Nonetheless, Bradley Nowell dropped out a term before the fulfillment of his graduation, as Bradley Nowell wanted to focus entirely on his melody.


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