Ukraine and Russia dispute
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Ukraine and Russia dispute: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not taking its name to stop. Ukraine, trapped between Western countries and Russia, is getting full support from NATO. Tensions have risen in the last weeks over Russia’s military build-up near the Ukrainian border. At the same time, Russia has also claimed that Ukraine has deployed half its army, or about 1.25 million soldiers, in the eastern part of Ukraine’s pro-Russian separatists.

In this regard, American intelligence agencies are also giving severe warnings. Rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia are supposed to be the biggest security crisis in Europe since the Cold War. There is also a chance of a war breaking out between the two.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has clearly said that the Ukrainian army is expanding its military capability tremendously in the region. However, Ukraine has not provided any statement on this matter. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said in a statement on Wednesday that Russia is preparing to take an aggressive step regarding Ukraine.

Let us tell you that in the recent elections, Ukraine has indicated that they see their future in Europe only.

Ukraine and Russia dispute, Why is Ukraine special to Russia?

Being part of the Soviet Union in the past, Ukraine has deep cultural, economic, and political ties with Russia. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is also known as the ‘mother of Russian cities. The cultural influence of this city is as much as that of a city like Moscow or St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia.

The separation of Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union is considered by many Russian politicians to be a big mistake in history. Ukraine and Russia dispute continue. Many Russian politicians see the loss of a permanent hold on Ukraine and the dominance of Western countries in Ukraine as a blow to Russia’s international reputation. Russia has been vocal about protecting the 8 million Russian people living in Ukraine, Ukraine is also important for Russia from the point of view of trade. Russia does not want to see Ukraine becoming a member of NATO at any cost.

Russia believes that if Ukraine joins NATO, then this security organization will try to tighten the noose on Russia.

What are Ukraine and Russia dispute?

Ukraine and Russia dispute
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Ukraine gained independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. On one hand, there is a very fertile plain area in this country, while on the other hand there are many big industries in this country on the east side. The western part of Ukraine has close ties with European neighbors, especially Poland. The feeling of nationalism is strong in the western part of Ukraine. However, Ukraine also has a significant number of Russian-speaking minorities and these people are more present in the developed eastern region.


In 2014, there was a rebellion in the Ukrainian government against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, who leaned towards Russia. Russia took advantage of this opportunity and occupied the Crimean peninsula present in Ukraine and the rebel groups present here occupied parts of eastern Ukraine. Due to the movements in Ukraine, President Viktor had to leave his post, but by then Russia had annexed Crimea.

Since this incident, Ukraine has been trying to improve its relations with Western Europe, but Russia has consistently been against it. This is the reason of Ukraine and Russia dispute. That’s why Ukraine is caught in the tussle between Russia and the West.

NATO gives full support to Ukraine:

Despite not being a member of NATO, Ukraine has good relations with NATO. Ukraine has also compelled the US-led NATO union to assign economic sanctions on Russia to avoid a probable invasion by thousands of Russian troops. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but NATO has clearly stated that it is committed to maintaining the sovereignty of the former Soviet republic.

Ukraine and Russia dispute
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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has also warned Russia. Stoltenberg has clearly warned that Russia will have to pay a heavy price if it shows any kind of aggression or military action against Ukraine. The NATO Secretary-General says that Western countries can also take economic sanctions and other measures against Russia.

Putin has also given a warning to NATO

At the same time, the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding Russia’s plan to invade Ukraine has also come to the fore. Putin has clearly said that Russia will ask NATO for a guarantee that they will not move east. He said that in talks with Russia, America, and its allies, we will insist on making special agreements. This agreement will be with the further advance of NATO to the east and to stop the deployment of weapons systems near Russian territory.


Earlier, Putin had warned NATO against deploying its troops and weapons in Ukraine, saying it would invite a strong reaction. Putin also said that in such an agreement, the interests of all countries should be taken care of.

Tensions remain between Russia and the US over diplomats. Some time ago the US had asked 55 Russian diplomats to leave America, after which Russia has also asked some US diplomats to leave Russia before January 31. This tension between America and Russia is also being linked to Ukraine.


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