Emilio Diaz bio

Emilio Diaz bio is famous for being the father of an American actress, author, as well as former model named Cameron Diaz. His daughter Cameron is one of the world’s most bankable actresses prominent for her role in movies like Any Given Sunday, as well as Being John Malkovich.

Besides being the celebrity father, he is a former foreman of the California oil company Unocal. Also, he was an actor who portrayed a small role in the year 1998 movie, There’s Something About Mary. Despite showing capacity as an actor in his first ever movie, his acting career couldn’t take a gear towards success as well as remained limited.

So, today we are going to talk about the same person Emilio Diaz bio who tried to pursue his career in acting like his daughter. Furthermore, the article will explore the life details of Emilio Diaz bio alongside his wiki, family, his grave, and his cause of death.


Emilio Diaz bio was born ‘Emilio Luis Diaz’ on the 3rd of July, of the year 1949 in Los Angeles County, which is in California USA. He is the only child of Emilio Diaz Sr. as well as Mary Diaz. He has four sisters, Sara, Adriana, and Virginia, as well as Yolanda, and one step-brother, Frank Garcia.

However, his ancestry wasn’t from California. Emilio’s family is originally Cuban as well shifted from Spain to Cuba. Besides, he belonged to the Cuban-American ethnicity as well as had American citizenship.

In the same way, before his birth, his ancestors again shifted as well as settled in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. And later they shifted to the Los Angeles area where Emilio was born. Just like the majority of kids in the world, Emilio had a very ordinary upbringing as well as spent a major part of his life in his native land, which is in California.

Emilio Diaz bio’s Professional Career: What Did He Do For A Living?

Talking regarding his profession, Cameron’s daddy, Emilio was an employee in the California Oil Company Unocal, a major petroleum explorer, and marketer. He helped there as a foreman, as well as a field gauger in the pipeline department for more than 20 years.

Emilio Diaz bio was an actor too
Emilio Diaz bio was a worker in an oil company in the place of California.
He fulfilled the oil company in California until his retirement. It was the year 1998 when his tenure was finalized and he took a leave from his work.


Emilio Diaz bio was An Actor Too
After his retirement, Emilio seemed like an actor in the movie named, There’s Something About Mary. It was a romantic comedy movie where Diaz depicted the minor character of Jailbird.

In the movie, his popular daughter Cameron headlined as a title character alongside other actors like Ben Stiller as well as Matt Dillon.

Emilio Diaz bio’s Family Life: To Whom He Was Married?

Diaz without any doubt was a family man. On 1st March of the year 1969, he dealt vows with the love of his life Billie Joann Early who was an import/export agency at the period.

As per some references, the duo was in a relationship for a long period before getting wed. Apart from this, there are no details to tell further regarding their love life and marriage Ceremony.

Emilio Diaz bio Was married to a businesswoman Billie

Emilio Diaz with his wife as well as a daughter.
However, the husband-wife duo was on good terms as the pair spent 39 years of their life with each other. And their oneness parted only after Emilio’s downfall. In their more than three-decade marriage, the pair dealt three children together.


Emilio Diaz bio’s Children

With his spouse named Billie, Emilio has two daughters named Chimene Diaz and Cameron Diaz. More he also has a son named Michael Daiz.

As per reports and sources, his son is assumed to be the eldest among his 3 kids but his date of birth and profession is out of media. Likewise, his first daughter named Chimene was born on June 5, of the year 1970. By profession, she is an assistant in Skinny Chick Inc. as per her LinkedIn account.

Emilio Diaz bio children
Emilio Diaz bio’s daughters Cameron as well as Chimene

Further, Emilio’s youngest daughter named Cameron is a well-known actress in the American entertainment Industry. Before, walking forward, let’s have a short bio on his popular child.

Emilio Diaz bio’s Daughter named Cameron is a Successful American Actress

Born on August 30, of the year 1972, Cameron started her career by signing a modeling contract with Elite Model Management when she was still in high school. Ultimately, she became an actress in the year 1994 after debuting in the movie, The Mask. In the movie, she helped alongside Jim Carrey.

Emilio Diaz bio

After that, she seemed in several movies like My Best Freind’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, The Holiday, and several more. For her tremendous performances, the actress got a nomination for the awards like Golden Globe, and BAFTA, as well as others. Simultaneously, in the year 2013, Emilio’s daughter, named Cameron was even named the highest-paid actress over 40.

Emilio Diaz bio Died At The Age of 58: Know The reason Of His Death

As we all know, death is inevitable in life and sometimes it comes suddenly that a family finds it hard to cope with the loss of loved ones. The same thing happened to Emilio and his family when Diaz unexpectedly passed away on April 15, of the year 2008, in Seal Beach, which is in California.

Seemingly, the Cuban-American Diaz was battling flu which later became pneumonia that further worsened his health condition. In medical terms, the disease Emilio underwent was called post-influenza MRSA pneumonia which cruelly took the life of the 58-year-old, leaving his family numb as well as broken.

Emilio Diaz bio

Emilio’s grave: More on his Funeral Rituals
There are no detailed details on where Diaz’s grave lies but we can say with truth that his shrine lies somewhere in California, near his home place.

Speaking of his funeral rituals, Emilio’s family did it in little several ways. Rather than flowers, the family inquired all the mourners to instead donate to the conservation foundations, Surfrider.org as well as Reefcheck.org. Both organizations work to protect the beaches as well as oceans.

Similarly, all of the people who accompanied the cremations wore Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, as well as leis, a direct tribute to Emilio, who had a laidback personality.

Emilio Diaz bio’s Family Remember Him As An Humorous Being

The sudden death of Emilio left his wife and his kids shocked. Nonetheless, after his death, they couldn’t stop themselves from talking about the jolly as well as happy nature of their demised loved one. His family in an exclusive talk with People affirmed,

Emilio Diaz bio

“His lust for laughter was undeniable and he adopted life head-on in such a dynamic way that he was difficult to forget,”

Further, they asserted, “He also “loved to share his affection through laughter”.

Besides, in remembrance of her late father Emilio, Cameron composed, “My dad was loved by so several people, and his humor, as well as spirit, will always live on in our hearts.”

Was Emilio Diaz bio’s Net Worth Estimated?

As of the year 2022, it’s already been 14 years since Emilio Diaz bio vacated the world so, his net worth is not available on any of the sites. On the other hand, his famous daughter, named Cameron has an estimated net worth of around $140 million which she increased from her acting career.


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