On Saturday, police responded to a shooting at Westroads mall. According to the police, there were two victims. With life-threatening injuries, a man was brought to Bergan Mercy. According to the police, he was in a critical condition.

In Emmanuel Hospital, a woman was brought with a serious leg injury, but it is not believed to be life-threatening of any sorts.

The location of the shooting at Westroads mall was just outside of J.C. Penney that is located inside the mall. In a long hallway outside the JC Penney, the victims were shot. The police said that it was unclear as to what motivated the shooting. Around noon, the police received the call.

The police have limited details of the suspects and about the direction in which they took off. OPD said that they had no preliminary descriptions of the suspects. The video footage from the mall showed suspects fleeing from the mall.

The police said that the situation of shooting at Westroads mall was not an active shooter situation, but they were taking precautions.

For any additional suspects or victims, a search of the mall was conducted. Anyone with any information can call at 444-STOP to inform the police.

It is advised by the police to avoid the area for residents. For the rest of the day on Saturday, Westroads mall is closed. It is expected by the police that the mall will resume normal hours on Sunday.

In 2007, Westroads Mall was the site of a mass shooting that left eight people dead.

To relay their horror at the scenes unfolding at the Westroads Mall, people took to Twitter.

One user wrote that he was walking through Flagship Commons at Westroads Mall about 10 minutes ago when a crowd of people began running and screaming. He did not hear any noises that would indicate why they were running, but there was panic and fear among the people.

Another user said that he cannot go to The Container Store at Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE because of the reports of an active shooter. He says that he is fine. He never even got out of his car, but seeing people run to their cars was unsettling.

Another one tweeted that he was sick to his stomach. He goes to Westroads all the time for lunch. He had considered it today also. Whenever he goes there, he often thinks of the shooting at Westroads Mall that happened in 2007 and now comes another one.

Another one declared that it seems like Westroads was their Mecca for shootings.

There were three police units searching the mall, according to Chief Dep. Hudson with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Westroads mall is located at the intersection of 100th and Dodge Street and is an enclosed shopping center.



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