Yvonne McGuinness bio

Yvonne McGuinness bio is a great Irish multimedia artist. Yvonne McGuinness bio is famously known for her artistic works in Ireland as well as the UK. Yvonne McGuinness bio is a multi-talented artist with indeed proven expertise in different fields of visual art. It includes video installations, print art as well as live performances.

Yvonne McGuinness bio has also tried her needles in photography, sculpture, sewing, writing as well as customized art installations. These usually temporary projects make a base for other descriptions. These create a base for the persons implicated in the project.

Her artwork is mainly a subtle form of tension developed between hiding as well as revelation. Her works display great notions of self with an appetite to depict while also containing a pinch of deception.

Yvonne McGuinness bio has also made a few famous short films. It includes ‘This is between us, ‘Procession’ as well as ‘Charlie’s Place. She is also famously known as the wife of Cillian Murphy of ‘The Batman series. But she hardly makes any public impressions as well as basks in the jewel of her husband’s celebrity status.

Yvonne McGuinness bio Childhood as well as Early life

Yvonne McGuinness bio was born on 12 October of the year 1972 in Kilkenny, Ireland to Gay McGuinness as well as his wife. Gay McGuinness has interests in the vineyard business as well as owns the prominent Domaine de Notre Dame des Anges vineyard in the place of France since the year 1990.

Her uncle, named Jim McGuinness is a noted Irish politician affiliated with the great Fianna Fail Party as well as parliamentarian for big County Carlow.

Yvonne McGuinness bio clasps a Master in Arts degree from the Royal College of Arts, which is in the place of London. She was also a good student at Crawford College, which is in Cork for a brief duration.

Yvonne McGuinness bio Career

Yvonne McGuinness bio is available as a great multimedia artist with specific interests in video installations as well as print art. She has also ventured into the amazing film world as well as has since made three short films.

Her latest short film named ‘The Well’ was released in the year 2017 to rave reviews from all quarters.

In the year 2017, Yvonne McGuinness bio obtained a contract from Draíocht, in collaboration with Fingal County Council Arts Office to committee a site-specific performance as well as film installation for the Amharc Fine Gall 11th Edition. The Amharic Fine Gall is a prestigious exhibition held annually to provide a big stage for Fingal-based many visual artists to exhibit their work.

Yvonne McGuinness bio Personal Life

Yvonne McGuinness bio wedded Cillian Murphy in the year 2004 at her father’s vineyard in the place of France.

They first met in the year 1996 in London as well as dating for over eight years before getting married. She is a mother of two cute boys, Malachy and. well as Aran with Murphy.

Yvonne currently lives with her family in the place of Dublin, which is in Ireland. She chose to move back to the place of Ireland from London to ensure that her boys mature up with their grandparents around.

Cillian Murphy Wives

Many people are excited to know about the number of wives the Irish actor has. But we already spoke of above that Murphy is wedded to his one as well as only wife Yvonne McGuinness bio and is still with her.

Similarly, the actor hasn’t talked about his past relationships in the media.

Is Cillian Murphy’s Wife named Yvonne McGuinness bio In Peaky Blinders?

Well, most people are confused as well as interested if the mother of two was in Peaky Blinders alongside her husband but the answer is no. Peaky Blinders was filmed in Liverpool, which is in England, but by that time, McGuinness had already shifted to their native nation.

Yvonne McGuinness bio is a Niece to an Irish Politician

Apart from their business background, Yvonne is also well-related in politics. Her uncle named John James McGuinness is a renowned Fianna Fail Politician as well as a Parliamentarian in the place of Ireland. In his political career, he has attended as great Chair of the Public Accounts Committee from the year 2011 to the year 2016.

John has also served as Chair of the Finance, Public Expenditure as well as Reform, and Taoiseach Committee. Well, she really must have enjoyed the spotlight right from a small age being the daughter as well as the niece of prominent personnel.

Yvonne McGuinness bio’s Education Laid Foundation for her Career

Yvonne McGuinness bio did her schooling at a local school located in her hometown. She was curious about arts since her childhood days. So to change her interest into a career, she decided to get a degree in arts to maintain her passion.Yvonne McGuinness bio

After completing her basic education, she went to attend Crawford College situated at the place of Cork. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the college. Likewise, upon graduation, she further proceeded to the Royal College of Arts in London. She got a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the university in the year 2002.

Soon after completing her education, it didn’t take her long to verify herself as a Visual artist.

Cillian Murphy, as well as Yvonne McGuinness Instantly Fell for each other

Yvonne McGuinness bio as well as her husband first crossed each other’s paths when they both were in their 20s in the summer of 1996. At that time, both Murphy and his recent wife were struggling to verify themselves in their respective field of interest.

Before earning his career as an actor, Cillian tried his hands-on music and law. He ceased to function his law exams at the University College Cork. That’s when he dropped the idea of pursuing his career in the law world. Similarly, Cillian also utilized to play guitar for a rock band ‘Sons of Mr. Green Genes’.

The band was locally famous and was offered many shows. Different sources contend that Murphy met his wife in the lounge of a London hotel on one of his shows. Nonetheless, in an interview, he demonstrated that he met his wife during his time shooting for great Disco Pigs.Yvonne McGuinness bio

McGuinness’s Sons: Malachy as well as Aran was Raised as Fellow Irishman

Their 15 years of marital life have endowed them with two adorable sons named Malachy as well as Aran. Their firstborn, named Malachy was born in December of the year 2005 just one year after they get hitched.

They again embraced parenthood in the year 2007 when they gave delivery to their younger son named Aran Murphy.  Both of them have grown up as well as now are in their premature teens.

Yvonne McGuinness bio as well as Cillian Murphy were living in the place of London due to Murphy’s work schedule. But, later on, the family of four moved to their native land of Dublin, which is in Ireland. They shifted to Ireland after living in the place of London for around 14 years.

Tabloids lawsuit that they made the move because the couple wanted their kids to be closer to their grandparents. Likewise, both Murphy and McGuinness belong to Irish culture as well as it’s natural they want their sons to be Irish.


Yvonne McGuinness bio’s Career as an Artist

After getting all the qualifications she required to become an artist, Yvonne McGuinness followed her passion and finally made a career in her field of interest. The wife of Murphy is a well-established Visual artist as well as a producer by profession.Yvonne McGuinness bio

The talented lady showcases her jobs through diverse mediums such as video installations, print arts, context-specific installations, exhibitions, live performances, as well as the like.

Her artistic works can be smudged in many art galleries around the globe in countries like the USA, UK, Ireland, and more. Yvonne launched her first art exhibition in the year 2005. The big exhibition was held in a tiny mobile library in Cork. This was the project which changed her life.


Her creations were liked by numerous as well as even many art lovers praised her for her work. The most noteworthy fact regarding Mrs. Murphy’s work is that she usually fuses her videos with her writing that’s the cherry on the cake. Besides, she has also labored as a sculptor.


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