Zuri Kye

Zuri Kye Edwards is a music producer as well as a manager who is better known as the son of singer/actress, Patti LaBelle, and her ex-husband named Armstead Edwards.

Zuri Kye’s celebrity mother, Patti is popular for being the ex-lead singer of the vocal group Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. She further is hit with songs such as You Are My Friend, If Only You Knew, New Attitude, Stir It Up, On My Own, and others.

Patti had Zuri Kye, her only son with her former partner as well as ex-tour manager, named Armstead Edwards. While not popular as his mother, Zuri somehow manages to win over some heed every now & then. Learn more regarding him in the pointers underneath.

Zuri Kye Edwards Birth

Patti LaBelle as well as Armstead Edwards’ only biological son, Zuri Kye Edwards was born on July 17th, of the year 1973. After the birth of Zuri, Patti, as well as Armstead, adopted two sons from their dead neighbor.

You Are My Friend singer, named Patti LaBelle with her and her ex-husband’s son, named Zuri Kye Edwards.

Zuri Kye’s these adopted siblings are Dodd Stocker-Edwards as well as Stanley Stocker. Reportedly, after taking in Dodd and Stanley, Zuri’s parents adopted two more children, William as well as Stayce Holte. They were LaBelle’s sister’s kids.

Zuri Kye Edward’s Mother, named Patti LaBelle Proposed To His Father, named Armstead Edwards

Among Zuri Kye’s parents, it was his mother, named Patti who proposed to his father, named Armstead Edwards for the marriage.

In reality, Edwards had asked Patti to marry him. Zuri’s father proposed to the Stir It Up singer several times—but she whirled him down. Then, later, LaBelle, herself asked Armstead to marry her.

Patti turned down Armstead’s proposal since she was a child of divorced parents as well as they reportedly fought a lot. She worried something the same might happen to her and Edwards.

Zuri Edwards’ father and ex-school vice-principal, named Armstead Edwards with his ex-wife as well as singer, Patti LaBelle. Getty

Zuri Kye’s parents, Patti as well as Edwards nonetheless married in Maryland in the year 1969. Before getting married, Zuri’s father was her good manager.

After the marriage, Patti as well as Edwards had one son, Zuri Kye in addition to two adopted sons. Some claim they adopted two more kids as stated above.

Zuri Kye’s Parents’ Divorce

Zuri Kye’s parents, LaBelle as well as Edwards divorced after more than three decades of marriage in the year 2000. Patti during an interview said she and her husband separated after they both felt they couldn’t live together anymore.

Zuri Kye

The R & B singer further expressed things stayed incredibly peaceful even as the marriage was failing. After Edwards, reports in the year 2016 said Patti was reportedly as well as quietly dating her then 41-year-old drummer, named Eric Seats. Allegedly, the rumored couple then had been together for around a year.

Zuri Kye’s mother, named Patti, now, however, appears to be all single, or at least that’s what her Instagram says.

Zuri Kye Edwards Shares Three Kids With His Wife, named Lona Edwards  

Patti’s son, Zuri Kye is married to Lona Edwards with whom he shares two daughters, named Gia as well as Leyla, and a son, Zuri Jr. Interestingly, Zuri’s daughters, Gia and Leyla, who are still children, have a joint Instagram account.

Patti Labelle’s son, named Zuri Kye with his then-pregnant wife, Lona Edwards, and their two children, Gia as well as Leyla.


Despite Gia and Leyla sometimes starring their mother Lona on their Insta, nothing about Lona Edwards is known. LaBelle’s son as well as his family allegedly live in Philadelphia, PA.

Zuri Edwards Works As His Mother’s Manager

Zuri Kye presently works as his mother’s bodyguard and manager. Meanwhile, he has also produced some songs.

Ever since the publishers began to talk regarding him, Zuri Kye has been identified as his mother’s manager. Resultantly, it is a bit unestablished what he used to do before that.

Someone Once Attacked Zuri Kye

Back in Nov in the year 2013, the son of singer Patti LaBelle told a Texas jury that a man called Richard King at a Houston airport terminal hit him in the face after the guy yelled racial slurs at his mother.


According to sources, Edwards testified King was “intoxicated, loud, obnoxious” and was shouting racial aliases at his mother. Patti’s son then said how King immediately hit him on the right side of his face.

After this, Zuri declared his mother’s bodyguard, Efrem Holmes hit Richard King at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in the year 2011. Following that, King filed a misdemeanor attack charge against Holmes.

Holmes’ attorneys, on the other hand, said their client was upholding LaBelle and Edwards from King’s onslaught. LaBelle also confirmed in Holmes’ defense, naming him “cuddly, very nice, very gentle.”

The Grammy-winning singer said she as well as her son had just arrived in Houston with Holmes. Patti expanded Edwards was loading a suitcase into an SUV for a trip to an accomplishment at a Louisiana casino when King barged up to the limousine in which she sat.

Zuri Kye

King then shook the door hold to try to enter the limousine and called Patti names when her son, Edwards intervened. King then slapped Edwards, and then Holmes thumped King, LaBelle reported.

Zuri’s mother said nobody was trying to hit King but he was the one who began everything. Surveillance video showed Edwards chest-bumping King, getting a punch from King, and Holmes thumping King three times in the face. Shortly after, LaBelle’s hairdresser got between the two and he too began to hit King.

King in reprisal filed a lawsuit against Patti and Holmes. LaBelle then countersued Richard King.

Zuri Kye Is Her Greatest Achievement

In Aug in the year 2021, Patti LaBelle mentioned her son, Zuri Kye Edwards is her greatest achievement in life. LaBelle acknowledges regardless of all her hits and musical success having her son, named Zuri was the best thing she’s ever done.

Grammy-winning singer as well as actress, Patti LaBelle with her manager and son, Zuri Kye Edwards. Instagram

During an interview with America’s Closer magazine, the R and B singer said:


“The memory of having my son was remarkable. I was the oldest woman in the maternity zone! the girls were teenagers as well as I was 29. I said, ‘Lord, will I always step again?’ It was a dreadful moment, giving birth, but such an incredible outcome.”

LaBelle also said while her son can be hard to work for, despite their fights she knows that he always has her best curiosities at heart because they are family.

Zuri Kye

The Godmother Of Soul expanded sometimes Zuri hurts her because he’s honest. Though at the end of the day, LaBelle said her son lends her the best advice ever.

Zuri Kye seems Recurrently On His Daughters’ Instagram

Although the Instagram title, @gia_edwards by definition belongs to Zuri’s daughters, Gia as well as Leyla, the father of two, as well as Patti’s son, for the most part, is also featured on the image-sharing domain. It is supposed, that it is Zuri who supervises his daughters’ social media profiles.

Zuri Kye’s Net Worth

Zuri Kye’s singer/actress mother, the powerhouse vocalist, Patti LaBelle is appropriately wealthy. With her numerous hit records as well as her big personality in the music world for over five decades, she has managed to amass a stated net worth of around $60 million.



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