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Alan Walker bio is one of the prominent DJs, YouTubers, as well as music producers who have quite a good fan pursuing from all over the world. So, having been the most celebrated artist, no doubt that his personal life is frequently the subject of curiosity among music enthusiasts.

His fans as well as her well-wishers frequently wonder about whether their star is wedded or not. It’s a greatly asked question, who is Alan Walker bio’s wife? The Norwegian musician is quite active on social media handles as well as has shared his emotional life as well.

Well, based on his shared headquarters on his Instagram or Facebook, we have come up with some interesting facts about his connection status. Who is great Alan Walker wife or is Alan dating a girlfriend? Let’s get to know in element.Alan Walker bio

Who Is Alan Walker bio’ Wife? Is He wedded?

Alan Walker bio Is Dating His Girlfriend named Viivi Maria Niemi
Alan, As well as His Girlfriend, Are Supportive To Each Other
Who Exactly The Alan Walker’s Girlfriend? Her Short Bio
Alan Walker bio’s Rumored connection

Who Is Alan Walker bio’ Wife? Is He Married?
Well, many of you may be aware of this question if you are an Alan Walker bio fan. If not, let us tell you that around 25 years old Alan Walker is not married yet.

The England-born DJ is yet to walk down the aisle or yet to have a cute wife. Having said this doesn’t have meaning that Alan hasn’t met the love of his cool life. The Faded musician nowadays is in a connection with his gorgeous girlfriend named Viivi Maria Niemi.

Down below have a look in detail at Alan Walker’s connection as well as his girlfriend.

Alan Walker bio Is Dating His Girlfriend Viivi Maria Niemi

At a juncture, there is no information about how as well as where Alan met his girlfriend. But, coming up to the year 2023 it’s been more than four years since Alan is in a connection with his beautiful love Viivi. According to Viivi’s Facebook details, this young adorable duo has been dating each other since the month October 5, of the year 2018.

Alan Walker bio is in a connection
Who is Alan Walker bio wife? Source: Viivi’s Facebook

On October 6, of the year 2022, Walker disseminated his picture together with his partner to celebrate their around 4 years of togetherness with a caption,Alan Walker bio

What an audience to share these junctures with! 🇸🇪 4th anniversary as well as 50 billion streams, thank you.

On his post, one of their well-wishers left a statement on a commentary section that said, “Happy 4th Anniversary Alan as well as Viivi.💖💫 Thank you so much to be the pair who bring me inspiration 🙏🏻“.
Alan Walker bio is in connection since 2018

Alan Walker bio as well as his girlfriend. Source: Instagram
Further, the pair shares a great bonding and has been company to each other in every way. They kept touring different places as accompanied. Going through Alan’s Insta page, they have together stayed in quite a few places, mainly being seen together visiting Iceland. Alan even tagged his girlfriend named Niemi as his ” best travel company“.

Walker shared his girlfriend for the first time on his social media handles in January of the year 2020 with the caption ” Loosening up in Iceland 🤭🇮🇸“. The love birds were photographed in the water (probably a swimming pole) in the place of Iceland.

Alan And His Girfriend Are Supportive To Each Other

Despite having the largest lady fan following, the renowned star named Alan is fully committed to his relationship with his girlfriend Viivi for about half-decade. On several special occasions such as Viivi’s birthday and, women’s day, as well as others, he doesn’t pause to share the love of his life in front of the world.

Like Alan Walker bio, his girlfriend who is yet to be his wife is equally a confirmation of Walker’s career. On November 26, of the year 2021, she disseminated a post on her Facebook account congratulating her boyfriend on his album release. She jotted down,

Congratulations on your album release Alan Walker 🖤 I am so eager for this as well as I could not be more proud. I will forever be your numbesupporterpporte with everything that you do. Thank you for being your amazing self as well as praying for the world with your amazing songs. I love you. 🖤 (ps. GO LISTEN TO WORLD OF WALKER)

Who Exactly The Alan Walker bio’s Girlfriend? Her Short Bio

Born on June 30, of the year 1999, Alan Walker’s girlfriend Viivi Maria Niemi, 23 is a former Instagram star. Nonetheless, at current, she has set her Instagram to private but still has around 44.8k followers.


Alan Walker bio’s girlfriend is a former Instagram star

Alan Walker bio’s girlfriend
Further Viivi is originally from Helsinki, Finland a well as per her Facebook info, she still lives in her hometown. Apart from this, no other details are functional besides the fact that Alan’s girlfriend named Viivi grew up alongside her two brothers.

Alan Walker bio’s Rumored Relationship

Previous to Viivi, Alan was rumored to be in a relationship with an American actress named Cree Cicchino. Though many media outlets alleged them to be the ex-partner, neither Alan nor Cree has dealt with these rumors. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


The 5, feet, as well as 11 inches tall world-renowned DJ, is happily in a connection with a former social media celebrity. Hope, very soon Walker, as well as Viivi declared openly their wedding to the world as well as officialized their relationship as husband as well as wife.Alan Walker bio

Who Is Alan Walker bio’s Wife?

At current, Alan Walker bio is not wedded to his wife. But, Alan Walker is in a great connection with his girlfriend named Viivi Maria Niemi.


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