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Amanda Holmes bio is one of the three daughters of Mike Holmes, a prominent Canadian contractor as well as a television star. He became a household name in Canada after he began appearing on the HGTV Canada TV series named Holmes on Homes in the year 2005. Furthermore, Mike was the executive producer of the series.

Unlike her father as well as the rest of her siblings, the oldest child of Mike, Amanda Holmes bio is not very popular as well as opts to remain away from the spotlight. Due to this reason, people hardly know anything about her.

So, in today’s episode, we are examining everything about Amanda Holmes from her childhood to her wedding as well as her profession. Read it through.

Amanda Holmes Biography Summary

Amanda Holmes Bio: She Has Two Siblings
Amanda Holmes’ Father named Mike Is A Reputed Businessman
Her Parents Divorce During Her Childhood
Who is Amanda Holmes bio-wedded to? Has a Child With Her Husband
Amanda Battled Crohn’s Disease
Amanda Holmes Bio Also Appeared on Television Show
Amanda Holmes’ Doesn’t Use Social Media Publicly
What Is Amanda Holmes’ Net Worth?
Amanda Holmes Biography Summary
Her Full Name is Amanda Holmes bio
Date of Birth is September 2nd, of the year 1984
Amanda Holmes Age: 38-Years-Old
She holds Caucasian Ethnicity. His Nationality is American.

Her Horoscope is Virgos.
Her Religion is Christianity.
Marital Status: Married (ex-husband: Adam Belanger)
Amanda Holmes bio Parents: Mike Holmes Sr, as well as Alexandra Lorex

Amanda Holmes bio Siblings are Sherry Holmes as well as Mike Holmes

Her Height is around 5ft 7inches/170 cm
Her Net Worth is around $500,000

Amanda Holmes Bio: She Has Two Siblings
Amanda Holmes bio was born as the oldest of three kids of Mike Holmes Sr. as well as Alexandra Lorex in Canada on September 1, of the year 1984.  Mike wedded his wife Lorex in the year 1982 when he was only 19 years old. Mike also began his career as a contractor the same year he tied the knot.

Amanda Holmes bio has two siblings, one sister, Sherry Holmes, as well as one brother, named Mike Holmes Jr.

Amanda Holmes bio With Her Parents & Siblings

Amanda Holmes bio with her parents as well as siblings. Source: Instagram@make_it_right
Sherry is three years younger than Amanda, born on June 21, of the year 1987, as well as Mike is five years her junior, born on July 25, of the year 1989. Currently, both Sherry and Mike Jr. are happily married. Sherry married Blake Steed on December 13, of the year 2018, as well as giving birth to her first child, a daughter, named Cali Kay Holmes Steed, with her husband on April 21, of the year 2019.

Likewise, Mike Holmes Jr. is wedded to his long-time girlfriend, named Lisa Grant Holmes since August of the year 2017.

Amanda Holmes bio’ Father Mike Is A Reputed Businessman

Amanda Holmes’ father, named Michael “Mike” Holmes is a prominent Canadian builder, businessman, investor, as well as television personality. Mike earned popularity as a television star after he was featured in the TV series, Holmes on Homes where he helps homeowners correct their renovations that went wrong.

In the show, Mike usually discovers some severe issues such as dangerous wiring, inadequate insulation, structural damages, as well as more. He began learning the craft from his father in his early boyhood days. At the age of 19, Mike started his own contracting company with a staff of 13 employees. Two years later, he started up his own renovation company.

Amanda Holmes bio’ Father, named Mike Holmes

Amanda Holmes’ father, named Mike Holmes, Source: HGTVCanada
Besides, Mike has also written two prosperous books; Home Renovation with Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor as well as Holmes Inspection: Everything you Need to Know Before You Buy or Sell Your Home.

In May of the year 2010, Reader’s Digest disseminated an outcome of a survey that named Mike Holmes as the second most widely charged person in Canada behind David Suzuki.

Her Parents Divorce During Her Childhood

Coming to the year 1990s, Mike Holmes Sr. was a well-settled businessman. Nonetheless, his businesses started falling apart during the economic recession of the early of the year 1990s. As a result, his company proceeded bankrupt and he was compelled to sell the company as well as lay off all his workers.

His bankruptcy led his wedding life to an end. He traded his car as well as got divorced from his wife of more than a decade, Alexandra Lorex. Just a month after his divorce, his father, named Jim Holmes expired away in a tragic accident as he tumbled down the stairs as well as broke his neck bone.

A few years delinquent, Mike’s mother, named Shirley, died from a heart attack that came as the result of difficulties from a dental surgery gone awry.Amanda Holmes bio

Mike Sr. is not wedded as of the present but he is in a connection with his longtime girlfriend, named Anna Zappia. Even though they are not married, Mike frequently calls Anna his wife.

Who Is Amanda Holmes bio Married Too? Has A Child With Her Husband

Holmes has always stayed under the media radar. Furthermore, she stays away from great social media which has kept her completely out of public sight.

Alike her professional details not much about her connections is known as of yet. However, according to News Break, Amanda Holmes is happily wedded to her husband. The great outlet also directed that she has a son named Wyatt with her unidentified husband.Amanda Holmes bio

Reportedly, Amanda shares a tremendous bonding with her spouse. Nonetheless, the duo prefers to keep their life away from the limelight as well as barely makes public appearances.


Amanda Battled Crohn’s Disease

Amanda Holmes bio mourned Crohn’s disease for a long time since her teenage days. It is a type of great inflammatory bowel disease. It causes inflammation of a person’s digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal discomfort.

She was lovely and open about her diagnosis from the beginning. As per News Break, She was interpreted with the disease at the age of 18. As of now, she has recovered from the disease as well as has no such issues.

Amanda Holmes bio  Also Appeared On a Television Show

Even though Amanda Holmes bio has appreciated being behind the camera most of the time, she has made a few impressions on her father’s show. Some of the TV shows Amanda seemed to include Holmes on Holmes, Holmes as well as Holmes, as well as Holmes Inspection.

Amanda Holmes bio’ Doesn’t Use Social Media Publicly

Not only does Amanda Holmes bio give preference to staying behind the camera, but she also maintains her lifestyle away from public reach. Amanda is not available on social media like Instagram as well as Facebook publicly, however, it seems like she uses Instagram privately. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


One of her sister, named Sherry,’s old Instagram posts contains a tag on Instagram with the name “just_wading_around.” As well as inside the account, we can see her name “Amanda” there. She has set her account to personal.

Meanwhile, her father, Mike is an active Instagram user as well as he often shares his pictures with his kids from his workspace.

Most of Mike’s photos feature Sherry as well as Mike Jr. It is just because she doesn’t like to be in front of the camera whatsoever. Mike Sr. once stated that he only shares two of his kids’ pictures because his oldest kid doesn’t usually pose for pictures. Here is the post.Amanda Holmes bio

Besides, both of Amanda Holmes bio’s siblings are enthusiastic on Instagram publicly where they share their images from their work as well as with their family as well.

What Is Amanda Holmes bio Net Worth?

Since Amanda Holmes bio has not publicly disclosed her professional details, it is ambiguous if she makes money off her own. Nonetheless, her father is one of the most prosperous businessmen, investors, as well as TV personalities. Talking about his net worth, he is worth around $30 million as of the year 2023.


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