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Deborah Shiling is also known as Deborah Shiling Messing is an old buyer at the Hunger Mountain Coop. Deborah Shilling, however, came into the media platforms as the first wife of a veteran senator, Bernie Sanders. The former duo was married for over one and a half years and after that, they get divorced.

Bernie Sanders, the former presidential nominee has kept details of his first marriage as a secret from media for so long. Supposedly, Deborah Shilling also lives a low-key life.

Well, in today’s article, we are going to talk in detail regarding every aspect of Deborah Shilling’s personal and professional life, including her current marital relationship and many more facts.

From where is Deborah Shiling? Her Early Life and Age:

Bernie Sanders’s first wife, Deborah Shilling is from Baltimore, Maryland. Deborah Shilling who is three years younger than her ex-hubby, Bernie Sanders was born in 1944. As for her age, Deborah Shiling is aged 76. She spent the major part of her early life in Baltimore with her family.

Talking about her ethnicity, Deborah Shilling is an American and belongs to Caucasian nationality.

Deborah Shilling’s Father was the Pulmonary Diseases Doctor:

Deborah Shilling’s father’s name was Moses Shiling. Moses Shilling was the chief doctor of pulmonary diseases at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Though, the information regarding her mother is yet behind the closed door.

Professional Career of Deborah Shilling: Spent two decades at the ‘Hunger Mountain Coop’

According to Daily Mail Online, Deborah Shiling previously labored for the Hunger Mountain Coop, a ‘20,000 square foot community-owned natural foods cooperative in Montpelier, Vermont. Deborah Shilling worked as a buyer for the business for almost twenty years.

Speaking about the well-known grocery store, it opened back in the late 60’ as a pre-order service. At present, the Hunger Mountain Coop has about over 500 local vendors as well as 170 employees and 8,000 member-owners.

Personal Life and Husband of Deborah Shilling:

Deborah Shiling
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Moving towards her private life, Deborah Shilling has been married twofold in her life. Deborah Shilling famously wedded well-known American senator, Bernie Sanders. This ex-couple got tied the knot on the 6th of September in 1964. Both had first met during their college years and later started dating for various years before tying their wedding knot. The duo lived at The Sugar Shack house which was bought for $2,500 at that time. The cottage covers 85 acres of land and is outside the small hamlet of Middlesex. The duo officially divorced just after eighteen months of their marriage that’s in 1966.

After her divorce, Bernie Sanders’s ex-wife, Deborah Shilling got married to her second husband named Bob Messing. As for Deborah Shilling’s ex-husband Bernie Sanders, he got married to his now-wife Jane O’Meara Sanders in the year 1988.

Deborah Shiling is Bernie Sanders’ First Wife: All About their Marriage Ceremony:

The former darlings exchanged their vows on the 16th of September in 1964. Both organized their wedding ritual on Deborah Shilling’s parents’ lawn in Baltimore. Just after their wedding, Deborah Shilling and her then-husband, Bernie Sanders moved to a small hamlet called Middlesex that is held outside the Vermont capital of Montpelier.

According to the public record, both they plunked down $2,500 for the possession of 85 acres of land.

In a book that was published in 2010, ‘The Jews of Capitol Hill,’ Kurt F. Stone wrote in his magazine, “Bernie Sanders, his first wife, Deborah Shilling, and their son Levi, lived without running water or electricity in a converted sugar house.”


However, in 2016, Deborah Shilling disclosed in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online that Levi wasn’t born at that time. Deborah Shilling also told that they had enough water.

They Divorced After Eighteen Months of their Marriage:

Deborah Shilling and Bernie Sanders initially shared a healthy bond and also led a happy marriage relationship for over a year. However, it didn’t nourish for a long and they divorced in 1966, just after 18 months of their wedding.

Sources reported the now-exes had a peaceful separation. Deborah Shiling is still a loyal supporter of her ex-husband. Deborah Shilling once said,

“I truly don’t want to say much. All I can say is that I believe in Bernie Sanders and I am a strong supporter of him.”

Details of their First Meeting

A year before their marriage, Deborah Shilling had a meeting with Bernie Sanders when they both were at the University of Chicago. Jointly, they used to register on the Israeli Kibbutz Sha’ar HaAmakim. Bernie Sanders studied psychology at the university. Bernie Sanders was pretty into revolts against racially segregated housing on campus at that time.

Like her man, Deborah Shilling was also a civil rights activist and was involved in various social justice issues. Deborah Shilling joined the Congress of Race Equality in 1960 and supported several sit-ins in segregated restaurants founded in Baltimore.

Deborah Shiling Remarried After Divorce? All about her relationship With Her Second Husband:

Although Deborah Shilling has remained tricky about her love life after her separation from her first husband, Bernie Sanders tabloids have found out that Deborah Shilling has been married to a new man. And that reported man is Bob Messing. The two married in 1967, a year just after her divorce from Bernie Sanders. Deborah Shiling often describes her second husband as ‘a poet slash logger slash philosopher’.

The two have been leading a wonderful relationship since their marriage without showing any signs of dispute.

Deborah Shiling is the Mother of one Child:

Deborah Shiling

Deborah Shiling gave birth to her baby girl back in the early 1970s with her second husband Bob Messing Though, the duo hasn’t talked about their only girl child, nor has revealed her name.

Deborah Shilling and Bob Messing now live in a house on a straight hill less than a mile from Montpelier.

By the same token, talking about her ex-husband, Bernie Sanders’s love life, the popular negotiator been married to Jane O’Meara for over three decades. The two don’t have any children of their own, but Jane O’Meara has three kids Carina, Heather, and David from her previous relationship.

Besides, Bernie Sanders has a biological child, a son whose name is Levi Sanders, born in 1969 from his ex-girlfriend Susan Campbell Mott.

Levi Sanders:

Similar to Bernie Sanders, Levi Sanders is fighting — loudly — for single-payer health care, a $15 minimum wage, and tuition-free public college. Levi Sanders vilifies corporate PAC money. Levi Sanders has consulted backers to contribute $27, the same amount his father, Bernie Sanders had lauded during his presidential campaign to verify his support came from small donors. On Levi Sanders’s website, A photo of his father, center, and front.

Mr. Sanders’s campaign, for a House seat in a competitive district, has shocked everyone from the most enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporters to his 10 Democratic opponents, more than a rare of whom seem all too anxious to dismiss his candidacy. Few people view him as a firebrand, with a sharp tongue and a quick fuse. Others describe him more as a disturbance, who has only earned notice because of his name. Because he lives outside of the district, on the other side of this outsider-averse state, he has even been accused of carpetbagging.


Mr. Sanders, who is not a lawyer, has made a career in lawful services fighting for the less fortunate. But there is no doubt Levi Sanders is a severe underdog in his primary. Levi Sanders labored for his father’s campaign, but in phrases of non-familial political experience, he has none. Almost a decade ago, Levi Sanders ran for City Council in Claremont, where Levi Sanders lives, and finished seventh in a field of nine.

Oh, there is one more thing: His father has not accepted him

Bernie Sanders refused to comment for this article. In an exclusive interview in May, Bernie Sanders snapped at a question about his son before petitioning to go off the record.

Levi Sanders has spent his life in service to low-income and laboring families, and I am very delighted of all that he has done,” he said in a statement earlier this year.

The senior Mr. Sanders has four children. Three are from his wife’s previous marriage. Levi Sanders (pronounced as LEH-vee) is his only natural child.

The younger Mr. Sanders claims that he is not upset by his father’s decision not to accept him.

“He’s always understood, ever since I was little, that I have to stand up on my own a day,” he said.

Is Deborah Shiling Still Alive?

Due to Deborah Shilling’s hush-hush lifestyle, there are no new updates regarding what is Deborah Shilling up to these days. Therefore, many people also began questioning whether Bernie Sanders’ ex-wife, Deborah Shilling is still alive or dead?

Though, nothing could be said with a statement as of now.

What is Deborah Shilling’s Net Worth?

Deborah Shilling’s net worth is $300,000. Deborah Shilling mostly made her money from her long-time federation with Hunger Mountain Coop.


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