Allegra Gucci bio

Allegra Gucci bio, 46, is an Italian celebrity kid, media personality, entrepreneur, and fashion designer famously known as the older daughter of GUCCI’s head Maurizio Gucci as well as Patrizia Reggiani.

Apart from her worldwide well-known surname, Allegra made it to the headlines newly with her very own book Game Over. It is a book about her tragic life circumstances and the truth behind her father Maurizio’s murder 27 years ago. Her father was inhumanely massacred by a hitman on the steps right outside his office.

And do you know who hired Allegra Gucci bio’s murderer? His ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani as well as the mother of his two daughters. The youngest rightful Gucci heiress, Allegra felt crucial to write a book after Ridley Scott’s bad description of her family in his movie House of Gucci.

Here we will talk regarding the tragic death of her father, the reason behind her mother going rogue, Allegra Gucci bio’s own family, as well as her recent whereabouts. Did she take over Gucci under her after her dad’s death? Is Allegra Gucci bio in touch with her mother? Find out more regarding Allegra Gucci bio with us.

Allegra Gucci bio Early Life, Age, & More

The celebrity kid Allegra Gucci bio was born on 27th January of the year 1981 in Milan, Italy, and is 46 years old in the year 2022. Allegra Gucci bio is the younger daughter of the one-time head of the Gucci fashion great house Maurizio Gucci and his then-wife named Patrizia Reggiani.

Allegra Gucci bio was born as well as brought up in the city of Milan alongside her older sister named Alessandra Gucci by her mother Patrizia. Her sister was born around five years before her on 28th June of the year 1976.

Italian celebrity child as well as entrepreneur Allegra Gucci

Allegra Gucci bio is youthful of all the Gucci Family

Being born to one of the fashion-house moguls, Allegra shot to great fame way before her birth. Similarly, due to her family’s name, she lived her childhood away from the spotlight.

Although details of her schooling as well as others are not disclosed, it is documented that her older sister named Alessandra went to Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Allegra Gucci bio’s Family Background

The young Gucci heiress is the grandchild of actor and entrepreneur Rodolfo Gucci as well as Sandra Ravel. Her grandfather was famous for his works in films such as Venus, Heartbeat, The Night of Tricks, Don Pasquale, and others.

Rodolfo is the man behind Gucci’s iconic Flora scarf initially made for the late actress Grace Kelly. Likewise, she is also related to the former Gucci chairman Aldo Gucci as well as Vasco Gucci.

Allegra Gucci bio’s Grandfather Initially Disapproved Her Parent’s wedding – Their Marital Life

Allegra’s parents Maurizio Gucci as well as Patrizia Reggiani had first met at a house party back in the year 1970. They got romantically pertained to one another as well as got wedded on 28th October of the year 1972.

Maurizio as well as Patrizia shifted to New York City shortly after their marriage in Milan. Though everything seemed fine, Gucci’s father Rodolfo resisted their union contending that Reggiani was nothing but a social climber who was after money.

Allegra’s Parents, Late businessman Marurizio Gucci and his ex-wife named Patrizia Reggiani

Maurizio as well as Patrizia first met at a party and wed in the year 1972
P.S. Patrizia was born in the place of Vignola, Province of Modena in Northern Italy, as well as grew up in a very poor family.

Allegra Gucci bio
From their wedding, Patrizia, as well as Maurizio share two daughters, Alessandra and Allegra Gucci. The family of four shifted back to Milan in the year 1982 a year after Allegra was born.

Allegra’s Father Maurizio Left Her Mother

In the year 1985, Gucci left his wife out of nowhere after a decade-long marriage. As per reports, he originally told Patrizia that he was going on a short business trip to the place of Florence. To her amazement, she was notified that Maurizio was not coming back and their wedding was over.


Thereafter, the mother of two put forward her daughter on her own for most of their lives. And in the year 1990, Maurizio summed up more fuel to his estranged connection with his then-wife when he started dating an Italian interior designer as well as a former model named Paola Franchi.

Late Italian businessman as well as former Gucci owner Maurizio Gucci

Maurizio Gucci was the latest owner of the now-high-end fashion label Gucci
This connection caused Patrizia to become jealous and resent her children’s father. Moreover, her malignant brain tumor surgery also played a huge role in ravaging their bond.Allegra Gucci bio

The parents of the two got divorced on 14th October of the year 1994 in Italy, as well as she was paid annual alimony of around $1.47 million. They also got divorced on 6th May of the year 1992 in the place of Switzerland.Instagram


Allegra Gucci bio began again to use the Gucci surname although she was no longer authorized to use it by law.

Allegra’s Mom Patrizia Rented Out A Killer To Kill Her Husband

Only a year after their divorce, Allegra Gucci’s mother Reggiani hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband just outside his office’s steps. He was shot four times by Benedetto Ceraulo hired by Patrizia as well as Giuseppina Auriemma aka Pina, the sorceress.

Pina was Maurizio’s family associate who even ran a Gucci store in the place of Naples. Later on, she became close to Patrizia and ultimately plotted and helped her murder her good ex-husband. While Ceraulo was a pizzeria owner who was in great debt during that time.Allegra Gucci bio

Businessman as well as murderer Benedetto Ceraulo

Benedetto Ceraulo, the guy who was rented out to exterminate Maurizio Gucci
During the time of their father’s death, Allegra was 14 as well as Alessandra was 18 years old only. Then 14-year-old Gucci was notified regarding her father’s murder by her very own mother.

Not to forget, on the day of the murder, Patrizia wrote a single phrase in her diary ‘paradises’ a greek word that summarizes paradise in English.

Patrizia Reggiani Was Arrested as well as Sentenced To Jail For Murdering Her Husband

Just a few days after Gucci’s murder, named Reggiani was arrested from her home. She was accompanied by Giuseppina Auriemma, Ivano Savini, Orazio Cicala, as well as Benedetto Ceraulo who were all arrested for Maurizio’s murder.

The trial garnered huge media engagement and on 3rd November of the year 1998, all the defendants were arrested guilty by the Court of Assizes of Milan. Patrizia Reggiani was convicted to 29 years, Ceraulo is sentenced to life imprisonment as well as Giuseppina Auriemma is sentenced to 25 years for aiding as well as abetting.

On 17th March of the year 2000, the Court of Assizes of Appeal curtailed her sentence sightly to 26 years. Nonetheless, she only served 18-year jail time and was released on 20th February of the year 2017 due to her reasonable behavior.Allegra Gucci bio

Not to forget, back in the year 2000, Reggiani tried to perpetrate suicide by hanging herself with a bed sheet. Luckily, she was established by the guards and was saved on time.

Allegra & Alessandra Inherited A good Amount Of Fortune From Their Father

After the death of the last Allegra Gucci bio owner, most of his fortune went to his daughters, named Allegra as well as Alessandra who were just 14 and 18 at that time. As of the year 2022, the Gucci sisters are worth around $400 million combined.

Certainly, their multi-million dollar fortune came from inheriting their father’s staying wealth. While Maurizio was still alive, he sold all of his staying stock in Allegra Gucci bio to Investcorp for around $170 million in the year 1993.Facebook

This very contract ended Gucci’s family association with the high-end luxury fashion brand. As of the year 2022, the family is not linked with the brand in any way.


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