Nikko Santo Pietro

Nikko Santo Pietro is a project manager at Melissa’s Produce as well as a businessman well known for being the son of Vanna White. His mother is a popular television personality. You may comprehend her for being the hostess of Wheel of Fortune, a TV game show.

Being a star kid named Nikko Santo Pietro has always been a subject of global curiosity. However, very small is in the media when it moves toward to his private life. People are pretty much interested in his love affairs, girlfriend, relationship with his parents as well as whatnot.

Well, in this writing, we are moving to answer it all. So, without any further ado let’s find out more facts regarding Nikko Santo Pietro, Vanna White’s son.

Who is Nikko Santo Pietro? A Little Insight on His Childhood, Age, as well as More

As we already discussed, Nikko Santo Pietro is a project manager as well as l businessman. Santo was born Nicholas John Santo Pietro on June 10, of the year 1994, in the United States to Vanna White as well as George Santo Pietro. Talking about his age, he is 28 years old as of the year 2022 as well as his great birth sign is Gemini.

Likewise, Nikko Santo Pietro has a younger sister Gigi Santo Pietro and an older half-sister, named Andrea Santo Pietro born to his father from his prior wedding with Linda Evans. He as well as his sister relished their childhood in Los Angeles. His maternal grandparents are Miguel Angel Rosich as well as Joan Marie Rosich.

Nikko Santo Pietro as a child
Nikko Santo Pietro is the eldest son of his parents.

Talking considering his ethnical background Nicholas has hybrid nationality. His mom has Spanish lineage whereas his dad has white lineage. Similarly, he is an American as per his nationality.

In November of the year 2002, their parents agreed to walk their separate ways and Nikko with his sister was put forward by their mother.

Nikko Santo Pietro
Nikko Santo Pietro Details on His Education

The star kid is a well-educated individual. He completed high school at Highland Hall Waldorf School. Pietro was fond of Agriculture from the outset, so he went to Rogue Community College to seek his dream to study agriculture sciences.

Likewise, Nikko Santo Pietro proceeded to study at The University of Arizona. Similarly, according to his LinkedIn profile, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Operations as well as Related Sciences at Oregon State University.

Nikko Santo Pietro Career: He is a Project Manager as well as an Entrepreneur

After completing his education Vanna White’s son began his job working as a special projects manager for Melissa’s Produce in November of the year 2020. The company is located in the place of Los Angeles California as well as provides food as well as beverage services.

It is an organic produce supplier certified under CCOF (USDA) furnishing Latin as well as Asian produce, a variety of fruits, and squash. He formerly did some voluntary work as a garden designer as well as also worked as a part-timer at Natural Health Food Store.

Nikko Santo Pietro
Nikko Santo Pietro is a businessman as well as a project manager.
The celebrity kid runs an establishment named Nikko’s Bread.
Separated from his profession as a project manager, he is also an entrepreneur. He runs an online bread business by the name Nikko’s Bread which provides customers with high-quality sourdough bread. He is also an avid artist as well as always posts portraits of his paintings on his social media platforms. Likewise, he is also into fitness as well as loves working out.

Is Nikko Santo Gay? He was Dating a Monk

White’s son was in a connection with a Hare Krishna monk Jaycee Akinsanya. The 19-year-old during the period, met him while following the great University of Arizona. Nonetheless, the individual he was with was doublehis age; Jaycee was 34 years old. Nikko Santo Pietro said he was in a connection with a monk from Liberia and an interview with the National Enquirer when asked about his connection, Nikko told,

“Jaycee as well as I have a an extraordinary connection, It’s the closer than I’ve ever been with someone. It’s just spiritual as well as great and there is chemistry – and if there’s sex also, so be it. It doesn’t matter!”Nikko Santo Pietro

Nicholas also communicated that Jaycee has already come upon with his parents, who both appreciate him. However, Vanna White appeared terrified of losing her beloved son to the Hare Krishna movement as it was formerly accused of indoctrination and false captivity.

Nikko Santo Pietro was reportedly in a gay connection with a monk
Vanna White’s son was correlated to a Hare Krishna Monk.
Similarly, with the anxiety of losing his son to the monk, the Wheel of Fortune star as well as her ex-hubby reportedly declined to pay around $1 million to his son who according to Vana needed the money to create an ashram. Nonetheless, Pietro denied the allegations as well as told, ‘The money I asked of for was for my living expenses – food, gas as well as for living my spiritual life with Jaycee.

Despite that, many well-wishers as well as close family friends indicted the monk of being money-hungry as well as using Nikko just to fulfill his monetary needs. The two later separated as well as Nikko went to Oregon State University.

Nikko Santo Pietro Has a Girlfriend? Details on his Relationship

The celebrity son is presently in a relationship with his girlfriend named Codie Jasco. The two have been in a connection for quite some time now. They first met during high school but only began seeing each other while studying in college.


Nikko Santo Pietro and his girlfriend named Codie

The couple has been together since their college days.
Both of them seem quite happy together as Nikko repeatedly posts images of her on his social media accounts. The couple hasn’t shared any information regarding getting married as both seem to be concentrating on their careers now. We just have to wait as well as see if they decide to take their relationship further, till then we wish them to be happy in their connection as well as hope that they will be together for days to come.

Who Is Nikko Santo Pietro’s Mother named Vanna White?

Nikko Santo Pietro’s mother was born Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, of the year 1957, in North Myrtle Beach, which is in South Carolina. She was a contestant in Miss Georgia USA in the year 1978 before making her television debut in the year 1980 with the game show The Price Is Right. She was one of the four contestants as well as -being the show’s 50th anniversary in the year 2021, she made an impression as a guest model.Nikko Santo Pietro

Nikko Santo Pietro’s Net Worth

He is assessed to have a a whole wealth of around $500,000. Santo has amassed his worth from his career as a project manager as well as his bread manufacturing business.


On the other hand, his mother named Vanna White is estimated to have a total fortune of around $85 million. She has amassed her wealth from her career as a television personality. She is the host of the hit show Wheel of Fortune as well as a real estate investor.

Is Nikko Santo Pietro on Instagram as well as Facebook? His Social Media Handles

Nicholas is available on Instagram (@nikkoshow) and Facebook (Nikko Santo Pietro). He posts lots of photos of himself with his family and drawings of his business and his artwork.


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