Andre Rock bio

Andre Rock bio is the brother of Chris Rock
Andre Rock bio is an American businessman by profession who is most outstanding for being the brother of Chris Rock as well as Tony Rock. Both of his siblings are well-known figures in the recreation industry.

Andre Rock bio’s eldest brother named Chris Rock is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, as well as screenwriter who made his breakthrough from The Chris Rock Show (from the year 1997-to the year 2000). His other sibling Tony Rock is also an American writer, actor, as well as stand-up comedian popular for his performance in Everybody Hates Chris (from the year 2008 to the year 2009), as well as All of Us (from the year 2003 to the year 2007).

Unlike his celebrity brothers, Andre Rock bio is not in the spotlight, nonetheless, there has been a lot of curiosity surrounding his career, relationships, & net worth as well. So, examine him in the headings below & find out what the internet has uncovered regarding Chris Rock’s never much talked younger brother, named Andre Rock bio.

When Is Andre Rock bio’s Birthday? His Bio-Wiki, Age, & Parents

Andre Rock bio was born on April 16, of the year 1967, in Brooklyn, New York, the United States of America. Andre Rock bio is an American nationality holder as well as he belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity. As of the year 2022, he is 55 years old.

Chris and Andre Rock bio’s mother named Rose
Andre’s mother, Rosalie, and his brother named Chris Rock

Rock was born to his mother Rosalie Rock (Tingman) and his father named Julius Rock. Talking about his parents, his mother was a teacher as well as a social worker for the mentally handicapped. Furthermore, his father was a newspaper deliveryman as well as a truck driver. At the age of 21, he lost his father who died after an ulcer surgery in the year 1988.

Andre Rock bio Has Six Siblings

The 55-year-old altogether has six siblings, five brothers, as well as a sister. Being the second kid of his parents, he is the very first sibling of the actor named Chris Rock (born February 7, of the year 1965).

Furthermore, Andre Rock bio is older than his other celebrity sibling: Tony Rock (born on June 30, of the year 1974) as well as Jordan Rock (born Feb 10, of the year 1991). His other younger brothers are Brian Rock as well as Kenny Rock (born April 16, of the year 1979).

The great five Rock brothers also have one sister named Andi Rock. Besides that, they had one older paternal half-brother, named Charles Ledell Rock. Due to his alcohol addiction, he died in the year 2006.

Andre Rock bio Is A Businessman By Profession Unlike His Brothers

As remembered above, Andre is a businessman by profession. As per reports, he is presently running a trucking business, Julius Rock Trucking Inc. which is named after his great late father.

Despite his success as an entrepreneur, the 55-year-old Andre is primarily outstanding as the first sibling of Chris Rock. Professional since the year 1984, his brother named Chris began his journey as a stand-up comedian in the place of New York City’s Catch a Rising Star.

Andre Rock bio’s brother named Chris is the eldest siblings

Andre Rock bio’s eldest sibling named Chris is an American comedian-actor

He first rose to prominence as a cast member of the sketch comedy series named Saturday Night Live (of the year 1990-1993). During the show, he along with his other cast members like David Spade, Chris Farley, Rob Schneider, as well as Adam Sandler were popular as the “Bad Boys of SNL”.Andre Rock bio

So far, Chris Rock is comprehended for some of his best comedy specials like Everybody Hates Chris, The Chris Rock Show, Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger, Chris Rock: Bigger & Black, Chris Rock: Tamborine, as well as Chris Rock Never Scared. Besides that, the actor is also known for his roles in Head of State, The Longest Yard, Madagascar, as well as Top Five.

Who Are Andre Rock bio’s Other Celebrity Siblings?

Andre is the older brother of American actor, writer, as well as stand-up comedian Anthony Rock who is popular by the stage name Tony Rock. He began his career in the entertainment field in the year 1997.

Tony is widely popular as Uncle Ryan on the television period sitcom Everybody Hates Chris (of the year 2008-2009). His other notable acting credits encompass All of Us (of the year 2003–2007), What Goes Around Comes Around, Redemption of a Dog, as well as Living Biblically.


Additionally, the businessman’s brother named Jordan Rock is also an actor and comedian. Back in the year 2011, he broadcasted his comedy special Ladies and Gentlemen, Jordan Rock. Further, he is outstanding in his role as Kevin in the TV series Love.Andre Rock bio

What Is Andre Rock bio’s Relationship Status In the year 2022?

Presently, it is still a mystery if Andre Rock is single or in a relationship with someone special. Even in the face of his brothers’ limelight, he has stayed a very private profile.

The celebrity brother does not like any agency interference in his life. Due to this reason, he does not make any public impressions of his family.

Thus, it is not disclosed if Andre is single, dating anyone, or wedded as of now. However, we wish to see Andre married to a perfect great partner someday in the future.

Is Andre Rock bio Available On Social Platforms?

As he likes to keep his personal life under the curtains, Andre is not active on any social media platforms. Various him, his star brother Chris Rock has a huge fan following on every platform.


As of the year 2022, the Brooklyn resident Rock is ascertained on Twitter with around 5.5 million followers and Facebook with around 7.6 million followers. He is available on Instagram with 6 million followers whereas his YouTube channel named ChrisRockVEVO has a total of 3.49k subscribers with video views of around 2,104,133.Andre Rock bio

Andre’s little brother named Tony Rock is also active on social media. The artist is verified both on Instagram as well as Twitter. His Insta page has around 181k fan followers while his Twitter profile has around 113.3k followers.

What Is Andre Rock Net Worth?

Running a trucking business, Andre Rock huddles a good sum from his firm. He reportedly has a fortune of around $700,000, in the year 2022. Peeking at his siblings’ fame as well as his successful profession it seems that he is living an expensive lifestyle.

On the other hand, his eldest Rock brother named Chris Rock currently owns around $60 million wealth according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Andre’s star siblings Chris as well as Tony Rock combined net worth is around $64 million
Andre’s celebrity brothers Chris as well as Tony Rock
Similarly, his younger brother named Tony Rock has an estimated fortune of around $4 million in the year 2022. His other sibling, named Jordan Rock who is just at the beginning of his career has around $400,000, as of the year 2022.


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