Cynthia Lopez bio

Cynthia Lopez bio is prominent for being the wife of Teofimo Lopez, an American skilled boxer. Her husband Teofimo is a retired united lightweight world champion who has received 16 fights out of 17 in his boxing career.

Similarly, Teofimo (aka Teofimo Andres Lopez Rivera) is the winner of The Ring magazine titles along with WBO as well as WBA. As an outcome, The Ring Magazine has ranked him the world’s third-best effective lightweight. Also, BoxRec placed him in the fourth position as well as in fifth by ESPN.

Besides all of her husband’s anger, Cynthia Lopez bio herself has her temperament as an air hostess at Delta Airlines. She, even being the wife of such a well-known boxer, likes to live an autonomous life. So, does that mean Cynthia still specializes as a great flight assistant? How did Lopez first meet her husband? What scrutinizing her children? Today, in this article, you will discover all the explanations for your queries. Let’s take a close look!

Teofimo’s Wife Cynthia Lopez bio Just Steps In Her 30s

Cynthia Lopez bio was born on the 21st of June, of the year 1992 which made her 30 years old by the year 2022. She originally belonged to Nicaragua, the biggest country in the Central American Isthmus. Apart from these, there is no more evidence accessible on Cynthia’s early life as well of family.

Cynthia Lopez bio
Cynthia Lopez bio is 30 years old. Source: Her husband’s social media

On the second hand, her popular husband named Teofimo Lopez was born on July 30, of the year 1997, at the retired NYU Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. His parents were Honduran expatriates.

Moreover, Cynthia Lopez bio belongs to the White nationality as well as holds American ethnicity

Cynthia Lopez bio is an Airhostess By Profession

Talking about respecting her career, Cynthia is a flight companion for Delta Airlines. Not precisely the date of her registration as a worker in delta is comprehended but necessarily, but she has been helping there as an air hostess since the year 2018.

Moreover, her work is also about some social work training. As per her popular husband, she likes to be assured of some volunteering training. In this admiration, her spouse said,

Every June, Cynthia Lopez bio would make sure she put up with time off to soldier in Seattle for Camp to Belong, a non-profit company committed to reuniting brothers as well as sisters who have become segregated in foster supervision through a week of camp in the summer as well as other occasions throughout the year.

Cynthia Lopez bio Is Married To great Boxer Teofimo: Their First Meeting


Cynthia Lopez bio got wedded to her boxer husband on April 23, of the year 2019. Before marriage, the cute pair was in a romantic relationship for one year. Then, how did an Airhostess encounter a boxing winner as a life supporter?

Cynthia Lopez bio

Cynthia Lopez bio is wedded to a boxer
Cynthia Lopez bio on her wedding day. Source: Her husband’s social media
Certainly, in the year 2018, her spouse named Teofimo was flying to Las Vegas from New York City on Delta Airlines where Cynthia was assisting as a flight attendant. Both the couple appeared across each other in the airspace as well as instantly a boxing champion fell in love with Cynthia Lopez bio on the flight. He once said in an interview,

“I went back to talk to her as well as asked her for some water, “I told her I combated on Saturday. Every guy on the plane was staring at her.”

Teofimo has further told,

I’m in the back of the galley as well as I’m smooth-talking her as well as attempting to find my way to get her number as well as a date.Cynthia Lopez bio

Later, the boxing champion accomplished a good appearance in Cynthia Lopez bio and ultimately proposed to her which appeared in their togetherness as a cheer marital pair since the year 2019.


Cynthia Lopez bio Had Her Honeymoon In Greece

After getting married, for the first time, Cynthia with her better half scooted to Greece to enjoy their honeymoon. On July 28, of the year 2019, her partner shared a beautiful post of their holiday on his social media with a headline.

Lopez Is A Constant Supporter In Her Husband’s Highs as well as Lows

Lopez’s husband is a subject of tension which is why he, time as well as again suffers panic seizures. When the couple was on the way back to their residence from the honeymoon, her crucial other got a panic attack but she sat strong by his side. Honoring his anxiety, Teofimo has told,

“It’s been a rollercoaster ride, “I’m still formulating as well as lots of things came to me so promptly. It’s all contemplating attempting to love yourself more because I had to find a way to get out of those crooked times.

But in his dark days, Cynthia Lopez bio has constantly been there to stand aside her spouse with consistent consent. What’s more, she even encouraged him to join a counseling trial as well as as a result, he is much in a nicer place now. For this, he told everyone that he is just grateful then. I have a person who cares about me as well as is there for me.”

Cynthia Is A Mother Of A Cute Baby Boy

In September of the year 2021, Cynthia was seen reflecting on her baby bump standing aside from her husband on his social media. So, at the time, the beautiful couple proclaimed plainly that they are anticipating a son as their first child.Cynthia Lopez bio

Cynthia Lopez bio
Cynthia Lopez bio with her husband named Teofimo. Source: Her husband’s social media

After 2 months, on November 1st, her husband Teofimo proclaimed candidly the arrival date of their son on his social media,

So tight to holding my baby boy! My champion, my king! #LegacyContinues This is the month’

And ultimately, on November 16, of the year 2021, Cynthia gave delivery to a cute junior Lopez.

Is Lopez Active On Instagram? Her Other Social Sites

Nowadays, Lopez is not on social media but she used to have her social media account in the past. Likewise, Teofimo’s wife Lopez is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

On the different hand, her husband named Teofimo is on Instagram under the username @teofimolopez with around 765k supporters. And he is also on Twitter with approximately 157k supporters as of the year 2022.Cynthia Lopez bio

Cynthia Lopez bio’s Net Worth

Teofimo’s wife, Cynthia is an autonomous as well as struggling lady. She is a remarkable air hostess at Delta Airlines. So remarkable, the celebrity spouse has her own earnings sources as well as her wealth is around $500,000.

On the other hand, her extraordinary husband, named Teofimo Lopez has a net wealth of around $3 million.


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