Angelo Adkins bio

Angelo Adkins bio is the son of the famous British singer named Adele. The artist whose full name is Adele Adkins has released several major hit albums as well as singles. Her prolific career in the music world has attained her a plethora of prestigious accolades, comprising fifteen Grammy Awards and nine Brit Awards.

Adele allocate her son with her former husband, Simon Konecki. His parents wedded for several years before their marriage dissolved into a divorce. So, with whom Adkins is living after his father as well as his mother’s divorce?

Let’s take a look at many interesting facts that you didn’t know approximately Adele’s son comprising his life after his parent’s divorce.

How Old Is Adele’s Angelo Adkins bio Now? She Suffered A Postpartum Depression

His age is 10 in the year 2023. Angelo Adkins bio was born on 19th October of the year 2012, in the place of United Kingdom. Angelo’s parents utilized to live in West Sussex at the time of his great birth. Keeping the baby’s birth ultra-private, the singer didn’t make any official assurance for some time.

Adele’s Son Angelo Adkins bio Leads A Hush-Hush Life

Like numerous stars, the Grammy Award-winning artist prefers to retain her baby boy behind secured doors. Back in the year 2013, Adele as well as her then-boyfriend named Simon filed a private case against an agency called Corbis Photos UK for publishing intrusive paparazzi pictures of their kid taken during their public outings.

Similarly, it’s been nearly nine years since their baby boy came into this world, nevertheless, the singer has yet to share a single picture of their kid.

Adele’s only kid is named Angelo Adkins bio.
Adele’s only child Angelo.
Back in early of the year 2020, a source close to her told People that the artist is heavily problematic with her son’s school works.

His Mother Adele Dedicated A Song To Her Son And Her Album Too

34 years old English singer released a song named Remedy from his album called 25 in the year 2015. Adele substantiated the singer composed the song about her child in The New York Times.

Furthermore, her fourth studio album 30, released on 19 November of the year 2021 is also heavily inspired by her divorce, motherhood, as well as the anxiety of fame. One of her album’s tracks called “My Little Love” is also solely true to her son.

While talking about the album in an interview with Vogue, the artist said that her son named Angelo Adkins bio has had lots of unresolved queries since her divorce from her husband. So, Adele discharged the album featuring all ups as well as downs so her son could understand when Angelo’s older.Angelo Adkins bio

Angelo Adkins bio’ Parents Married Years After His Birth

Back in mid of the year 2011, Adele as well as Konecki began dating. A year after they were in a relationship, the former flames were said to be wedded but the artist refuted the rumors via a Twitter post,

“I’m not married… Zzzzzzz.”

Again, in early of the year 2017, the rumors regarding their wedding started swirling on the internet when Adele and Konecki were smudged wearing matching rings on their ring fingers. This time, nonetheless, the artist substantiated the speculation as true referring to Konecki as “my husband” during an acceptance speech at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.She  is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Angelo Adkins bio mother as well as a father.
Angelo Adkins bio’s parents were married for a couple of years.
Source: Hollywood Life
Despite their long-time federation, it didn’t go for protracted. In April of the year 2019, a representative for the singer declared openly to the Associated Press that the pair separated after around eight years of togetherness.

Adele reportedly filed for divorce from Konecki on 13th Sept of the year 2019 as well as their divorce was completed in March of the year 2021. As per sources, their divorce finalization turned out to be one of the most costly settlements in history. The singer had to pay around 170 million dollars to her hubby seeking their finalization.

Who Shares The Custody Of Their Son Angelo?

After their separation, Adkins’ father, as well as mother share joint physical as well as legal custody of their son. Although his parents have kept him quite grounded, sources say, they are doing an incredible job for the sake of their son even after their alienation.

Furthermore, since they share joint custody of their son, they are living across the street from each other for the advantage of their child.Angelo Adkins bio

Does Adele’s Son Live With Her Or Her Husband? Details On His Name

As said above, both Angelo’s mom as well as dad shared equal custody of their son. To give the best parenting environment to their son, they have even structured their lives so their son can get a chance to expend his time with both of them.

Yes, Adele lives in a house just across the street from her former husband. They often get together with each other as well as go on movie nights together.


Why Adele’s Son Angelo Adkins bio Has Her Surname?

Generally, most of the kids share their father’s last moniker. Nonetheless, in the case of Angelo, it is just the opposite as the star kid has his mother’s last name.

Nonetheless, his singer Adele has never disclosed why the singer chooses her last name.

Has A Half-Sister From His Father’s Last Relationship

Angelo Adkins bio has an older half-sister from his dad’s previous wedding to Clary Fisher. Simon has carried his daughter away from the media as Angelo.Angelo Adkins bio

Besides, talking about Angelo Adkins’ father named Simon, the ex-celebrity spouse is the CEO of a charity organization Drop4Drop. It furnishes clean drinking water to a couple of developing countries.

Adele’s Son named Angelo Adkins bio’ Lifestyle And Net Worth


Being the son of a famed artist who has sold over around 120 million records over the years, Angelo is undoubtedly appreciating a pretty great upbringing.

Not to comment, Angelo Adkins bio is years from earning a fortune himself. But, talking about his mother, named Adele has a whopping net worth of around $190 million in the year 2023. She has deserved such considerable fortune for her splendid musical career. The artist has a digit of sprawling properties throughout the United States. Angelo Adkins bio owns a cottage in the place of Beverly Hills, which the singer bought for around $9.5 million back in the year 2016.


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