Julia Arnaz bio

Julia Arnaz bio is realized as the daughter of an American actor as well as musician Desi Arnaj Jr. (aka Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV). Furthermore, Julia Arnaz bio is equally known for being the granddaughter of I Love Lucy stars Lucille Ball as well as Desi Arnaz.

Despite being the celebrity child, Julia Arnaz bio lived her first 20 years without understanding her paternal family background. Her mother raised her out of the limelight nonetheless later she made her way to her father’s family who was renowned actors in Hollywood. Interestingly, with the DNA result, Julia Arnaz bio got authenticity as Desi Arnaj Jr.’s physical child. Well, after that, did her prominent father receive her? Asunder from her paternal lineage background, what about her private life? Is she wedded?

Today, in this article, we have to arrive up with the untold details on Lucille Ball’s granddaughter named Julia Arnaz. Read the article till the end.

How Old Is Julia Arnaz bio? Her Parents As well as her Early Life

As of the year 2023, Julia Arnaz bio is 52 years of age. She was born to her father named Desi Arnaz Jr. and her mother named Susan Callahan-Howe in July of the year 1968 in Los Angeles, which is in California. As aforementioned, her father is an actor as well as a musician while her mom Howe was a model.Julia Arnaz bio

Julia Arnaz bio is now in her early 50s
Young Julia Arnaz, in the frame. Source: Her Instagram
At the time of her birth, her parents were just 15 years old, as well as following her birth, her parents agreed to separate ways. After that, Julia was raised single-handedly by her mother named Susan in Stamford. All her premature life, she was empty of her father’s love as well as his essence. All she comprehended about her dad was that he is the son of a Hollywood Star which her mom told her while rising up.

Besides, Julia Arnaz bio holds American nationality as well as belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Julia Didn’t Know Her Father Until She Was 20; She, As well as Her Dad, Underwent A Paternity Test

Julia Arnaz bio lived her early life outside of the Arnaz family. But, after she thrived up, she agreed to take matters on her own and went to court with a plea for a paternity test with her yet unidentified father named Desi Arnaj Jr.

Julia Arnaz bio is in the spotlight as Desi Arnaz Jr.’s daughter

Julia Arnaz bio with her father named Desi Arnaz Jr. Source: Her Instagram
In an exclusive talk with PageSix, she advised

“We did a DNA test when I was 20 and it arrived back 99.97% that I was indeed his daughter and then shortly after that my father as well as I began a beautiful connection,”Julia Arnaz bio

After Julia Arnaz bio’s father found her as his child, he then stood strong by her side. In this regard, Arnaz further advised,

He helped me very much through my life as well as enabled my daughter through college.

Before Julia Arnaz bio’s dad discover her as his biological child, he was already a father to his adoptive daughter named Haley Arnaz.

Career: what does Julia Arnaz do for a livelihood?

Touching on her profession, Julia Arnaz is an entrepreneur as cited on her Facebook. The 52 years old celebrity child works as a Dog walker as well as a pet sitter.Julia Arnaz bio

On the other hand, her prominent father, named Desi Arnaj Jr. He began his career at the age of 12 as a drummer with the American trio Dino, Desi & Billy with other members such as Dean Paul Martin, and Billy Hinsche. Later, he also tried his hand at acting and did many series as well as movies like Billy Two Hats, The Streets of San Francisco, The Mambo Kings, as well as many others. As an entertainer, Desi was active till the year 2012.

Is Julia Arnaz bio Married? If Yes, Who Is Her Husband?

Lucille Ball’s granddaughter Julia Arnaz is a matrimonial woman. She is wedded to her groom Albert Massey. The pair tied the knot in September of the year 2013.

Julia Arnaz is a married woman
Julia Arnaz with her Husband. Source: Her Instagram
On September 14, of the year 2021, by mailing a picture with her husband on her Instagram, she wrote


Anniversary vacation 8 years with my groom.

Coming up to the year 2023, it’s been around a decade since they are joint as husband-wife. The pair is beautifully leading their marriage to date. Time as well as again, Julia keeps sharing her moments with her husband on her social media account.

On December 17, of the year 2018, she shared a photo with her hubby on her Insta, and she jotted down, “My loving husband named Albert“. As per the information on her Facebook, they pair for the first time meeting each other in December of the year 2012. Following their first meet-up they probably began dating. After a year of their connection, the duo exchanged vows.

Julia Arnaz bio Is Active On Social Media Handles


The star granddaughter is functional on her social media with 287 followers. On her Insta page, she often shares her emotional life which includes her moments with her husband as well as her late daughter. She has also shared her moments with her famous aunt Lucie Arnaz as well as her father named Desi Arnaz Jr. She  is active  on Facebook and on Twitter.

Furthermore, Julia Arnaz bio is also on Facebook with around 3.8k followers as well as on Twitter with 13 followers.

Julia Arnaz bio Net Worth; How Rich Is She?

Julia is documented to have a net worth of around $10 million. On the other hand, her celebrity father Desi Arnaz Jr. has a calculated fortune of around $40 million while her late-grandmother Lucille Ball had a fortune of around $40 million at the time of her demise in the year 1989.


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