Arnold Byrd bio

Arnold Byrd bio is a former Seargent in U.S. Marines who rose to prom instance as the husband of an American actress, singer, comedian, and activist named Jenifer Lewis. His wife, Jenifer (aka Jenifer Jeanette Lewis) is well-known for her role in Poetic Justice, The Preacher’s Wife, The Brothers, as well as others.

Being a celebrity spouse, Arnold Byrd bio has made some appearances in the media alongside his actress wife, Jenifer. The duo together shares an approved daughter who is also an actress by profession. But apart from this, he has always been out of attention. Thus, very little regarding his life has made it into the media.

So, if you are curious to know the personal details of Jenifer Lewis’ husband named Arnold Byrd bio, we are here to help. In this article, we will let you know some new facts regarding Arnold Byrd along with his early life, wiki, family, net worth, as well as his wedding to an actress.

Arnold Byrd bio Is A Former Seargent In The US Marine: More On His Profession

After completing his master’s, in the year 1998, Arnold began his professional career as a Site Project Manager in California where he helped for 2 years and 6 months. Furthermore, he shifted to GE Transportation as a technical director in April of the year 2001. His term in this company was nearly 1 year and 11 months.

Arnold Byrd bio is a former US Sergeant

Arnold Byrd bio as a professional Sergeant
After that, in the year 2003, he enlisted the United States Marine Forces Reserve as a Future Operations Chief and was there as an employee for 2 years and 1 month. Then, he docked as a Maintenance and Repair Superintendent in APL, one of the world’s leading ocean carriers. Likewise, he also helped Eagle Marine Services as Marine Superintendent.

Presently, he is in Fenix Marine Service as an Operation Manager as well has been working here since the year 2018. Additionally, he has already been a Container Yard Superintendent for more than around 3 years in Terminal Island, which is in CA.

Arnold Byrd bio is Wedded To An Actress-Wife named Jenifer Lewis

In the year 2012, Arnold Byrd bio got married to an actress named Jenifer Lewis. The couple dated for a few years before getting wed. Though there is no information on their first meeting, the two have been very much into each other from the beginning. Moreover, the husband and wife are together for over a decade and are living cheerfully with each other.

Arnold Byrd bio wife is an actress, named Jenifer Lewis

Arnold Byrd bio with his Wife
About their love life, Byrd’s spouse named Jenifer once told News4usonline that she feels great as well as happy to be his wife. She, on her better half, assertedArnold Byrd bio


“I am so in love and so pleased, “He’s tall, dark, and handsome. He’s intelligent. He’s the father of three children. So he has lived. He has a life as well as he doesn’t have to borrow mine. I found myself a thrived man-a grown man who was looking for an adult relationship. I am one of the greatest fortunate women in the world.”

Hence, we can tell that both the couple enjoys each other company and are in wonderful married life.

Short Bio On His Wife, Jennifer Lewis

Jenifer Lewis was born on the 25th of January, of the year 1957 in Missouri, which is in the US as the youngest child of her parents. From a very early age, she dreamt of being a great performer. Thus to follow her dream, she attained New York and made her professional debut in the year 1979 as a singer in Broadway Musicals. But, as time enacted, she got a break as an actress.

She firstly seemed in the year 1988 movie Beach. After that, she did various movies and TV series like Sister Act, What’s Love Got to Do With It, Dirty Laundry, Murphy Brown, and several more. Moreover, for her roles in matriarchial film, she is also understood as “The Mother of Black Hollywood”.

Arnold Byrd bio’s Spouse named Jennifer Struggled Sex-Addiction As well as Bipolar Disorder

In her memoir, The Mother of Black Hollywood, Bryd’s spouse talked about her journey where she opened up about her struggle with her undiagnosed mental health issues in her 20s. She documented how she used sex and alcohol as a coping mechanism for her messed mental health.

Regarding her mental illness, an actress composed,

Just as alcoholism isn’t really about the liquor, my addiction wasn’t really regarding the sex. It was about the unresolved psychological difficulties that resulted in my pain. Sex was simply my painkiller’.


As time enacts, her health started becoming worse, and she sought a therapist who diagnosed her mental illness with Bipolar Disorder and helped her to deal with her sex addiction. Lewis began taking medication which she refused originally thinking that it turns her into Zombie.

But ultimately, she agreed with her therapist named Rachel, and slowly began feeling better. In this respect, she further told,

My responses were no longer as extreme. No matter what big issue or catastrophe loomed, I could tell, “bring it” and move forward. I was better able to listen as well as be present and aware of the world around me,’

Arnold Byrd bio

Currently, Arnold Byrd bio’s wifey is in a good mental state as well as is happy in her life. Having gone through such a critical mental illness made her more humane toward others with the identical disease. Today, she does not hesitate to help people suffering from Bipolar Disorder and is open to dealing with mental health problems.

Arnold Byrd bio’ kids: He Has An Adoptive Daughter With His Wife

Together with his wife Jennifer, Arnold Byrd bio does not share any biological child. But Byrd along with his popular wife has adopted a daughter named Charmaine Lewis. At the time when they approve Charmaine, she was just a seven years old girl whom Jennifer met at the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program in LA.

Arnold Byrd bio’s adopted a daughter with his wife

Arnold Byrd bio’s wife and daughter
But today, Charmaine is also known as an actress as well as has already acted in the year 2015 movie Strange Blood as well as Instagram is a Liar.

Arnold Byrd bio’s Social Media Presence
Talking on his social media handles, a celebrity husband is on Instagram under the username @oohrahbyrd115 with around 50 followers and around 53 posts in total. He was available on his Insta account till September of the year 2021 and since then he hasn’t dealt with anything.

On the other hand, his popular wife, named Jennifer Lewis is much active on Instagram under the username @jeniferlewisforreal with around 1.2 million followers.

Arnold Byrd bio

What Is His Net Worth?

Throughout his life, Arnold Byrd bio has been making money. He still works as an Operation manager so is apparent to say that he has received more amount from his profession. As per some sources, he has a net worth of around $1 million.

On the other hand, his spouse has an estimated worth of around $2 million as of the year 2022.

Arnold Byrd bio Wiki, Education

Regarding his early life, we don’t have any further details on Arnold’s early childhood and his exact date of birth. Nonetheless, as per some sources, Jennifer’s husband is in his 60s. He developed in his hometown along with his sister whose name is unknown.

Talking regarding his education, he completed his BASc in public administration from California State University in the year 1982. For further study, he enlisted at the University of Phoenix in the year 1995 & achieved his MA (Master of Arts) degree in Non-profit/Public/Organizational management in the year 1996.



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