Chris Sails bio

Chris Sails bio is a YouTuber, rapper, performer, as well as lyricist. He is popularly known as the ex-husband of Queen Naija, a contestant from American Idol season 13. Naija was able to survive until the Hollywood round. With great Queen, named Chris Sails bio utilized to host a youtube channel. The ex-partners were jointly from the first to late the year 2010.

Although together for five years or so with a son in between, their friendship had a lot of drama. It included cheating, messy fights, and several dissing of each other on social media. In the years since their divorce, both the exes have been in a relationship with other people as well as even have kids with them.

The aftermath of their separation also encompassed a lot of drama with Chris Sails bio mostly mentioning as well as taunting Queen on social media. Sails for a couple of years didn’t pass up the opportunity to throw shades at his ex-wife, named Naija and things have gone awry between the two several times. Review those times with an extended wiki on who exactly is Naija’s ex-husband, named Chris Sails bio, where he hails from, what is his story, his career, as well as his prevailing usuals all in the write-up below.

Chris Sails bio

Chris Sails bio Is From Detroit

The rapper/social media person Chris Sails bio is a native of Detroit, Michigan who was born on Sep 23, of the year 1995. Other than that there are nearly zero iotas of things to say about Naija’s ex particularly when it comes to his prior life. For all that Sails is exertive with his predominant life through his Youtube and social media, Queen’s ex-husband is yet to reveal his story before he arrived into the Michigan-born singer’s life.

Chris Sails bio Youtube Career

The now 26 years old Sails started his Youtube career in Aug of the year 2016 with his then-wife, named Queen Naija. They were in Detroit when they first inaugurated the channel.

Sometime later the ex-couple would shift to Houston Texas. In addition to the Youtube channel which Sails started with his ex-wife, named Queen Naija, he also has some other channels most of which he began in the year 2012.

Chris Sails bio

Sails also have one more Youtube channel where he mostly offices videos of himself as well as his son; he established this one in July of the year 2017.

Chris Sails bio Musical Career

Besides Youtubing, Chris Sails bio has also generated some musical content of his own ranging from music videos to EPs as well as albums.

Some of his notable tracks encompass Letter To My Ex, Me As well as You, Selfish (feat. Anthony XI), Broke Her Heart, as well as Say The Word, among others. So far, Sails has published five albums and over two dozen EPs as well as Singles.

Chris Sails bio As well as their Ex-Wife named Queen Naija Were Together From The Early 2010s

The Letter To My Ex-singer, named Chris Sails, as well as Naija met each other at a high school basketball game in the year 2013. They then would date for a rare month before tying the knot in the year 2014.

When together, Sails, as well as Chris Sails bio, also started a channel, named “Chris and Queen” in the year 2016 through which they would find more public recognition. The pair had their first child, a son, Christopher Jeremiah Sails or CJ on Feb 17, of the year 2015.

Queen Naija with her ex-husband, named Chris Sails, and their son, named Christopher Jeremiah Sails.
R and B singer, Queen Naija with her son, named Christopher, and her baby father named Chris Sails. Superframe
In addition to CJ, Chris Sails bio also has two more sons, Artist as well as Blake from his other relationship. Things weren’t good when Sails, as well as Queen Naija, were in a relationship.

Sources report Sails continuously insulted his singer-ex-wife.

Sails Cheated On Queen Naija With A Great Model

The reason for Sails as well as Queen’s breakup was the former’s affair with a model named, Hehleena Million. Million through her own Youtube channel told she did have a relationship with Sails while he was still married to Queen Naija. Helena, however, clarified she, at the time, didn’t know they were still husband as well as wife.

Rapper Chris Sails bio’s ex-girlfriend, named Hehleena Million.
Model and YouTuber Chris Sails’ ex-girlfriend, named Hehleena Million.
As per Million, Chris had told her that Naija was just her baby mother as well as that they had separated already.

Helena added when she first met Chris, he treated her just like a princess as well as even addressed her as his wife in front of the waitress. Million as well as Sails also have a son Blake Sails who was born in the year 2018.

Chris Sails bio Confirmed To Being Unfaithful Towards Queen Naija

Chris substantiated cheating on Queen in a 13-minute video. He had uploaded the recording on his as well as the Medicine singer’s then-joint Youtube Channel.

Chris Sails bio

Upon knowing Chris’ confession, Naija also mailed a vlog. There she told she was going to reflect as well as think regarding her future with her son’s father as well as for that, she was going to need some time.

Naija would nonetheless file for divorce from Sails in Dec of the year 2017 as well as it would get finalized in April of the year 2018. Upon separation, Naija gave the sole ownership of her as well as Sails’ Youtube channel to her ex-husband.

Chris Sails bio Once Went Broke; Used His Ex-Wife’s Name To Earn Money

Back in July of the year 2021, Sails uploaded a video on his Youtube Channel where he explained some of his last actions. In the video, he candidly said the reason he kept hauling his ex-wife, Naija’s name on his videos was because he wanted to get more impressions so that he could make additional money.

Chris Sails bio Was Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend; He Was Banned From Using Instagram

In Oct of the year 2018, Sails was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend, named Parker McKenna. Sails reportedly beat her so badly after he had seen a text message on McKenna’s phone from another man.

McKenna reported Sails hit her with an open arm on her cheek multiple times and even attacked her torso as well as other body parts. She said he left her with a black eye as well as several bruises.

The authority after charging Sails held him in a place of Texas Jail on around $15000 bail.


The Mugshot of Detroit-born rapper as well as YouTuber Chris Sails bio.
Chris Sails bio after getting arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend named Parker McKenna.
Later, the judge conditioned that Chris Sails bio would leave the jail only if he agrees to stop using social media completely encompassing Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as even others.

Furthermore, the state of Texas also forbade him to leave the region as well as placed him on 24 hours surveillance via GPS until Feb of the year 2019. McKenna as well as Sails began dating after the former had split with Naija.

Chris Sails bio Allegedly Also Resulted in Physical Harm To His Other Ex-Girlfriend 

McKenna wasn’t the first woman who complained regarding assault against Sails. Another of his ex-girlfriend, named Savay, too, in the year 2019, shared some images on social through which she accused Sails of beating her as well as not handling her well when they were in a great relationship.

How Rich Is Chris Sails bio; What Is His Net Worth?

Things may have gone dire for Chris Sails bio in recent years both in terms of family as well as money. Nonetheless, now that he has access to his YouTube channel and is periodically working on his music, the ex-husband of an R and B singer must be a bit liquid as well as have it easy in those regards.

If nothing at all, by public estimates, his YouTube with around 3 million subscribers in all possibilities could be bringing him around a quarter of a million bucks a year.

There are also paid promotions as well as stuff to consider when speaking of the model of his social media income.
It nonetheless is a riddle how much he has to his net worth; his Instagram as well as other social media lifestyle, in any case, implies the Far From Perfect singer might be worth anywhere from half a million to even a great whole.




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