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Ashlie Walker bio is a professional nurse as well as the sister of the late actor Paul Walker, who is known for films like the Fast And The Furious franchise and other great films such as She’s All That, Varsity Blues, Joy Ride, Into The Blue, as well as Takers, among others.

Besides being a registered nurse, she is a mother of 4, a wife, as well as a Monat (skincare, shampoos, as well as conditioners hair styling, and wellness products) market partner.

Delve more into her life; from the time she grew up with her late brother to his death and even the events where she praised his death as well as defended his character. Also, knows a bit about her own emotional life.

Ashlie Walker bio Is The Daughter Of A Former Boxer And A Model

Walker was born in June of the year 1976 most likely in Glendale, which is in California. She is the third child of Paul William Walker III; after his first daughter, named Amie (from his former relationship), as well as Paul Walker. Ashlie’s father used to be a sewer contractor as well as a former amateur boxer. He had gained a victory two-time Golden Gloves champion.

Ashlie Walker bio is the younger sister of the late actor named Paul Walker.
From Left, Caleb Walker, Paul, Cody Walker, Cheryl Walker, Ashlie Walker, as well as Paul William Walker III.
Ashlie is of English, German, Swiss, and Irish ancestry. Her mother, named Cheryl (née Crabtree), is a former fashion model. She is now wedded to another man whose last name is Hann.

Ashlie Walker bio’s paternal grandfather, named William, was also a boxer; his career, though, was brief. He was known by his famous ring named “Irish” Billy Walker. The nurse/beauty products expert as well as her siblings grew up under the Mormon faith. She probably studied at Great Kennedy High School.

Ashlie Walker bio Is A Nurse

As referred to Ashlie is a registered nurse at Medcor as well as a market partner at Monat (skincare, shampoos, as well as conditioners hair styling, and wellness products).

Ashlie Walker bio began working at Monat in Dec of the year 2020.

Ashlie Walker Siblings

In addition to Caleb, Cody, as well as the late Paul, Ashlie Walker Siblings also have a half-sister, named Amie Walker, the eldest. While not much about Amie is known, Caleb is a restaurant owner as well and Cody, the youngest, is a paramedic.

In addition to Paul, Caleb as well and Cody, Ashlie Walker also has a half-sister, named Amie Walker.
Paul Walker’s brother, Caleb Walker (left), as well as Cody Walker, filled in to play their late brother’s character in the film, Furious 7.
Both the brothers and the rest of the Walker family continuously work for their late family member’s charity organization, Reach Out Worldwide, a disaster consolation nonprofit organization that Paul built after he visited Haiti in the year 2010.

The organization, over the years, has been providing relief for the first responders as well as other professionals in the medical and construction-related fields in times of biological disasters.

What Ashlie Walker bio Said Her Two Brothers Filling In The Role Of Her Late Brother

After Paul’s demise amidst the shooting of the Furious Seven, his look-alike brothers, Caleb as well and Cody served as his reserves so that the film could complete its production.

The Glendale native, nonetheless, added diving into their brother’s world was a big challenge, emotionally as well as logistically for Caleb and Cody as well as for the Whole Walker family.

Ashlie Walker bio said her family’s faith in the Mormon practice enabled them to come to terms with Paul’s death.Ashlie Walker bio

How Ashlie Walker Bio Defended Her Brother, Paul, Even After His Death

Shortly after the tragic death of the Joy Ride star, some believed he as well as Rodas, his friend, and the driver were racing through the Santa Clarita neighborhood.

It was Ashlie Walker bio who afterward came as well and said it was a finished lie. She angrily denied the Into The Sea – the star was drag racing before his fiery demise. The third child of Paul Walker Sr. put in how the ‘irresponsible’ rumors’ at the time were making her family’s grief worse and more unbearable.

Ashlie Walker bio strongly refuted that her late brother, Paul Walker was drag racing right before his demise.
Paul and his sister, Ashlie Walker during a TV game show in the year 1988.
Some members of the Police said they obtained eyewitness statements saying the sportscar Paul and their friend were ‘traveling independently at a high rate of speed.’

As per the locals, the Porsche banged into a light pole and burst into flames. The Police in Los Angeles later eventually rebutted a so-called “second car” theory in the tragic death of Ashlie’s brother.

How Her Brother Died

Ashlie Walker bio and his friend as well as fellow fast-car enthusiast Roger Rodas died on Hercules Street in Valencia, a neighborhood of Santa Clarita, California when the latter’s of the year 2005 Porsche Carrera GT slapped into a light pole and tree, then detonated in flames.Ashlie Walker bio

Ashlie Walker bio reportedly was the passenger. He as well as Rodas thought of taking a brief drive away from a charity fundraiser as well as a toy drive at Rodas’ custom car shop in the place of Valencia, about 50 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles.


The accident took place on Saturday afternoon November 13, of the year 2013, at a street that forms an approximately 1.6-kilometer loop amid industrial office parks.

The hills edge the road and it lies somewhat distant from traffic. The highway is allegedly a well-known hot spot for street racers.

The Takers star as well as his ride partner were pronounced dead at the scene. Rodas died after suffering multiple trauma while Walker lost his life from the collective effects of trauma as well as burns.

The survivors comprise Paul’s daughter Meadow, parents Paul Sr. and Cheryl, as well as siblings Ashley, Aimie, Caleb, as well as Cody.

Ashlie Walker Bio and Her Family Members Helped Make Her Late Brother’s Documentary

In the year 2018, Paul’s brothers, Caleb, as well as Cody produced a documentary narrating the life of their departed brother. The title is, named I Am Paul Walker.

The video biography features footage of the actor, dating back to his boyhood, as well as excerpts from interviews with Walker’s friends as well as family.

In the documentary, Ashlie Walker Siblings, one of the persons to have recalled Paul the most, says,


“He liked to go fast. As soon as I was old sufficiently to hang on tight, I was on the back of his big wheel with him going for the passage of my life.”

Ashlie Walker bio Is Married To A Designer

Ashlie Walker bio is currently wedded to her husband Jeffery Herod on Feb 4, of the year 2010. Her spouse is an interior designer at Jeffrey Herod Interiors as well as is a graduate of La Canada High.

Paul Walker’s sister is married to an interior designer with a son.
Paul Walker’s sister, Ashlie is the wife of an interior designer, Jeffrey Herod
The couple has a son named Jericho with her current husband Jeffrey Herod.

The Herod family split their time between Huntington Beach as well as La Canada Flintridge, which is in California.

On the other hand, her late brother Paul was in a relationship with great Jasmine Gosnell during the time of his death. Previously, he was in a connection with Rebecca Soteros, with whom he shares one daughter named, Meadow Rain Walker.

Ashlie Walker bio Has Three More Children, Allegedly From Her Previous Connection
The Monat’s co-owner Ashlie was wedded to someone else before Jeffrey Herod. As such, she has three more kids before a son with her recent partner.Ashlie Walker bio

Ashlie Walker bio first became a mother in Sep of the year 1996 giving birth to a daughter, named Caitlin Ashlie. Her daughter Caitlin is a Vegas-based blogger, a YouTuber, as well as an aesthetician.

The Huntington Beach local, nonetheless, hasn’t disclosed much about the father of her daughter as well as her two sons.

Ashlie Walker bio Other Facts

Ashlie Walker bio and her late brother, named Paul were once runners-up on a game show dubbed I’m Telling back in the year 1988.



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