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Audrey Sellers bio is the ex-wife of a popular American actor named Billy Dee Williams (aka Williams December Williams Jr.). Her ex-husband is widely recognized for his great character Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars trilogy. Moreover, Billy is also a painter.

Apart from her identity as a celebrity ex-wife, her personal life has been debated very less in the media. Many times, Audrey Sellers bio prefers living her life outside the spotlight. However, there are millions of people out there who are enthusiastic to know about her.

So, today, we are here to talk in detail about Audrey Sellers’ personal and professional life including Audrey Sellers net worth.

Who Is Audrey Sellers bio? Her Early Life

As referred before, Audrey Sellers bio is the ex-wife of Billy Dee Williams. Since she rose to fame following her wedding to the Star Wars actor, information about her age as well as early life hasn’t been divulged in the media. However, based on her appearance and her son’s age, we would like to presume that she must be in her 80s currently.

On the other hand, her well-known ex-spouse Billy was born to his parents Loretta Anne as well as Williams December Williams Sr. on April 6, of the year 1937, in New York City. As of the year 2023, he is around 86 years of age.

Now, discussing about Audrey Sellers bio’s ethnicity, she belongs to the African-American background as well as holds American nationality.

Career: Audrey Sellers bio Is A great Former Model

As for her career, Audrey Sellers has been a model for the American personal care product company, named Clairol.

Audrey Sellers was a hair model

Audrey Sellers with her son.
On May 11, of the year 2022, on the occasion of mothers Day, her son shared her image on his Instagram as well as talked about her profession in a caption that told, As well as my Mom Circa of the year 1965 …she was one of the first ethnic women to model for the great Clairol.

He added, Abundant love as well as an appreciation for all of the Mothers, Step Mothers, grandmothers, Aunts, and neighbors who acted as mothers, and women who made sacrifices, as well as gave us unconditional love and support when we required it! 💖
#mothersday #clairol #hairstyles #hairmodel #the60s

According to the caption, it’s precise that Sellers was the 60s model for the great Clairol. Further, she may also have done various other modeling projects back in her youthful days. But now, Sellers is in her old age so she should be living a good retirement life.

Audrey Sellers bio Is The Ex-Wife Of Billy De Williams

The Brain Song’s actor Billy De Williams tied the knot with Audrey in the year 1959. In the meantime, her then-husband has recently debuted as an actor on the big screen. Originally everything seemed perfect as the newlywed pair shared a great bond. A year after their wedding, the couple greeted their bundle of joy, their son.

Audrey Sellers ex-husband is a popular American actor

But, within some years, Sellers and Billy De Williams started having some issues in their nuptials, as well as as a result, they decided to separate. Around the year 1963, their divorce was done. Shortly after, her ex-hubby Billy suffered a depression which he later claimed as well as stated, there was a period when I was very despondent, broke, depressed, my first wedding was on the rocks.

To date, the explanation behind their divorce has never surfaced in the media. But, currently, both the ex-couple are happy in their own life.

Did She Remarry After Her Divorce From a Star Wars Actor named Billy?

Yes, Audrey Sellers got wedded again. After divorcing Billy, she tied the knot with her white husband whose name is yet to be disclosed in the media.


Audrey Sellers bio remarried after her divorce from Billy De Williams

On December 28, of the year 2015, her son shared her picture with her current husband as well as other family members as well as said,Audrey Sellers bio

..not a single gift was exchanged, just lots of laughs, as well as Mom’s delicious corn beef as well as cabbage! Good times with Linda, Mom, and Lola, my stepdad, as well as my big sister.

Like her, her ex-spouse Billy Dee Williams also wedded two times later. A couple of years after he separated from Audrey, he walked down the aisle with a model and actress named Marlene Clark. His wedding with Marlene lasted for around three years. And after that, he got hitched to Teruko Nakagami on December 27, of the year 1972, as well as till today, they are together.

Audrey Sellers Shares A Son With Her Ex-Spouse

As mentioned earlier, Audrey has a son named Corey Dee Williams together with her actor ex-husband. Corey was born on 14 August of the year 1960 in the place of New York City.

Audrey Sellers bio is a mother

Talking more about her son Corey, he is an actor just like his father as well as known for Secret Agent OO Soul, InHouse-CON, and In Search of Tomorrow. Furthermore, as per his Instagram intro, Junior Williams is also an author, producer, as well as fitness lifestyle coach.Audrey Sellers bio

Audrey’s Ex-Hubby, Billy De Williams Is A Father Of Three

Corey, Audrey’s ex-spouse named Billy has two more children. He has a stepdaughter Miyako Shorter, from his present wife Teruko’s previous marriage. Miyako’s biological father is the late American jazz saxophonist as well as composer Wayne Shorter.

Similarly, The Lego Batman star has another biological daughter, named Hanako Williams, from his wedding with Teruko Nakagami.

Is Audrey Sellers Bio on Social Media Handles? Where Is Audrey Sellers Bio Today?

Further, she is not on any social networking sites. But having said that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist on social media. Time and again, her beloved son Corey keeps sharing her image on his Instagram which has around 4803 followers in total.


As for her whereabouts, she is presently living with her second husband as well as family somewhere in the place of United States of America.Audrey Sellers bio

Audrey Sellers Net Worth

From her modeling career, Audrey Sellers net worth must have gained a decent amount of money. Meanwhile, her popular ex-husband Billy Dee Williams has a calculated fortune of around $9 million as of the year 2023.



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