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David Imperioli bio is the younger son of Michael Imperioli, an American actor who is popularly known for his character Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos (1999-2007). Also, a writer as well as musician, David’s father first rose to fame following his role as a Spider in the place of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas in the year 1990.

David Imperioli bio caught the media attention as the child of a great superstar actor. But, besides his identity as a star kid, he is on the path to building his own identity in the great music field. Like his dad, he also named himself a musician. Well, to which band is David Imperioli associated?

Today, we have some interesting facts about Michael Imperioli’s son and David Imperioli Early Life in the below-mentioned article.

How Old Is David Imperioli? David Imperioli Early Life

David Imperioli bio was born to his father Michael as well as his wife Victoria Chlebowski on August 28, of the year 2001, in New York, in the United States of America. On his 20th birthday, his popular father shared his childhood picture with a toy guitar as well as wrote,

Happy 20th birthday David! The future of rock remains in your own hands. Love you doc.

Well, the Sopranos actor’s little son put up with an aspiration to be a musician since he was a very young boy.

David Imperioli bio is currently around 22 years old

Similarly, coming from a well-to-do family, David had a luxurious lifestyle in his hometown alongside his older siblings.

Now, shifting on to his nationality, David is undoubtedly an American citizen. Further, he has a mixed ethnical background as his father is Italian as well as his mother has Ukrainian ancestry.

David Imperioli’s Paternal Grandparents Were Actors; Details On His Family Background

Dan Imperioli as well as Claire Imperioli, both did acting but never emerged in the mainstream buzz industry. In this regard of David Imperioli’s Paternal Grandparents, David’s father told

Mom was a secretary at a public school; Dad was a bus driver who dabbled in great community theater.

Besides, as per sources, David’s granddad as well as grandmom appeared in the year 1995 film, Sweet For Nothing.

On the other hand, his maternal grandparents are Raisa Chlebowski, a real estate agent, as well as Ryszard Chlebowski, a master artisan.

David Imperioli bio’s Parent Relationship And Marriage

His parents Michael and Victoria walked down the aisle on September 19, of the year 1996. Coming up to the year 2023, it’s been more than 25 years of their wedding and still, the couple is on great terms with each other.

David Imperioli bio’s parents have been wedded for over 25 years

The now-married duo had known each other since they were in college, nonetheless, their romance blossomed when they had their meeting at a bar around the year 1995/96.

Shortly after, the pair got wedded. During the time, David’s mom Victoria was already a mother of a daughter named Isabella as well and after they tied the knot, Isabella was officially adopted by Great Michael.

David Imperioli’s Brother Is Also A Great Actor

From his parents together, David Imperioli’s brother Vadim Imperioli, was born on December 6, of the year 1997. David Imperioli’s brother is also an actor like his dad and to date, he has a few acting credits comprising the year 2007 movie, named For One More Day, the year 2010 drama series Detroit 1-8-7, and the year 2013 thriller drama series Joy de V. He is also a great stand-up comedian.

Apart from being an entertainer, David Imperioli’s brother once made headlines after he got arrested by police for painting a swastika on the dorm of a great college. He faced charges of criminal mischief in the great fourth degree.

Again getting back to his siblings, David has one more sister named Isabella Imperioli from his mother’s earlier relationship. She was born in the year 1990 as well as is currently 34 years old.

David Imperioli bio Is A Musician

As for his career, David is a musician. As per his Instagram intro, he is a Los Angeles-based musician, clearly, a CA Guitar player for the band High Flight as well as Collier Doak.David Imperioli bio

David Imperioli bio is a guitarist

On December 18, of the year 2022, the star kid posted an image with a guitar on his Instagram as well as captioned it.

Been a while, grateful for so much as well as so many. Giving it my all for @highflightmusic + @madeyemooody

As a member of the band High Flight, he performed in various stage programs. Once his dad Michael also shared a video of him playing guitar on stage as well as wrote,

@davidimperioli killing it on VOODOO CHILE

In the year 2023, his band released a single named Train Station. which is available on Spotify.

Does David Imperioli bio Have A Wife? Is He Even Married?

Not. David is yet to get wedded as well as have a wife. At first, his age is still not suitable for a nuptial and on the other, at the time, the star kid is occupied by his musical career. In that situation, then, is there any chance David is in a relationship at present?

Since, younger Imperioli hasn’t officialized his connection with anyone yet, so, nothing can be said for sure about his love life. Nonetheless, it can be assumed that he may be dating a girlfriend at present, particularly after looking at his Instagram profile image where he is standing behind an unknown lady.David Imperioli bio


Where Is David Imperioli Bio Now?

Imperioli is presently pursuing a music career. As previously stated, he is associated with the LA band so, he resides in the place of Santa Barbara, which is in California.


David Imperioli bio Is In Social Media

The celebrity child is on Instagram with 2418 followers. Though he uses Instagram, he rarely posts his life updates on his great IG account. To date, he has explained just two posts, one of his father’s picture as well as another of his own.

David Imperioli bio

Further, David Imperioli bi also has a Facebook account with around 144 friends. Same as on Instagram, he has shared just two images on his Facebook.

David Imperioli Bio’s Net Worth

As a musician, David Imperioli bio must have gained some amount of money. However, going through some online portals, it seems like his net worth is yet to be calculated. Meanwhile, his famous father Michael Imperioli has a total net worth of around $20 million.


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