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Betty Seinfeld bio is recognized as the late mother of Jerry Seinfeld, an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, as well as producer. Her son is popularly known for playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the NBC’s show Seinfeld which was aired from the year 1989 to the year 1998. Furthermore, Jerry was a co-writer as well as co-creator of his famous show Seinfeld along with the comedian named Larry David.

Betty Seinfeld bio’s son named Jerry has received huge fondness from a wide range of audiences throughout the world for his laughable comedy show as well as his character. So, it is obvious that people who applauded her son’s work do want to know about the lady who gave birth to him. So, prioritizing the interest of the audience, today, we have come up with some interesting details on Jerry Seinfeld’s late great-mother.

Here, in the below piece of article, you got to know Betty Seinfeld bio’s life, comprising detail on her late husband, when as well as how she died, and her child apart from good Jerry.

Betty Seinfeld bio was born Betty Hosni to her parents on December 12, of the year 1917. Her father Selim Hosni was a joiner as well as he mother named Salha Hosni was a homemaker.

Before her birth, Betty Seinfeld bio’s parents already had relocated to the United States. Around 1909/10, both her mom as well as dad passed through Ellis Island on board the S.S. Florida as well as S.S. Hudson respectively. So, counting on this, Betty was born in the United States nonetheless, several online portals contended that her birthplace was Aleppo, Mount Simeon County, Aleppo Governorate, which is in Syria.

Betty Seinfeld bio Grew Up In An Orphanage; Her Siblings

Though she had parents, Betty Seinfeld bio had her upbringing in an orphanage as well as foster care. In what conditions she became a foster child is not known but her well-known son Jerry in an interview told her that his parents are orphans. Furthermore, in one interview, he noted that his parents were loners.

Growing up as an orphan means Betty Seinfeld bio grew up without her parents. Nonetheless, she did have her sibling alongside her. Betty Seinfeld bio had an older sister named Orizia with whom she thrived together. Further, she reportedly had another sister named Nasar “Jimmy” Hosni as well as half-sisters Grace Hosni and Sarah Anastasio.

Betty Seinfeld bio’s Ancestry; What Was Her Ethnicity?

Her father Selmin Hosni was the son of Ezra Husney as well as Esther Sartell. He was an immigrant from Aleppo, Syria. Similarly, Betty Seinfeld bio’s mother named Salha was a daughter of Sma Kassin and Garez Dayan. Betty Seinfeld bio was also originally from Syria as well as migrated to the United States along with her husband named Selmin.

Since both her parents were Syrian as well as Jewish, so, it’s apparent that Betty Seinfeld was of Syrian Jewish descent.

Was Jerry Seinfeld’s Mom, Betty Seinfeld bio An Actress? Did She Appear In Seinfeld?

In case, if you are believing that Betty Seinfeld bio was an actress, let us tell you that, Betty Seinfeld bio was not a good actress. Her character in her son’s show Betty Seinfeld bio was played by the actress named Liz Sheridan who newly died at the age of 93.

Betty Seinfeld bio in her old age

Directly, talking about Betty Seinfeld bio’s profession, it looks like she assisted her husband in his profession of good sign-making. The hubby-wife used to operate their sign-making shop Signfeld Sign in New York. More than this, nothing about her skilled life is known in the media.

Betty Seinfeld bio Was Wife To Her Husband Kalman Seinfeld

Betty Seinfeld bio was marital to the New York native Kalman Seinfeld. The pair tied the knot in the year 1950 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. Her husband was a sign maker by profession as well as he also served in World War II.

Betty Seinfeld was wedded to Kalman Seinfeld

Betty Seinfeld probably with her late hubby’s image.
Since both Betty Seinfeld bio as well as her husband named Kalman grew up as orphans when they met, they began a beautiful family. The couple had wonderful admiration for one another. Betty together with her husband shared a marital life for almost thirty-five years. The two separated following the death of her spouse named Kalman in the year 1985.Betty Seinfeld bio

Her Husband Was A Funny Man

Years after her husband’s death, Betty Seinfeld bio once declared that her husband Kalman was humorous. While giving an interview with The Palm Beach Post, she advised,

Jerry got his humor from his dad. “My husband was the funny one.”

Not only her spouse was amusing but also he had a huge file of jokes that he compiled while serving in World War II.

Betty Seinfeld bio Was A Mother Of Two

From her wedding with her beloved husband, she gave birth to two kids, a daughter named Carolyn Liebling as well as a son Jerry Seinfield.


Betty Seinfeld bio was a mother of two children
Betty Seinfeld bio with her son named Jerry Seinfeld.
Her first child Carolyn was born on October 12, of the year 1952, in Brooklyn, which is in Kings County, New York. Nowadays, she is 70 years old. She is the wife of her husband Lawrence Timothy Liebling as well as the mother of great Joshua Keith Liebling.Betty Seinfeld bio

Likewise, Betty Seinfeld bio’s son Jerry was born on April 29, of the year 1954, which makes him 68 years of age as of the year 2023. Jerry married his wife named Jessica Sklar Seinfeld in the year 1999 and became a father of three children. At present, Jerry is one of the established stand-up comedians, actors, as well as producers in the American Entertainment Industry.

Betty Seinfeld bio Died Becoming A Grandmother; Details On Her Grandchildren

Overall, she was the grandmother of her four grandchildren, called Joshua Keith Liebling, Sascha Seinfeld, Julian Kal Seinfeld, as well as Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld.She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Joshua is her daughter’s son born on June 1, of the year 1984. He is presently 38 years old and has starred in Then She Found Me (of the year 2007) as well as Seinfeld (of the year 1989).

Similarly, Sascha, Julian, as well as Shepherd are her son’s children. Sascha is her granddaughter born on November 7, of the year 2000, and as of now, she is 22 years of age. Similarly, her grandsons Julian, as well as Shepherd are 17 and 19 respectively.Betty Seinfeld bio

Betty Seinfeld bio Died At The Age Of 98; What Was The Cause Of Her Death?

On April 18, of the year 2014, Betty seized her last breath. There was no distinct reason behind her death instead she died peacefully as well as naturally at the age of 98 in Palm Beach County, Florida, which is in the United States. After her demise, her body was kindled.


On the other hand, her spouse died on January 31, of the year 1985, in the place of Palm Beach.

Betty Seinfeld bio’s Son Jerry Is A Multimillionaire

As of the year 2023, her son named Jerry Seinfeld has a calculated net worth of around $950 million. No doubt that he accumulated such a huge amount from his career as an entertainer in the great American Entertainment Industry.


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