Susan Callahan-Howe

Susan Callahan-Howe is realized as the former girlfriend of Desi Arnaz Jr., an American actor, as well as musician. Her ex-boyfriend is the son of famous American actors named Desi Arnaz as well as Lucille Ball.

At the very young age of 15, Susan was in a connection with Desi which didn’t previous long. But, in her short love affair with Desi, she got pregnant with her daughter named Julia Arnaz who later demonstrated her connection with her father through a paternity test in the year 1991. Despite being associated with a celebrity family, all her life, Howe, conserved privacy as well as lived a low-key life.

Though Susan Callahan-Howe was a personal person, today we have tried our best to explore the personal as well as professional life of Susan Callahan-Howe. We will examine her wiki, cause of casualty, work as a model, as well as more!

Susan Callahan-Howe Was Born In the year 1953; Her Early Life

Desi Arnaz Jr.’s teenage partner named Susan Callahan-Howe was born in the year 1953 in the United States of America. Callahan is in the spotlight just as the mother of Desi’s biological daughter, Julia. This is why not so much detail regarding her early life is well known in the media besides the fact that she was a good teenage mother.

Just during the age of 15, Susan Callahan-Howe gave birth to her kid, probably after she passed High school. Following the birth, the high school graduate mother spent most of her life raising her kid in Stamford, which is in Connecticut. As of the year 2023, she is no longer alive in the world.

Besides, Howe was owned by the Caucasian ethnicity as well as was American by nationality.

Talking about her profession, as spoken of, Susan Callahan-Howe was a model. In the year 1960s, Susan Callahan-Howe was the model for Paramount, an American film as well as television production as well as a distribution company in Los Angeles. During the time, Susan Callahan-Howe was also toiling as an actress for Paramount. Apart from her work with Paramount as an agent, no other information about her professional life is disclosed in the media world.

On the other hand, her former boyfriend, named Desi Arnaz Jr. is a celebrity. At the age of 4, Susan Callahan-Howe strode into the glam world as a celebrity kid. Since then, Susan Callahan-Howe is always working as an actor and musician in Hollywood. Arnaz Jr. began his career as a drummer in the band, Dino, Desi, as well as az Billy. The others member of the group were Dean Paul Martin as well as Billy Hinsche. Further, as an actor, Susan’s ex-boyfriend worked in movies such as Billy Two Hats, The Mambo Kings, and I Love Lucy as well as many others.

Susan Callahan-Howe Was Desi Arnaz Jr.’S Former Girlfriend

As aforementioned, Susan Callahan-Howe was the former partner of Desi Arnaz Jr. The paramount model dated a great celebrity son while she was a teenager. Both Howe as well as Arnaz were around 14/15 years when the two were in a connection with each other. According to Susan Callahan-Howe, she first met her well-known former boyfriend when she was waiting in the place of Los Angeles for her modeling contract with Paramount.

Susan Callahan-Howe was in a connection with Desi Arnaz Jr.

Susan Callahan-Howe’s former boyfriend is named Desi.

The teenagers met in the glam world. It was fondness at first view for the duo. Probably, for almost a year, the pair dated each other, as well as during that time, Susan got pregnant with Desi’s child. Nonetheless, the former pair ended their connection, as well as the model left Los Angeles to begin again her life with her baby who was yet to come into the world.Susan Callahan-Howe

Was Susan Callahan-Howe Married? Her Relationship Status After She Isolated From Desi

After Susan Callahan-Howe was singled out by a musician Desi, she lived her life behind the curtain. So, there is no information about her wedding and her other romantic connection. Her only love connection that was exposed in the media was with the son of Lucille Ball as well as Desi Arnaz. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Even after thorough investigation, it reflects like all her life she concentrated additional on her kid rather than getting wedded. But her former mate Desi got wedded two times, first to the actress Linda Purl as well as the second time to Amy Arnaz. Again, he also had a romantic affair with Patty Duke, an actress, as well as Liza Minnelli.

From her connection with Desi Arnaz Jr., Susan became the mother to her daughter named Julia Arnaz in July of the year 1968. In the meantime, she was just 15 years old as well as was already separated from her partner which we spoke of before. So, Howe put forward her child single-handedly.Susan Callahan-Howe

Susan Callahan-Howe was a teenage mom
Susan Callahan-Howe with her daughter as well as a granddaughter.
Regarding raising her daughter as a single mother, Susan once said in an interview that she is proud to be a single mother. As of the year 2023, Julia is already 54 years of age and is married to her husband named Albert Massey.

Susan Callahan-Howe’s Daughter Didn’t Know Her Father Until She Was 20

Until the age of 20, her daughter didn’t know who her biological father was as Susan never disclosed to her the exact individuality of her dad. But she told her only kid that her great-father was a son of Hollywood royalty.


Susan Callahan-Howe Was A Grandmother; Her Granddaughter Died Of Breast Cancer

She had a granddaughter named Desiree S. Anzalone from her daughter’s connection with her former boyfriend named Mario Anzalone. Susan’s only grandchild was born on September 15 of the year 1989.

Susan Callahan-Howe Granddaughter died of Breast cancer

Susan Callahan-Howe Granddaughter, Desiree.
But sadly, her granddaughter, named Desiree died of breast cancer at the age of 31 in September of the year 2020. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25 as well as lost her life to cancer after 6 years. The grandmom as well as the grandchild died with a gap of one year.

Susan Callahan-Howe Died Durung Corona Virus; What Was Her Age?

As told earlier, Susan Callahan-Howe is no longer alive. She died at the age of 68 in January of the year 2021 amidst COVID. After her casualty, her beloved daughter shared the sad announcement on her Facebook on January 7, of the year 2021.

Susan Callahan-Howe died of COVID
Susan Callahan-Howe in the frame with her daughter

With her mom’s image together with her, she jotted down,


Seeing this, it can be said that Susan Callahan-Howe perished from COVID-19. So, it’s obvious that Susan’s body was buried but her burial locale is not known.Susan Callahan-Howe

Susan Callahan-Howe’s Former Boyfriend, named Desi Is A Millionaire

Her ex-boyfriend named Desi Arnaz Jr. has a calculated net worth of around $40 million. Most of his wealth is from his acting as well as music career while some he inherited from his father named Desi Arnaz and mother Lucille Ball’s estate following their casualty in the year 1986 as well as the year 1989 simultaneously.


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