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Blake Bortles bio is a retired NFL player who was the quarterback of teams such as Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints as well as the great Denver Broncos from the year 2014 to the year 2022. Bortles is a well recognizable name in the NFL world. Blake Bortles bio had had great excellent seasons as quarterback comprising the time when he played for the underrated UCF Knights. To put in recent terms, he was the year 2014 Trevor Lawrence of great Jacksonville Jaguars.

The article down below will moreover focus more on his personal life comprising his girlfriends as well as marital status; whether Blake Bortles bio has a wife or not. The major concern has been a pressing matter of contention since his low key retirement from the great NFL in the summer of the year 2022.

Unlike other celebrity athletes, Blake Bortles bio hasn’t had numerous partners or girlfriends. For years, Blake Bortles bio was seemingly in quite a serious connection with one girl. That unfortunately moreover couldn’t achieve the chapter happily ever after. Since then the latest on his dating life has been a great hot buzz. The answers yet again are insufficient or of a best premium thing. Decode that nonetheless in the great ensuing headers.

Who Is Blake Bortles bio Dating presently Or Does He Already Have A cool Wife?

Surprisingly nothing new has been expanded to Bortles love life since his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, named Lindsey Duke. The presently 30 years old has been extremely clandestine in this particular regard of his life. It’s honestly a shocker to know that Bortles hasn’t allowed the press to get the wind of his dating facts for more than around eight years.

The year 1992 born ex Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles bio
Blake Bortles bio, an ex NFL player as well as Lindsey Duke’s ex boyfriend. AP
That said, it is also a big mystery whether he is wedded or not. While the NFL players of his age take no moment to bag a wife or kids, Bortles seem to be a bit ahead of the cool curve on that one. It accordingly might be a while before Bortles reveals who truly is his significant other or who she is going to be.

For all that one could say is he must have mainly focused his mindset on his great NFL career. Besides he did achieve minor success with the team which drafted him before letting him wander around the different leagues.

Blake Bortles bio Have Two cute Kids; Who Is Their Mother?

While Bortles is preferring to keep quiet on his love relationship, during the meantime he has no problem in sharing the fact that he is now a full time father to his two children. It moreover is mystery as to who the kids’ biological mother is; whether she is Blake’s wife or just girlfriend. Or that Blake just adopted the kids.

Bortles with some random woman as well as two kids
Blake Bortles bio with his supposed partner as well as their two kids
Moreover, a while ago on Facebook, there emerged a images of Blake Bortles bio with a blonde woman as well as two kids, a boy and a girl. Since then many have presumption that the three people might be the family of Bortles. Yet again it is ambiguous whether they are his wife as well as children or just some random family members.

During the meantime, other than his children, Blake also involves himself in golf as well as additionally has a LinkedIn account which the year 2014 NFL draftee allegedly launch to make him job fit.

Blake Bortles bio Had A Publicized connection With His Ex-Girlfriend named Lindsey Duke

Lindsey is one of the few or better yet the only well known partner of great Blake Bortles although presently no longer together.

Bortles as well as Duke were together from their high school days to the year 2014, according to Daily Mail. The former pair met when they were both studying at Oviedo High School in the place of Oviedo Florida.

The year 2014 NFL Draft for Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles with his former girlfriend named Lindsey

Blake with his past girlfriend named Lindsey. Instagram
They were also dating in their college days when they both attended the great University of Central Florida.

Ever since her introduction as Bortles girlfriend, named Lindsey Duke had been seeing a constant rise in her Twitter/Instagram followings. To an extent, at one point she was also one of the great higher profiles athletes girlfriends.

In fact, according reporter named Gene Wojciechowski the google search of Lindsey Duke once resulted in around 224,000 hits. What’s more when Jacksonville Jaguars drafted her great former boyfriend, she had about six million Google searches.

Blake Bortles bio

Duke was a wide supporter of her NFL ex-boyfriend. Despite the fact that they broke up, a while ago, many sources claimed that the former pair had patched things up secretly as well as that they had already wedded. Moreover a credible headline is still pending on that one.


Blake Bortles bio Former Girlfriend named Lindsey Duke Was Quite Famous

When Lindsey was Bortles partner, she had many social media appeal than her boyfriend Bortles. Duke routinely used to share images of herself in cool bikinis on her now defunct Instagram as well as Twitter handles.

Even Bortles claimed to Duke being more of a household name than he was, particularly on the aforesaid forums.

She’s more famous than me as well as there’s nothing I can do about that.

Told the ex Jaguars no 5 to ESPN in Feb of the year 2014.

Oviedo native Lindsey Duke with her former boyfriend named Blake Bortles
Blake Bortles with his former partner as well as model named Lindsey Duke
Duke also often stated her athlete boyfriend as well as used to throw wishful messages for his games..Blake Bortles bio

While it is believed Lindsey deleted her Instagram as well qs Twitter after her separation from Bortles, the Daily Mail in Nov of the year 2014 said she rather turned her profiles to personal mode. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Duke was born on Nov 13, of the year 1991 in Maitland, which is in Florida. She grew up near Oviedo, Florida.

The main Reason Behind Blake Bortles And Girlfriend Lindsey Duke Break Up

As said, Duke and Bortles broke off their relationship sometime in mid to late of the year 2014. The UCF alum, named Steve Sardone was one of the first people to declare the news to the public. On Nov 18, of the year 2014, Sardone via his Twitter told that Bortles had dumped the Floridan model, Duke a many months ago.

Ex Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles with his ex-girlfriend named Lindsey Duke

Lindsey Duke with her former boyfriend as well as currenttly retired NFL player Lindsey Duke. Instagram
Although it is still unclear why Duke as well as Bortles ended their togetherness, some insiders, amidst the breakup news, told that it had something to do with Lindsey’s difficult partying something that didn’t sit well with Bortles.


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