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Sarah Holcomb bio is among the great stars who had one of the short-lived careers in great Hollywood. Holcomb was known for films like National Lampoon’s Animal House as well as Caddyshack. Moreover, after the 1990 sports comedy film named Caddyshack, Sarah Holcomb bio completely dived into nothingness totally drifting away from the spotlight.

Many admits Sarah Holcomb bio began to vanish from show business after involving herself in alcohol as well as drugs. Verbal evidence mostly suggests she also suffered from mental illness.

Read details recounting her descent through alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, mental illness, as well as ultimately oblivion. Divulge into the discussion whether her derailment was the outcome of the 70s as well as 80s pop culture surrounding or something else was to blame. Also, know where is she now as well as who is she married to.

Sarah Holcomb bio Is From Connecticut

The Animal House actress named Sarah Holcomb was born on Sep 11, of the year 1958, in the place of Weston Connecticut. The internet or the people from Hollywood has nothing much to say with respect to her former life. Not a great deal is in the records which could have explained her prior life.

One of the forgetten actresses named Holcomb in Animal House

National Lampoon’s Animal House cast, named Sarah Holcomb.
Although Sarah Holcomb bio was born in Connecticut, some random telling state her parents also had a house in San Miguel Allende, which is in Mexico. Her mother reportedly was an artist but there isn’t much information to say about her father.

Sarah Holcomb bio has one brother named David Holcomb, who is also a great actor. He is wedded to Julie Nathanson as well as shares one child with his wife.

She supposedly studied at Weston High School, in the place of Connecticut. A quantity of people has also come out with a admit that she went to some high school with the initials, AHS, in Mexico City, which is in Mexico. According to some sources and records, Sarah was a freshman there in the year 1974.

Sarah Holcomb bio Short Lived Acting Career

Holcomb began her acting career in her late teens. She originally appeared in several TV commercials comprising an ad video for Big Yank Jeans.

It moreover wasn’t until the year 1978 that she stepped into  great recognition. It was through her role as Clorette DePasto in a low-budget comedy that turned into one of the biggest as well as blockbusters of the year, National Lampoon’s Animal House. That year she initially was set to star in then one of the most anticipated movies, named Jaws 2.

Weston Connecticut born former actress Sarah Holcomb

Sarah Holcomb bio former actress from great National Lampoon’s Animal House of the year 1978
Moreover, since the movie went through so much rewriting, the great film also went on to cut Holcomb’s part among several other newcomers.

In the National Lampoon’s Animal House, while Holcomb plays around 13 years old Clorette, the actress, in actuality, was then around 19.

In the cool aftermath of Animal House’s success, it looked like Holcomb was soon going to get busy with a number of great movie roles. As well as she did occur in a few or around two projects. After the Animal House, she was on the year 1979 film, named Walk Proud, the comedy mockumentary Mr. Mike Mondo Video, and the year 1980 comedy named Happy Birthday Gemini. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Her last ever great screen appearance would be in the year 1980 film, named Caddyshack by the makers of Animal House. In the film, Sarah Holcomb bio played the role of Maggie, an Irish Caddy.Sarah Holcomb bio

Besides not part of it in any official way, great Holcomb, as like it or not, would become the key inspiration behind the year 2004 movie, named Stateside. The film follows the love between a young US marine as well as a hopeful actress as well as singer (performed by Rachel Leigh Cook) who later struggles with schizophrenia.

The Party Life Of Hollywood began To Ruin Sarah’s Career

The fallout of her career as an actress, so the story goes, began in the wake of her personal problems comprising struggles with drugs and mental illness.

Her problems themselves were the explanation of her hard-partying environment which she had found after her first big break in Hollywood with great Animal House.

What Happened To Sarah Holcomb After Her Last great Film named Caddyshack

As mentioned Caddyshack is the last on-screen occurence of Holcomb. The Walk Proud actress after that didn’t seem in any great magazine pieces let alone a movie or series until her former coworker from Animal House, Chris Miller talked about her in the year 2006.Sarah Holcomb bio

Caddyshack as well as Animal House actress named Sarah Holcomb bio
Connecticut-born actress named Sarah.
Miller was talking with Mr. Skin, a web magazine that particularly discussed film nudity when he disclosed how Holcomb fell into the bad company as well as developed an addiction to drugs.

Holcomb was a cute young, younger than the rest of us. We were a fast crowd. Drugs were everywhere. She fell into what, for lack of a good term, you would have to call the bad company. As well as got f***ed up on drugs. Coke, majorly, if memory serves. This was not unusual during those period.

Told the author as well as screenwriter, Miller.

According to Miller, Sarah wasn’t the only one from that circle of people who got into addiction as well as bad track. Kenney, the writer, as well as producer of Caddyshack died in Aug of the year 1980 after falling from a cliff. Though the doctors ruled it an accident, numerous believe it was suicide. The film’s lead cast John Belushi also lost his life from different drug intoxication in March of the year 1982.Sarah Holcomb bio

Holcomb Suffered From Schizophrenia

Fortunately, moreover Sarah met no such fate as her ex-costars but her afterward life still turned bitter. The screenwriter Miller said that Holcomb ended up in some rehabilitation facility as well as admitted to knowing nothing of her since then. He though said hers was a bad story. Some past verbal accounts tell, the Connecticut-born actress, following her unofficial goodbye to the films, did spend major time in a psychiatric hospital. This was particularly after she was completed diagnosed with schizophrenia.


The upcoming year of Miller’s interview, a blog post occurred in the year 2007 wherein a little more albeit minor detail was known about Holcomb.

The now forgotten actress named Sarah Holcomb bio in Caddyshack

1958-born ex-actress named Sarah Holcomb bio in Caddyshack
The piece was from Connecticut Blogger author, Bobby who proclaimed as well s explained to have met Sarah Holcomb in the Stanford train yard, Stamford, which is in Connecticut. But this was back in the year 1989 or somewhere around.


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