Bryce Maximus James

Bryce Maximus James shot to fame as the son of the celebrated NBA player LeBron James and his girlfriend turned wife Savannah. His dad, who is also outstanding as “King James” is named as NBA’s most important player as well as has won two Olympic gold medals along with many other titles.

The celebrity child is the next kid in the family who was born before the nuptials of their parents. Growing up, Bryce Maximus James’s interest in basketball also thrived with his age and now he is making his way into the sports world attending in his father’s footsteps. Stepping up towards his dream, he earned the first division scholarship offer at Duquesne University to play basketball as well.

Bryce Maximus James is incredible to the world with his basketball moves which most possibly have come from his dad. His windmill dunk move even got viral in the media in July of the year 2022. LeBron likewise is fully funding him and protects posting his videos as well as updates as a proud father.

So, what’s more regarding his life? Is he dating a girlfriend? Stick with us till the end to find out the details regarding LeBron James’ son, named Bryce Maximus James’ height, school, siblings, basketball career, as well as more.

How Old Is LeBron James’ Son, named Bryce Maximus James?

He was born Bryce Maximus James in the year 2007 which gives rise to him being 15 years old as of the year 2022. The star kid emptied his eyes in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, on June 14, to his dad NBA star LeBron James as well as his wife named Savannah.

LeBron James’ son Bryce Maximus James
The NBA player LeBron James’ son named Bryce James;
Born to his multiracial parents, Bryce belongs to a mixed ethnic background as well as holds American nationality. He is the second child of his parents as well as spent his childhood along with his siblings.

His Height

Born to athlete parents, Bryce has not only adapted the sports details from the family but also the physiques. The growing kid already stands at the height of 6 feet as well as 4 inches height in the year 2022.

Bryce Maximus James Completed His Mid School

The 15-years-old previously went to Old Trial School in Bath Township, Summit County, Ohio while occupancy in Akron. But later when he moved to his new house in the place of Los Angeles along with his family, he had to change his school as well.

As a result, he was substituted at Sierra Canyon School with his elder brother named Bronny. According to sources and reports, he also enrolled at Crossroads school in Los Angeles once. Though it is not substantiated if he studied there, he was on the basketball team of that personal school.

Bryce Maximus James Has a Brother And a Sister

As stated earlier, the celebrity kid is the second child of his parents. That being said, he has an elder brother as well as a younger sister. He along with his brother was born before his mom as well as dad tied knots whereas the sister was born afterward.

Bryce Maximus James with his brother as well as sister

Bryce Maximus James with his elder brother named Bronny James and youngest sister named Zhuri James
Source: Instagram
The eldest one in James’ family was born on October 6, of the year 2004, as well as named Bronny James. He is at the end of high school and attended prom newly. Like their father, both sons are enthusiastic about basketball and are aspiring players.

Furthermore, the youngest in the family,  Zhuri Nova Zames was greeted on 22 October of the year 2014. She is 8 years old and attends Sierra Canyon School where their brothers recently enrolled. However, unlike her siblings, she is into modeling as well as related stuff.

Bryce Maximus James’ Parents Are Very Successfully 

Many people are common with the name of the legendary NBA player LeBron James who is also called “King James.” Well, Bryce is the younger son of the basketball player as well as his longtime wife named Savannah James.

Bryce Maximus James

His father is one of the best and greatest players in the NBA. LeBron has won four NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, four NBA Finals MVP awards, three All-Star MVP awards, as well as two Olympic gold medals. Furthermore, he is the youngest in NBA history to attain 30,000 career points as well was also quoted NBA’s most valuable player four times.

Similarly, Savannah is the leader of the James house making decisions, supporting her husband, as well as looking after their children. On the other hand, she is a businesswoman as well as a philanthropist by profession.

Bryce Maximus James’s Parents Are Together Since Highschool

LeBron, as well as Savannah, know each other since they were teenagers. While most individuals get together after getting fame, Bryce’s mom as well as a dad have stood with one another from the inception, through all the thick and thins.

Bryce Maximus James

Bryce Maximus James’ Parents LeBron James and his wife named Savannah
Bryce Maximus James’ dad, NBA player LeBron James as well as his wife named Savannah
Source: Instagram
The couple was in high school when they came across for the first time in the year 2002. The husband was in the rival school as well as a year senior to his wife. James then begged for Savannah’s phone number with one of her friends but she didn’t give him her number. Rather, she took his number and called him later one day when she was feeling bored as well as had nothing to do.


Finally, the then girlfriend and boyfriend began dating after some weeks of friendship. The NBA player later formulated to her after several years on January 1, of the year 2012, in Miami Beach. Savannah told “Yes” and the duo walked down the aisle, the following year on September 14, of the year 2013.

What Is The Net Worth Of Bryne Maximus James?

The aspiring basketball player is already making his word in the basketball world. Also, he has begun getting offers from various clubs as well as making money out of it. As of the year 2022, Bryne James has a net worth between around $1 million to around $2 million.

Bryce Maximus James

Meanwhile, his father is an owner of billions of money with total assets of around $1.2 billion. LeBron James has given half of his life to NBA as well as has made his worth out of it. Similarly, he also makes money through brand endorsements, business investments, as well as his own production company.

Also, he ratified a new two-year contract with the LA Lakers on August 18, the year 2022. The amount of around $97.1 million for the contract made him the highest-paid NBA player in NBA history.


Is Bryce Maximus James In a Relationship?

Well, the ninth-grade teenager is still in school, focusing on his studies as well as his career. Besides, neither Bryce nor anybody in his family has talked about him having a girlfriend. Therefore, as of now, he is single as well as is not dating anyone.

Bryce Maximus James

That said, we would like to see him with an excellent partner.

Bryce Maximus James’s Social Media Handles

All the kids of the legendary NBA player LeBron James have successfully attracted the scrutiny of the public. Having told that, Bryce is not an exception.

He has around 1 million followers on his Instagram which is by the name _justbryce. Though he also has an account on Facebook & Twitter he is not available on those platforms.


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