Lisa Linde bio

Lisa Linde bio is a renowned American actress who is known for her roles in the movies such as Pacific Blue, Days of Our Lives, The Darling, and many more. Moreover, the actress is also comprehended in the media as the ex-wife of an American actor, as well as singer James Marsden as well as the daughter of the country music writer named Dennis Linde.

Having had a matrimonial relationship with one of the most iconic film stars, Lisa Linde bio too had a decent start in her career as an actress. Nonetheless, following her marital bond with her celebrity spouse James, she quit her career in the movies. Unfortunately, her wedding with Marsden too was short-lived. So, what was the reason for her separation? Did she have any kids? How has her existence been post-divorce?

Well, in this article, you will find all the answers to your queries regarding Lisa Linde bio encompassing her marriage, divorce, boyfriend, and several more. Enroll below to find other fascinating facts regarding her.

Lisa Linde bio Is The Daughter of Dennis Linde

Born on May 10, 1972, the popular actress and celebrity spouse, Lisa Linde is currently 50 years old. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as clasps American citizenship. Her actual birth name is Mary Elizabeth Linde and her zodiac sign is Taurus as well as attends Christianity.

Lisa Linde bio

Lisa Linde bio’s father expired away at 63

Talking about her parents, she was born to her father Dennis Linde, and her mother named Pam Backham. Her parents met for the first time when her father named Dennis visited Beckham’s house. Her mother Pam was home from her college and her father immediately blossomed some impressions after seeing her for the first time. Later, the pair tied the knot in 1970. The duo gave birth to three very beautiful kids together.

Lisa Linde bio was put forward by her parents with her two other siblings. Her siblings’ names are Will Linde as well as Katie Linde. Lisa has not revealed any other details regarding her siblings.

Linde’s Father Dennis Passed Away at The Age of 63 years old

As we said, Lisa Linde bio’s dad named Dennis is no more in this world. He, unfortunately, left this world at the age of 63 years old. As per the reports and sources, he was suffering from idiopathic fibrosis as well as took his last breath at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2006.

Talking regarding him, Dennis Linde was a well-known country music artist. He was born on March 18, of the year 1943, in Abilene, which is in Texas. Over the years, he gave some profitable works encompassing as a writer for albums like Linde Manor, Trapped in The Suburbs, Under The Eye, and several more.

For his commitment, he also won several musical awards including the ownership of the “Top Writer Award” and also earned four other awards as BMI’s most-performed.

Lisa Linde bio Had a Decent Acting Career

Just like her husband named James Marsden, Lisa is also a popularly known actress. She has given incredible movies to the Hollywood industry. As an actress, she made her debut with the year 1997 TV series Pacific Blue, where she acted as a character named Diane Whitaker.

Soon after her debut, she became part of one of her great longest-running TV series Days of Our Lives, where she played Ali McIntyre from the year 1998 to the year 1999. Later in the year 2000, she became part of the TV movie The Darkling, where she played the role of great Charlotte Avenel.

Lisa Linde bio

However, since her last appearance in the year 2000, Lisa has been completely away from the famous film industry. She has since not been a part of any movies or TV series.


Lisa Linde bio Married To Her Hubby James Marsden in their Twenties

The beautiful Lisa as well as her former partner named James tied the knot on July 22, of the year 2000. Their wedding was a pretty lavish affair with all their close friends as well as a family attending the ceremony.

At the time of their marriage, both the couple were in their late twenties. Despite being so young, the pair took on the judgment to walk down the aisle, shortly after they joined.

Lisa Linde bio and her Ex-husband named James Marsden

Lisa Linde bio tied the knot with James in her late twenties
Talking about dating, James said he was scared of LA girls but he challenged himself and began dating girls. It was reportedly after proposing to a few girls, he met Lisa. He told,

Lisa Linde bio

But I was also like, Bring it on. I dated for a bit, but then immediately after I turned 20 I met a woman and got wedded.

Lisa Linde bio And Her Ex-Spouse named James Have Two Kids Together

During their relationship, Lisa gave birth to two beautiful kids named Jack Marsden as well as Mary James Marsden. The former couple greeted their first child after one year of their togetherness on February 1, of the year 2001. Later, they gave birth to their second baby on August 10, of the year 2005.

Lisa Linde bio children: She has kids with her spouse

Lisa Linde bio and James have two children together
Although the pair have segregated their paths, they are still taking care of their children together. Talking regarding fatherhood, Lisa Linde bio’s ex-partner said,

Of all my attainments in life, being a father is the one thing I’m most proud of. It is the most fulfilling. I’m always self-deprecating, but I don’t have a problem announcing that I am a great dad,

Lisa Linde bio

After his divorce from his former wife named Lisa Linde bio, he cheered another baby with his girlfriend Rose Costa. He and his girlfriend gave birth to William Luca-Costa Marsden in the year 2012.


Why Did Lisa Linde bio as well as James Divorce?

Lisa Linde filed for divorce from her husband even after a decade of their marriage. They parted ways on 23 September of the year 2011. However, they have not given any specific justification for their divorce. James revealed in an interview that both of them were very young when they agreed to tie the knot. The couple realized after a long time that they were not similar to each other so they mutually agreed to part paths.

Nevertheless, James also said that it was one of the hardest decisions he ever took. He had never gone through any kind of sufferings throughout his life. To this he said,

Is Lisa Linde bio Dating Someone in the year 2022?

As of the year 2022, Lisa has not revealed about dating anyone after her divorce from her former husband named James. Over the years, she has been a hermit and has barely made any public appearances. Thus it is hard to pinpoint if she has a boyfriend or if she ever wedded again.


Lisa Linde bioNonetheless, unlike Lisa, James had been in a few relationships after their divergence. James even had a kid from his other relationship. He had been in a relationship with great Rose Costa. Sadly, the connection could not last long. Later on, he was in a relationship with a great British Singer named Eden.

What Is Lisa Linde bio’s Net Worth?

Lisa Linde bio has been able to earn quite a good amount of fortune throughout her acting career. While the exact sum of her fortune is undisclosed, she pretty much has a fortune in million.

On the other hand, her ex-hubby named James has a net worth of $10 million, as of the year 2022.



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