Caroline Estabrook
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Caroline Estabrook is the daughter of Dan Estabrook and Megan Boone. Caroline Estabrook’s mom, Megan Boone is famous for her role in The Blacklist. On the other hand, Caroline Estabrook’s father, Dan Estabrook is a photographer and an artist.

Being a star kid, it is normal that your parents’ fans will be interested to know more about you. Likewise, people have been asking a lot of questions regarding Caroline Estabrook.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to disclose all the intricate details of Caroline Estabrook’s life. Find out about her parent’s relationship, siblings, and many more facts!

Caroline Estabrook comes from a wealthy family:

Caroline Estabrook was born on the 15th of April in 2016, in New York City, the United States. Caroline Estabrook is the first and only child, for now, between Megan Boone and Megan Boone’s boyfriend turned fiancé Dan Estabrook.

Besides, Caroline Estabrook belongs to the white ethnicity. Caroline Estabrook has Dutch and Scottish ancestry from her mother’s side and English ancestry from her father’s side. Caroline Estabrook’s dad, Dan Estabrook was born and raised in Boston. On the other hand, her mother Megan Boone spent her early days in The Villages, Florida.

Many of you might not know that Caroline Estabrook’s motherly great-grandfather, H. Gary Morse was the architect of The Villages. Also, her maternal grandmother, Jennifer Parr labored as the director of sales.

As of right now, Caroline Estabrook doesn’t have any siblings.

Details on Caroline Estabrook’s Dad and Mom profession:

Caroline Estabrook
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Caroline Estabrook’s mother, Megan Boone became quite famous after she played her role in the NBC series, The Blacklist. In the series, Megan Boone plays the role of Elizabeth Keen, an FBI profiler. Megan Boone stars in the series alongside veteran actors like Harry Lennix and James Spader. Megan Boone has been working in the series since its beginning back in 2013.

In addition to the above-mentioned series, Megan Boone occurred in several other hit projects including Sex and the City 2, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Step Up Revolution. For her role of Erin, Megan Boone even won the Gen Art Film Festival award for the Best Actress.

Now moving towards Caroline Estabrook’s dad, Dan Estabrook. Well, Dan Estabrook is a photographer. Apart from his work with the camera, the multi-talented man is a production designer, a sculpture, and a painter. Dan Estabrook has hosted several exhibitions around several states. Dan Estabrook is represented by Catherine Edelman Gallery from Chicago.

Safe to say, both her dad and mom enjoys a productive professional life along with their happy private life.

Who is Dan Estabrook?

Dan Estabrook is a sculptor, American photographer, painter, and production designer. A respected artist who has been active since the 1990s has found attention as a pop-culture figure after his relationship with actress Megan Boone became public. Dan Estabrook is originally from Boston and grew up deeply affected by the city’s rich culture and tradition. Dan Estabrook was a teenager when he first realized his enthusiasm for photography through the underground magazines of the punk-rock and skateboarding cultures of the 1980s.


After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, Dan Estabrook enrolled at the University of Illinois and received an MFA degree from there. While Dan Estabrook’s main medium is photography, Dan Estabrook has forayed into painting, sculpting, drawing, and other forms of art on paper.

Dan Estabrook has hosted ceremonies all over the country and Europe and has won many awards. In 2009, a documentary on him and his art was published for Anthropy Arts’ Photographers Series. Presently, the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago represents Dan Estabrook.

Education & Career of Dan Estabrook

Art has always been a part of Dan Estabrook’s life. Having been educated in a cultural melting pot like Boston, Dan Estabrook was exposed to a variety of traditions and artistic expressions. Dan Estabrook learned about art in city schools and the Museum of Fine Arts. When Dan Estabrook was a youngster, Dan Estabrook developed an interest in photography through the underground magazines of the punk-rock and skateboarding cultures of the 1980s.

After graduating from high school, Dan Estabrook enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University to seek a Bachelor of Arts degree. Dan Estabrook was an excellent student and graduated magna cum laude in 1990. Dan Estabrook then went on to study for a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Illinois and passed out from there in the year 1993. While Dan Estabrook was at Harvard, he received lectures on the alternative photographic processes from Christopher James.

One of his earlier exhibitions was held under the name ‘Minimal’ at Gallery X in Los Angeles, California in the year 1993. A year later, Dan Estabrook hosted his solo exhibition at I-Space Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. In 1995, Dan Estabrook was part of two exhibitions: ‘Dysfunctional’ at Blue Note Gallery, in London, England, and ‘ A New Direction’ at Warren Street Gallery in Hudson, New York. Dan Estabrook traveled to San Francisco, California to host an exhibition at Catharine Clark Gallery in the year 1996. In That exact year, Dan Estabrook also hosted the solo exhibition named ‘Interior Views’ at Houston Center for Photography in Houston, Texas.

In 1997, Dan Estabrook took part in Time Zero: Artists and Polaroids’ at ESP Gallery in San Francisco and the ‘Glorious Gardens’ exhibition at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in, New York City and ‘. Dan Estabrook returned to Chicago to clasp the ‘UIUC/Glasgow Exchange Exhibition’ at I-Space Gallery.

As a photographer, Dan Estabrook develops contemporary art by manipulating the photographic processes and techniques of the nineteenth century. In 1994, Dan Estabrook received an Artist’s Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts.

In 1997, Dan Estabrook helped as a production designer on Jesse Peretz’s directorial venture, ‘First Love, Last Rites’. Dan Estabrook was also linked with the art department on the 2018 musical drama ‘Juliet, Naked’.

Are Caroline Estabrook’s parents tied the knot? They are engaged for a long time:

No, as of yet, the love birds are yet to tie the knot. The duo has been dating for a long time, but, they have not talked about their wedding yet. It is one of those facts which intrigues Megan Boone’s fans the most. In an exclusive interview with E! Online, Megan Boone has even said that they are in for a long haul.

Megan Boone and Dan Estabrook are also engaged to be married since 2016. But despite all the indications, so far they are yet to disclose if they have any plan on marrying in near future.


Be that as it may, marriage isn’t something that makes a perfect relationship. The only thing that matters is the love that they share between them. As fans, we’re more than happy that Megan Boone and Dan Estabrook found each other.

Since when are Megan Boone and Dan Estabrook dating?

The intricate details of their relationship have been kept behind closed doors because of which there isn’t any type of information as to how their relationship began. However, we can somehow take a stab that Megan Boone and Dan Estabrook came across for the first time either in an event or through a mutual friend.

Whatever the issue may be, ever since their first date, Megan Boone and Dan Estabrook have not looked back. So far, we have not listened to any type of difficulty in their relationship. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say their relationship is like a solid rock at the moment.

Caroline Estabrook is showing an early interest in painting:

Caroline Estabrook
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The lovebirds are enjoying raising their daughter, Caroline Estabrook. Both of them share a lot of images of their newborn daughter. The best part of their parenthood is that despite their busy schedule, they spent a lot of cherishable and joyous moments with their bundle of joy.

The best part of their family is that all the three don’t like spending time indoors and are usually going outdoors. This way their daughter, Caroline Estabrook will learn to conceal the outside environment as rejected to being shackled in a four-wall home.

What’s more interesting is that Caroline Estabrook is already showing apparent interest in painting. Caroline Estabrook once shared a picture of her clasping a palette and painting a canvas. Well, you know what they say, instruct them early.

Besides, Megan Boone is a fun mom and is usually playing with her daughter, Caroline Estabrook just like a kid would. For specimen, in an image shared by Dan Estabrook, the daughter-mother duo is enjoying splashing in the rainy season.

Caroline Estabrook Lifestyle:

It’s a no-brainer that Caroline Estabrook relishes a fairly luxurious lifestyle. Caroline Estabrook’s dad and mom earn a huge amount of money from their work. While Megan Boone is worth $3 million, Dan Estabrook has a net worth of $500,000. From the figures alone it is quite obvious that Caroline Estabrook lives an incredible life.

Nevertheless, her dad and mom have surely taught her to remain grounded and humble.


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