Charles Herbert Gotti
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Charles Herbert Gotti came to the media and limelight eminence due to his connection with the Gotti Family.

The family is infamous because of their connection with the Gambino Crime Family. Charles’s father John Gotti Jr. once even worked as the boss of the family.

Many reports stated that Charles Herbert Gotti also got indulged in his family’s business. Still, we are not able to find a lot more information about him.

All of his siblings have a relatively open public life but not Charles Herbert Gotti is quite secretive.

Today we are going to uncover all the truth regarding his life and we will get to know about his early life and affairs.

Who is Charles Herbert Gotti?

As per sources, Charles is popular as the grandson of the late Gambino crime family boss, named John Gotti Sr. Born on August 28, 1985, Charles Herbert Gotti is the son of John Gotti Jr.

His wife’s name is Kimberly Albanese. John Jr. worked as the boss of the Gambino family. Charles Herbert Gotti is one of six children of John Gotti Sr.

Charles Herbert born on 28th August 1985. He was born in the New York which id in United States. Charles Herbert Gotti has an American identity. He has mixed ethnicity.

His maternal grandparents names are Robert Harrington and Angela Harrington. His beloved grandmother name is Victoria DiGiorgio.

As we all know, Charles Herbert Gotti is popular because of his family’s criminal background.

Moreover he is one of the popular grandson of John J. Gotti. He has been following his family’s trends as well as accretion such as housebreaking, actual bodily harm, and whatnot.

Many conflicts arose between him and his grandparents when he was just 8 years old. After that Charles Herbert Gotti left his grandparent’s home.

Victoria Gotti as well as Angel Gotti are his two aunts. His two uncles are named as Frank Gotti and Peter Gotti Jr. Moreover, he has four cousins named as Frank Gotti Agnello, John Gotti Agnello, Carmine Gotti Agnello, and Justine Gotti Agnello.

His mom and dad tied the knot in the year 1990. Charles Herbert Gotti has Italian ethnicity.

Apart from his name, there’s not a whole lot known about the guy. It’s like whether the man is not even on the earth. He is a very secretive kind of guy and he has not revealed anything.

Charles Herbert Gotti Siblings

After searching on the internet about Charles Herbert Gotti’s Siblings. We get to know their names as Frankie, Gianna, Angel, John Gotti III, and one another.

Noone from Charles Herbert Gotti’s siblings is available on social media, John Gotti Jr. frequently shares pictures of all of his kids. But from all the photos that he shared, barely all six siblings are featured together.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s brother John is an MMA star. From all the places John Gotti’s Jr. children would’ve visited, John Gotti III ended up becoming an MMA fighter. Well, he fights in the UFC.

He was born in the year 1992. Charles Herbert Gotti is a welterweight. When he was standing at a height of 5ft 11 inches, he had a terrific record as he is inside the ring.

As of 2021, his winning recording reached at 5 wins and 1 loss. His fighting prowess is spotless. His powers have been acknowledged by the UFC expert as well as podcasted by the host, Joe Rogan

Till now, Gotti III is still so young so it is quite safe to say that the man will become a legendary fighter in the MMA. Although, his journey wasn’t all about sunshine and rainbows.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s father was absent a lot due to his work as a mob boss. Moreover, John Jr. even had to spend several years behind bars because of his connection with Racketeering.

Charles Herbert Gotti
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Aside from that, Gotti Jr. also stated that it was he who first encouraged the fire of fighting sports inside his sons. In their childhood When they were young John would often take his sons to local fighting events.

During an interview with UFC, he said that If there was a local card, a boxing card or there was an MMA card in Jersey, he would take his sons to all those cards to make up for all the lost times. He was always a boxing buff. That was boxing on steroids times five.


From profession, Charles Herbert Gotti is Drug Trafficker as well as Mafia and MMA fighter. In the year 2006, he successfully did his first murder of Salvatore even without the authorization of his family.

There after he can seize his family’s attention. Moreover, he was labelled as a man of honor’ after the murder, sparkled for the new follower of the family.


As above, Charles grandfather is the boss Jr Gotti is not so lucky in this field or matter.He came into the limelight as he was the grandson of Italian-American gangster John J Gotti.

His grandfather was tagged as the boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. In the age of 14, he was arrested for the charge of housebreaking as well as actual bodily harm, and much more.

Thereafter he met Anthony Morelli and both of them began drug trafficking together. In the year 2006, his luck didnot work in this business, so unwantedly he had to end the relationship between him and Morelli and they separated. Thereafter, the police arrested the drug dealer Anthony on the charges of assault in Manhattan nightclub.

What does Charles Gotti do? A mobster like his dad?

As we stated above that there is no single valid information regarding Charles Herbert Gotti on any social media account. In one old thread on the website named Gangsterbb, as per sources, it has been stated that Charles Herbert Gotti became a soldier of the Gambino family in the year 2006.

Charles Herbert Gotti killed a man named Salvatore Big Sal Portella. Reportedly, the Gambino Family as well as Salvatore’s Wealthy Family were having bidding wars over garbage routes.

After the incident, Charles Herbert Gotti became popular as a made man in the year 2009.


Despite all that is written, one cannot be sure, if all the information stated on the website is true or not.

Source: The Sun

As per some sources and Internet Users claim Charles is not even a true person
We all can understand that everything we found on the internet is not true and the same is the case for Charles Herbert Gotti. A thread was once created by Reddit users which claims as Charles Herbert Gotti is not a real person.

As per the thread, a person once created a Wikipedia page of that person who goes by the name. This is the place where the misinformation regarding Gotti Jr.’s apparent son started.

Presently, there is a big dilemma whether Charles Herbert Gotti is the name of John Gotti Jr’s son or not. Even if he is real, then he must have done a fantastic job by keeping his identity well beyond the reach of the limelight.


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