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Barbara Smits is the late ex-wife of Jimmy Smits who is an actor and he is best known for his role as attorney Victor Sifuentes on the 1980s-1990s legal drama L.A. Law, NYPD Detective Bobby Simone on the 1990s police drama NYPD Blue.

Barbara used to work at Cornell Cooperative Extension-New York City (CCE-NYC). Barbara was with the company for 29 years. At the time of her death, Barbara Smits was 54 years old.

It’s been more than ten years since Barbara left this world. Take a look at the woman’s life; her married life with her actor husband, her career, their divorce, and her children. Also, know how Barbara is being remembered by her family.

All you need to know about him:

Barbara Smits was born in the United States of America on the 27th of November in 1955. Barbara Smits used to hold American Ethnicity and Barbara was under the astrological sign and her nationality was American – African.

The name and information about Barbara Smits’s parents are not available at the moment. Likewise, information related to her siblings, Grandparents, cousins, relatives, and any of her other family members are not available until now. Barbara was a very private and secretive person and she barely speaks about her private life in front of the limelight. Similarly, Barbara attended Ithaca College and enrolled in the year 1981 but the graduation year of Barbara is unknown.

Body Measurement:

The body measurement of Smits such as her waist, height, weight, and any other sizes are not available Though, Smits had black hair and dark brown eyes.

Barbara Smits’s Love Life With Jimmy Smits:

Barbara Smits
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Barbara Smits and Jimmy Smits started dating in 1969 when they first met. So it took Jimmy Smits two years to get down on his knees and ask Barbara to marry him. Barbara, on the other hand, felt certain about him and instantly accepted Jimmy Smits’s marriage proposal.

Another eight years passed between the duo’s engagement and their wedding ritual. In the year 1979, Barbara and Jimmy Smits made their union official. Barbara and Jimmy Smits’s marriage ended in divorce. Tania Smits and Joaquin Smits are the duo’s two children.

Barbara and Jimmy Smits’s divorce was confirmed on the 22nd of June in 1986, and they never reconciled after that. Barbara and Jimmy Smits had been together as a couple for a long period than they had been together as wife and husband. Wanda De Jesus, a famous actress, is now in Jimmy’s life and currently, Wanda De Jesus is his girlfriend.

Barbara Was With The Cornell’s Extension Faculty

Barbara Smits was born on the 27th of November in 1955. The previous daughter-in-law of Cornelis and Emilina Smits studied at Ithaca College (enrolled in 1981). As mentioned above Barbara worked at Cornell Cooperative Extension-New York City.

Barbara came to New York City in 1982 to work for the 4-H Program. Barbara Smits then became administrative staff assistant for the Environmental Issues Program Area. In 2004, the former wife of Jimmy Smits, Barbara became assistant to the executive director of CCE-NYC.

In Barbara Smits’s honor, the extension created The Barbara Smits Service Award.

Barbara Smits Was Married To an Actor whose name is Jimmy Smits:

Barbara and Jimmy Smits were together when they were in high school. When they had their first child, Barbara Smits’s former husband, Jimmy Smits had been doing Shakespeare and all the classic stuff. Jimmy Smits had also left the football team at Brooklyn’s Thomas Jefferson High School to join the drama.

Barbara Smits’s husband, Jimmy Smits got his big break in acting when he play the role of Attorney Sifuentes in the first seasons of L. A Law that was numbered up to five. Jimmy Smits also landed various gigs in other hit series like Pee-wee’s Playhouse, The West Wing, Sons of Anarchy, and Dexter. Jimmy also starred briefly in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

The Brooklyn-born actor, Jimmy Smits’s career shone further when he played the role as Detective Bobby Simone in ABC’s NYPD BLUE in which the TV series actor was a part of from 1994 to 1998. For characterizing Bobby Simone, Jimmy Smits earned the HOLA awards of virtue. Jimmy Smits also received the 1990 Emmy for outstanding supporting actor. Jimmy Smits is also a two-time winner of the ALMA Awards.

Barbara and Jimmy Smits married on the 10th of June in 1980 and remained so until 1987.

What is the Reason Behind Barbara And Jimmy Smits Divorce?

Barbara Smits’ husband who was then still on the popular NBC television series ‘L.A. Law’ filed divorce agreements in October of 1987 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Barbara Smits’s ex then presented the reason as irreconcilable differences. The courts’ document said that they should start living separately on March 15, 1986.


The Brooklyn College graduate and his publicist narrated the proceedings as ‘amicable, under the circumstances.’ At the time of divorce filing, Barbara was living in Brooklyn, N.Y., with her two children.

Barbara Smits Had Two Children:

During their marriage, Barbara and Jimmy Smits became parents to two children, Taina Smits born in 1975, and Joaquin Smits born in 1983.

Amidst the divorce, Taina Smits was 13, and Joaquin Smits was just 3 years old. The papers filed reflected that the actor, Jimmy Smits didn’t want custody of the two children.

Barbara Smits’s daughter, Taina Smits works as a theatre arts teacher at Glasgow Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia. Taina Smits is now in her mid-40s. Taina Smits is married to a guy named, Bo Beasley and she also has a daughter of her own whose name is Tyler.

During The DivorceBarbara’sra Husband Allegedly Had A Fight With the Police

The following month of Jimmy Smits’s request to divorce, he had a schedule for arraignment in November of 1987 along with a girlfriend, Wanda DeJesus from 1986 to the present. The councils imprisoned him on charges stemming from an alleged conflict with police who had reached his West Los Angeles residence after a local woman called them doubting domestic violence.

Three officers came to recognize the reports of a lady crying for help from Smits’ house. As the police reached the place Barbara Smits’s ex and Wanda DeJesus allegedly attacked them. Originally, the court decided to drop the charges because of clashing witness statements. They, however, later pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor of annoying the peace.

After that, Wanda De Jesus obtained 75 hours of community service, 18 months of probation, and a $250 fine while the court ordered Jimmy Smits to pay a fine of $150, have to spend 18 months in unsupervised probation, and 50 hours of community service.

Barbara Smits Lung Condition Became The Cause Of Her Death:

Barbara Smits
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On the 16th of April in 2010, Barbara Smits passed away at the age of 54. Due to pneumonia, a lung condition that degrades Barbara Smits’s breathing, as well as the fact that Smits was bedridden, Barbara Smits’s last breaths were extremely painful and sad. About 1.3 million Americans were treated who were suffering from pneumonia at an emergency room during the year 2017.

As a result of her pneumonia difficulties, Barbara Smits was incapable to recover from the disease. According to CDC, in the United States, the infection claims the lives of almost 50,000 people each year. In the United States, pneumonia impacts mostly adult people.

Death of Barbara Smits:

The ex-wife of Jimmy Smits, a Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Barbara Smits died on the 16th of April in 2010, from complications of pneumonia. Barbara Smits’s daughter, Taina never misses mentioning and paying tribute to her.

Be it Barbara Smits’s birthday or mother’s day, Jimmy Smits’s daughter makes sure that she pours out her love for her late mother. Taina admits that Barbara often has a bittersweet day knowing her mother isn’t physically by her side.

Net Worth Of Barbara:

Barbara Smits is a little privacy when it comes to her lifestyle. Though, her net worth was approximately $1 million before she died. Jimmy Smits, her husband, has a net worth of around $15 million as well.

After laboring for Cornell Cooperative Extension in New York City for almost 29 years, Barbara Smits got retired with a great fortune. In addition to this, her divorce settlements with Jimmy Smits have also contributed to her net worth.

Barbara Smits will be remembered for her frequent laughter, quick Smile, and generosity of spirit,” said Brenda Tobias, director of NYC Communications. “Barbara Smits was a true professional. Barbara Smits was ever conscious of how CCE-NYC activities reflected upon Cornell University and the Ithaca campus, and Barbara Smits brought an incredible amount of humanity to her workplace.”


“Barbara Smits was both the backbone and the glue of our organization,” said Donald Tobias, executive director of CCE-NYC.

Barbara Smits is survived by a daughter and a son.

The Barbara Smits Service Award has been established in her honor. Prizes can be made to Cornell University, College of Human Ecology, Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.


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