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Charleston White bio from Texas has numerous roles. He is a YouTuber, social media influencer, entrepreneur, as well as a motivational speaker. Despite his fame, many also considered him a one-hit wonder as well as a viral sensation for a moment. Some great people also projected that White was going to fall soon. Besides, Charleston White bio did have a criminal history. Charleston White bio has spent many years in prison on the charge of murder. Charleston White bio moreover had affiliations to gans.

Nonetheless, Charleston White bio would walk out of his past following which he would accumulate sizeable followers on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, as well as Twitter. Charleston currently mostly talks about lessons from his past life serving as a motivational speaker. All those advisory works, at times, have also brought him millions as well as the so it appears from his interviews that White makes good money.

Unlike other celebrities, Charleston White bio has been pretty vocal about the topic of money as well as at times has also examined his past financial status, which according to the social media artist, has been up and down many times. So what is his net worth as well as how rich is he? Scroll to get the answers.

Charleston White bio’s Net Worth

Although Charleston White bio has been open about his significant financial breakthroughs, he is yet to tell just how rich he is or what is the extent of his net worth. Many regardless still consider him to be a great millionaire.
A child convict turned millionaire motivational speaker named Charleston White
52 years old social media influencer as well as motivational speaker named Charleston White bio.
Whatever the case, White has conceded that he is living a good life, particularly in terms of money, as well as that he is making a number of it.

I’m living well in the…. right now as well as I’m making a lot of money.

told the former gang leader in the late month of Oct of the year 2022 during his great interview with RealLyfe Productions.

Charleston White bio Focuses On Building Relationships With People Than Making Money

In a similar interview, Charleston White bio also explained he rather focuses on building relationships with people than making money as the ex-child convict thinks the latter lasts longer than a ‘big lump sum of money.’

Adding further, the motivational speaker said he grew up believing God exists in great relationships.

Hyped Youth Outreach owner as well as CEO, Charleston White

Texas-born entrepreneur Charleston White bio says he earned around $2 million in 2 years.

Charleston White bio doesn’t even entertain super chats when he goes live on Youtube. Shedding light on this while talking to Say Cheese in July of the year 2022, White told while he supports people tipping the waitresses, when it’s about him he doesn’t think it’s significant.

All that the 52 years old wants is the eyes as well as the ears of his viewers.

Explaining further, Charleston White bio said since most of his audience are single mothers, as well as unemployed people, he doesn’t feel like taking super chats from them.Charleston White bio

White also put in that he knows how to monetize his work even if YouTube or Facebook doesn’t allow it for him.

Charleston White bio additionally doesn’t even ask for money for the interviews.

White Made Over around $2 Millions In Less Than Two Years

Back in Dec of the year 2021, while talking to Say Cheese, White disclosed that year he made more money than he ever had in his whole life. As well as that’s excluding the potential super chats revenue which the content creator doesn’t give excess on his Youtube.

Former child convict Charleston White bio says he earned millions despite not taking super chats on his Youtube
Texas Wesleyan University graduate as well as entrepreneur Charleston White bio
During the q and a, Charleston White bio said he nonetheless also received more hate from the people outside. The Baby Blu disclosed he therefore also spent extra money on guns, bullets, ammunition, bulletproof vests, helmets, as well as other protective gear.

Exactly a year later in Dec of the year 2022 while talking with a similar interviewer, Say Cheese, Charleston revealed he had made around $2 million from the internet alone in around 2 years.

For the first months on Youtube, Charleston White bio says he was making around $16,000 a month.

How Does White Make His Money?

For all that the Texas Wesleyan University graduate is popularly known for not making money his priority, it does beg the question of just how he makes his great money.

Charleston White’s bio tells most of his revenues to come from branding, marketing, as well as advertising. He also admits to having good learning of these dynamics. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


He also has his clothing merchandise as well as an online fashion store.

The founder/CEO once said he desired to learn other ways to make money because he didn’t want to be dependent on money from social media only as he has faced demonization from the platforms on several occasions. He additionally also wants to keep his freedom of speech intact while being on social media as well as making money whilst doing so is quite difficult on Youtube as well as other such platforms.Charleston White bio

Charleston White bio has also forfeited almost a sold-out show because of this very stance of his.

Charleston White bio Career; Spent Years In Jail As A Boy

White, at age 14, involved himself, with around two others, in the killing of a guy, who confronted them for embezzling a jacket.

While Charleston White bio didn’t pull the trigger, he confesses he was the murderer. After that, White would serve his time in many juvenile centers and prisons until the year 1998. Since then he has never been to prison as well as breached any law.Charleston White bio

Social media influencer as well as entrepreneur Charleston White bio  in Dec of the year 2022
Founder and CEO of HYPE Charleston White
White now is a social media influencer as well as a motivational speaker.


He also serves as the founder as well as CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE). The organization aims to help educate teens as well as try to steer them away from diving into a life of crime.

The group has additionally co-operated with members of one of Texas’ largest Hispanic gangs.

White now also has a wife as well as around two children, according to his LinkedIn.


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