Lenny Nicholson bio

Lenny Nicholson bio is a talent manager popularly recognized as the husband of a great American singer Amerie (aka Amerie Mi Marie Nicholson). His great-wife rose to fame after the release of her smash single 1 Thing which crowned the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Talking about his wedding with the singer as well as an actor named Amerie, the pair has been married to each other for more than a decade. Well, being a married pair for such a long time, do they share children? How the pair met at first?

Today, we have examined the untold details about Lenny Nicholson bio, from his early life to marriage as well as children. Read the following article to understand everything about him.

Who Is Lenny Nicholson? His Bio And Age

As aforementioned, Lenny is Amerie’s spouse. Since he rose to prominence being the husband of America’s prominent singer, so, no detail regarding his early life is known in the media. Nevertheless, he is thought to be in his 40s.

On the other hand, his popular wife named Amerie was born to her Korean mom Mi Suk, as well as Afro-American father Charles Rogers on January 12, of the year 1980, in Fitchburg, which is in Massachusetts. As of the year 2023, Lenny’s spouse is 43 years of age.

Lenny Nicholson bio’s Education And Ethnicity

As per his LinkedIn account, he also proceeded to the John Jay College of The City University of New York.

Regarding his ethnicity, he is of great African descent as well as American by nationality.

Lenny Nicholson bio Is A Hollywood Talent Manager as well as His Career Detail

At present, Lenny is a manager for his wife Amerie, a singer as well as a New York best-selling author. But before working for America’s popular singer as well as an actor, Nicholson has been part of several renowned companies as well as artists.

As a talent manager, he has worked for many renowned artists like Kanye West, which is in Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and Eminem, music executives Rob Stringer, LA Reid, and Steve Barnett, as well as several others. As of presently, Lenny has established himself as a reputed executive in Hollywood.

Lenny Nicholson bio’s Other Profession; When He Began His Career?

He first began his professional career in the year 1999 at Sony Music Entertainment as a Sr. director of A&R. After three years he has facilitated to Sr. Vice President as well as the celebrity husband who served the position for more than 4 years.Lenny Nicholson bio

Nicholson then enrolled as a great Lead Consultant at Feeniix Rising in the place of Los Angeles in the year 2013. Moreover side by side, he also runs his own company named Feeniix Rising Entertainment in the famous greater Los Angeles Area.

Lenny Nicholson bio Is The Husband Of Amerie; Their Marriage

On June 25, of the year 2011, Lenny Nicholson bio walked down the aisle with his wife named Amerie. The pair tied the knot at the luxury resort Viceroy Anguilla in the great British West Indies on Saturday. Their wedding ceremony was officiated by the pastor Reverend Phillip E. Knight Sr.

Lenny Nicholson bio is the husband of Amerie

Lenny Nicholson bio with his bride on his wedding day
Talking about the wedding, Lenny’s bride Amerie told People,


“This is such an exciting period for me. This is my first wedding as well as I am over the moon, “I look forward to a loving as well as enduring marriage. This day couldn’t arrive any sooner for me. I am beyond thrilled. I will recall this day forever.”

Coming up to the year 2023, it’s been already been more than a decade since the pair together living as a husband as well as wife. But still, they are leading a beautiful marital life as well as time passes, their connection is getting stronger every day. Lenny Nicholson bio has shared some posts dedicating his wife on his great Instagram. In September of the year 2019, with his wife’s bridal photo, he wrote

Wife appreciates Day. Week. Month. Year! My wife, super Mom @Amerie

Also, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, his spouse, Amerie shared their wedding photo on her Instagram as well as captioned it,

Love of my life. I did, I do, as well as I always will. ❤️❤️ #MeandtheMr # June 25, of the year 2011Lenny Nicholson bio

Seeing this, we can say that these love birds are leading their wedding gracefully.

How Did Lenny Nicholson bio As well as Amerie Met Each Other?

The now-married pair first met each other as a professional. In an exclusive talk with Essence, Lenny’s partner disclosed how she fell in love with Nicholson.

Lenny Nicholson bio as well as Amerie first met as a professional
Lenny Nicholson bio with his wife named Amerie
She told,


They asked me whom I wished to A&R my album. I asked for Lenny Nicholson because he’s the only one I knew I could truly trust around my stuff. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Lenny Nicholson bio’s wife further told,

I was working on my second album. I didn’t recognize him because he had a big hat on. So I’m like, “Who are you?” He’s like, “I’m your A&R!” We knew each other professionally but not privately, so it was sort of weird at first. But somehow we had a conversation as well as agreed when we got back to New York we’d go on a date. We went on that date in the month of November on 3rd. We’ve been inseparable ever since as well as that was seven as well as a half years ago. We remember all of the dates.Lenny Nicholson bio

Lenny Nicholson bio Is A Good Husband; He Makes His Wife Feel Special

In their decade-long connection, Lenny has been a very understanding as well as lovely husband to his wife Amerie. According to the What I Want singer, her spouse always valued the tiny things that are meant to maintain their connection.

She said,

‘He’s just a gentleman. He does the big things like surprises as well as we’ll go here and we’ll go there, but it’s the small things too. The little items defy everything to me.’

She also told,

‘That’s the stuff that’s going to happen most frequent. It could be as simple as him commencement my car door or when we’re at a restaurant he always pulls the chair out for me as well as he stands up when I have to vacate the table as well as when I come back. He’s just so romantic! I adore the way he treats my family.’

Lenny Nicholson bio Is On Instagram

The celebrity husband is available only on Instagram with 236 followers. On his Insta account, to date, he just has shared four posts, the first post in the year 2018 as well as the last one in the year 2019. Since then, he hasn’t been available on Instagram.Lenny Nicholson bio

On the other hand, his well-known wife, named Amerie is hugely active on Instagram with around 451k followers.

Lenny Nicholson bio’s Net Worth

Lenny Nicholson bio has a calculated net worth of $5 million as of the year 2023. No doubt that he achieved such a huge amount from his career as an owner, as well as a talent manager. Moreover, his beautiful wife Amerie has a great fortune of around $6 million.


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