David Hefner

Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91. All the Playboy says that the soul founder passed away peacefully at his home. He passed on Wednesday amid his loved ones at his side.

In his entire and accomplished life, Hefner was married thrice. He was first married to high school sweetheart friend Mildred Williams. After that, he was married to a former Playmate. She was of the year Kimberley Conrad.

After that, he finally married 31-year-old Crystal Harris. He is blessed with four children. Three of them are sons and one daughter. His eldest son’s name is David Hefner. He wanted to remain largely out of the spotlight despite having a famous name.

David Hefner
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Facts about David Hefner:

David Hefner has and Owns His Own Computer Consulting Company. David Hefner likes to stay away from the media and spotlight.

He even doesn’t like to live a celebrity lifestyle. His father was known for having a great celebrity lifestyle. With no surprise, we can conclude that his various occupations are reported.

The Riches of David Hefner

David Hefner is known to have a huge net worth. His net worth is estimated around $500,000. His great net worth is due to his great success in business. He works in a firm that focuses on computer consulting. David Hefner has a very luxurious and classy life.

We can say that David Hefner is also benefitted from the success of his father. It is possible as when he was alive and on his passing is reported as Hugh.

David Hefner life and family:

David Hefner is the son of Hugh Hefner. He is the son of his wife, Mildred Williams. He grew up with his older sister. The marriage was marred with unfaithful and trust issues by both parties. It’s because Mildred allowed Hefner to do whatever he wanted. As she had cheated with him earlier.

Both of them took divorce after a decade together. Later on, David had two half-siblings from his father’s marriage with Kimberly Conrad.

Unlike his other siblings, he did not want to use his father’s empire. Despite this, he wanted to become a self-established businessman. He established his computer consulting firm. He stayed in the background.

He also worked in film production. He tried to be involved in the creation of his independent film named Forgotten Pills He wrote it and directed and starred Christina Murphy and Shane Callahan.

They featured as a part of the Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles.His popular father was the founder as well as editor-in-chief of the famous controversial Playboy magazine.

He was having the limelight in his life. David Hefner is the first son of the publisher Hugh Hefner and his first wife Millie.He was born on August 30, 1955.

David Hefner

David Hefner Has Three Siblings:

His sibling’s names are Christie Hefner, Cooper Hefner, and Marston Hefner. Christie is his biological sister but Cooper, as well as Marston, are his step-brothers.
His stepbrothers were born from his father’s second marriage. His father later married Kimberley Conrad. All of his siblings are well settled and established.

They are enjoying a comfortable and happy life. Cooper, his younger brother is presently the chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprise.

Furthermore, he is also the founder as well as CEO of the upstart media company Hop.

Likewise, Marston is also associated and working with Playboy magazine. He is also doing acting as well. He has appeared and worked in some TV series and documentaries like Hef’s Runaway Bride, America’s Book of Secrets, and much more.

Unluckily, in the year 2012, police arrested and imprisoned him for a year on the charge of domestic violence against his girlfriend Claire Sinclair.

About her Sister:

David Hefner’s Biological Sister Christie is a Businesswoman as well as an Activist. His biological sister Christie is a successful and famous businesswoman. She is currently involved in the family business. She has been working with Playboy magazine for 30 years. Furthermore, she also served as the CEO of Playboy for almost 20 years.

David Hefner’s Businesses

Unlike his sister and step-brothers, David Hefner is not indulged in his family business. Rather, he has started his path and works on his own business. After having a degree in computer engineering, at present, he is a computer analyst and he is working at his own company in Northern California.

Furthermore, there are some reports which state that he worked as a graphic specialist in films. Reportedly, he is very successful as well as happy in his business. Talking regarding his present residence, he is living in Northern California.

David Hefner’s Relationship

Talking about his personal life, David Hefner has been pretty much tight-lipped. He has not revealed anything about his wife or even if he ever married for that matter. They have barely shared any information regarding this.

From the sources, we got to know that he is married to a wife but there is no authenticity to confirm it. Moreover, his absence from social media platforms has made his life even more mysterious and suspicious. Hopefully, he will talk about his love life in the upcoming days.


David Hefner’s father Hugh is married thrice. He first married Millie Williams. She is a student at Northwestern University. The couple tied the knot in 1949 and was also blessed to have 2 kids from their relationship as we stated earlier. However, the husband and wife got divorced in 1959 after having a good relationship of 10 years of marriage.

The second time, He married actress and model Kimberley Conrad. They married in the year 1989. Despite their huge age gap of 36 years, he had his longest-running relationship with her. The two were blessed with two sons before divorcing in 2010.

After a year before Hugh divorced his second wife, he started dating model and TV personality Crystal Hafner. They married on December 31, 2012, which he continued till his death.

Why Did David Hefner’s Parents Divorce?
David Hefner’s parents, Hugh and Midred were together since their school days. But after they tied vows, Mildred had an affair with a military guy, and she confessed it to her husband named Hugh.

Before getting divorced, they tried to manage with mutual understanding. But they were not able to do so, so they eventually divorced.

David Hefner’s Father Died In 2017

The great founder of Playboy magazine Hugh died on September 27, 2017. As per the sources, he died in Los Angeles California. According to reports, He died because of sepsis which was brought on by an E. coli infection. He died at his home in Holmby Hills which is in Los Angeles, California. He was 91 years aged at the time of his death.


He was buried at Westwood Memorial Park. It is in Los Angeles. Besides Marilyn Monroe which costs him 75000 back in the year 1992. He stated while Talking to Los Angeles Times about the same in the year 2009, that It’s Like pending eternity next to Marilyn. it’s a great opportunity too sweet to pass up.

How Much Is David Hefner’s Net Worth?
David Hefner is born as augh Hefner’s son. So he is undoubtedly is a perfect candidate to inherit his wealth. But, he gave up the opportunity and started living a successful career as we stated before. As per sources, when it comes to the net worth he has been mostly silent.




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