Jodean Bottom
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The name of Jodean Bottom probably won’t highlight among the names of well-known stars in sports, Hollywood, or different types of diversion, however, she has accomplished fame as a result of her superstar half-siblings.

Phoenix family of actors, namely Liberty Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and River phoenix. She was brought into the world by their dad John Lee Bottom and his then-sweetheart in 1964. She was lost to the family for a long time before River phoenix willingly volunteered to track down her and bring her home.

All you need to know about Jodean Bottom and her family:

Jodean Bottom was born in Portugal on 29 February 1964. There is no news about John Lee Bottom daughter’s mother. John Lee belongs to a white ethnicity and has American nationality.

Later, her father made the knot with Arlyn Dunetz. They have 4 children who became Jodean Bottom half-siblings.

Jodean Bottom was obscure until she was found

Jodean Bottom
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Jodean Bottom used to be an obscure individual from the Phoenix family until River Phoenix looked and saw her. She out of nowhere became well known. Also, the whole family completely invited her into their middle and encouraged her.

She likewise showed up with her youngster, a little girl, yet the name of the young lady’s dad is obscure. It is additionally not satisfactory assuming she was at any point hitch. The family stays quiet about these subtleties and is strong of the private everyday routine that Jodean Bottom likes to experience.

Jodean Bottom’s proficient life is subtle however her half-kin are well-known entertainers.

There is little data about the early life, profession, and schooling of Jodean Bottom. In any case, there is a lot to say about the vocation of her well-known half-kin who are on the whole entertainers.

All you need to know about Joaquin Phoenix

For one’s purposes, Joaquin Phoenix is an incredible entertainer and maker that have won various honors. He is prominently known for his part in Gladiator, as well as the hit film, The Joker. Brought into the world on October 28, 1974, Joaquin started to show up in films from the age of eight. He has won a few honors including the Grammy grants and the Oscars for his real exhibitions.

A portion of his other effective works incorporates Dark Blood, Stand by me, and Last Crusade. He is locked into entertainer Rooney Mara.

All you need to know about Rain Phoenix

Rain Phoenix was brought into the world on 21 November 1972. She is an actress. She has acted in Low Forever, Down, and many more.

All you need to know about Liberty Phoenix

Continuing to Liberty Phoenix, who is additionally a well-known entertainer, she was brought into the world on July 5, 1976. She is renowned for her depiction in Kate’s confidential and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers among others. She has since stopped acting and is currently centered around dealing with the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, laid out of appreciation for their late sibling, River phoenix. She is separated and shares five youngsters with her ex, Ernesto Asch.

All you need to know about Summer Phoenix

Also, Summer Phoenix fell in the line of her more seasoned kin and went into acting. She started to act at three years old and has highlighted in a few motion pictures like Suzie Gold, The Believer, and some more. She was previously hitched to entertainer Cassey Afleck yet they are presently separated.


They share two youngsters from their marriage.

All you need to know about River Phoenix

To wrap things up is River phoenix who was a notable entertainer. He was additionally an artist and lobbyist and was very much adored by his fans. His cutting-edge film was Stand By Me at age 10.

The stream started his acting excursion at a youthful age. He was brought into the world on August 23, 1970, and experienced neediness in his youth. The absence of assets made it unimaginable for him to get any conventional instruction however his ability was to the point of pushing him into notoriety.

Death of River Phoenix

Although River Phoenix said goodbye to poverty when he achieved success at a young age though, he did not live long enough to enjoy the income of his success. He died of a drug overdose in October 1993; He was only 23 years old.

River Phoenix’s death was a great blow to Jodian Bottom as it was the river that went in search of her and reunited her with her father. He supported her and her daughter as long as she was alive.

The explanation for the difference in the last name of Jodean Bottom and her half-siblings is that they altered their last name to make a fresh start for the whole family. Their parents made this decision after the birth of their last child, Samar.

The phoenix was chosen deliberately because of the meaning of the mysterious bird rising from its ashes. Significantly, before the beginning of success, the family had to go through a lot of difficulties.

The family was not very rich and the kids needed to bring back a few cash by performing melodies and dramas in the city. It would later prompt their prosperity as their gifts which were in plain view, drew the consideration of the people who at last assisted them with going into media outlets.

Her family used to belong to a religious cult

Jodean Bottom
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One of the lamentable things that happened to Jodean Base’s family was that they were individuals from a strict faction during the ’70s known as Offspring of God.

Notwithstanding, they didn’t realize that the gathering was associated with a few offensive exercises before joining. The religion didn’t promote their mysterious exercises since it could drive individuals off, it was just later that they came to be aware of the awful things they do thus pulling out their enrollment.


Fortunately, the youngsters didn’t experience any sort of misuse that leaves a drawn-out injury. They likely pulled out before any genuine harm should be possible.

What is Jodean Bottom Net worth?

Jodean Bottom Base’s total assets aren’t accessible until further notice. Without really any thought of her vocation, it is hard to foresee what her total assets could be. Nonetheless, she is carrying on with the agreeable life politeness of her loved ones.

In the meantime, her relative, Joaquin Phoenix is $35 million, as most would consider being normal with enormous income rolling in from his acting profession. A large portion of his famous films like Combatant and Joker have produced billions of dollars in income. Waterway Phoenix likewise gathered total assets of $5 million at the hour of his demise while her more youthful sister Downpour Phoenix has total assets of $5 million.

All in all, the Phoenix family has their gifts to thank for their fantastic change, In the same way, Jodean Base will not effectively fail to remember Stream Phoenix who carried her into the family and rejoined her with her dad.


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