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Dewayne Turrentine bio is an American model, actor, as well as producer. Dewayne Turrentine bio is recognized for works in movies such as Surviving, The Evolving Gate, and Almost Home. Further, Turrentine is also comprehended for being a member of a Hip Hop duo named Quo. Likewise, he is equally in the limelight being the husband of American television, and film, as well as a voice actress named Reagan Gomez-Preston.

His wife is most well-known for her role as Zaria Peterson on the WB sitcom The Parent ‘Hood (from the year 1995 to 1999) as well as Roberta Tubbs in The Cleveland Show ( from the year 2009 to the year 2013). With his partner Reagan, Dewayne Turrentine bio has been in marital life for around 23 years. Alongside his identity, either as a celebrity spouse or as an actor as well as musician, named Dewayne Turrentine bio is an utmost family man. So, does he have kids?

Well, here is everything to know about the Quo member as well as Reagan Gomez-Preston’s husband, named Dewayne Turrentine. Read this great article till the end to follow the details.

When Was Dewayne Turrentine bio Born? His Wiki

Dewayne Turrentine bio was born ‘Dewayne Turrentine Jr.’ on April 17, of the year 1981, in the United States of America. So, the year 2022 marks 41 years of age. Though not much is understood about his early life, going through his social media, we came to know that he grew up with p a respectable life along with his parents.

Dewayne Turrentine Jr was a very good music lover since childhood

Dewayne Turrentine in his childhood. Source: His Instagram

Moreover, Dewayne Turrentine bio was also pretty much into music from an early age as well as even began training on his grandma’s piano quite early. On his social media, he shared his childhood image with his hand on piano keys as well as captioned, “Just a Dena kid with a dream. 💫 #GoldenChild💫 #GrandmasPiano #Dena”

Besides, Dewayne Turrentine bio belongs to the mixed-ethnical race as well as is American by nationality.

Dewayne Turrentine bio Is Close To His Mother

The musician with his whole heart admired and worship his mom, Mrs. Faye. He, every year on mother’s day, wishes his mother on his great Instagram. On May 8, of the year 2022, Dewayne broadcasted his mom’s photo on his Insta account by captioning,

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my great angel mother. Happy Mother’s Day mom!!! #MyTwin #MothersDay

Dewayne Turrentine bio shared his mother’s photos on Mother’s Day
The photo collection of Dewayne Turrentine as well as his mother. Source: His Instagram

On the other side, his father’s good name is yet out of media reach.

Dewayne Turrentine bio Has a Younger Brother As Well

As per the sources shared by him, Dewayne has a little brother named Dejuan, DT. He commemorates his birthday on February 6 and in the year 2021, the Quo member hoped him his birthday captioning,

Happy Earth Strong Lil bro! Because I have a brother, I will always have a gift to my heart, as well as a friend to my spirit. . Love you enjoy your day!

Turrentine Was A great Composer In Quo
Quo was an Australian- American hip-hop duo that dispersed just within two years. It was formed in the year 1993. In the album, Quo, Turrentine rose as a composer and he labored in this hip-hop group in partnership with his friend Wade Robson.

After a year of its formation, Quo releases 3 singles with the title Huh What, Blowin’ Up as well as Quo Funk. Among these 3, Blowin’ UP came on the hip hop hit list which charted in both Hot Rap songs as well as Hot R&B/ Hip Hop songs list.


Quo gave Dewayne Turrentine bio a strong individuality as a talented musician even though the group was short-lived. With the end of the Hip-hop group, Dewayne pursued his career in modeling and behaving and attained massive success.

Dewayne Turrentine bio Made His Acting Debut In the year 2006; He continued Music

The 41 years Quo composer started acting through the movie named Waist Deep in the year 2006 in which he depicted the role of Syco Smoov. After that, he seemed in the 13 episodes of the TV series Almost Home as Scott after 7 years of debut. Later on, he played Tempted by Satan.

Additionally, his whole professional career round-up in between these series in which he acted. In Almost Home, he also attended as a music composer where he formulated the theme music for the shows. Furthermore, he composed theme music for the TV series named Surviving (of the year 2015).

Dewayne Turrentine bio Is Happily Married To Reagan Gomez- Preston

Since the year 1999, Turrentine is happily wedded to an American actress Reagan. The couple shared vows on November 10, of the year 1999. Before marriage, the now husband as well as wife dated each other for four years. At the time when their relationship began, both of them were still a teenager.Dewayne Turrentine bio

Dewayne Turrentine bio is a married man to his wife named Reagan Gomez- Preston

Dewayne Turrentine and his wife named Reagan Gomez- Preston

As of the year 2022, it’s already been 23 years of their togetherness, and still their bond as husband and wife going strong. Beautiful pair keep sharing each other on their respective social media account. On the occasion of Mother’s Day on May 8, of the year 2022, Dewayne posted a post admiring his beautiful wife on his Insta.


Dewayne Turrentine bio Is A Proud Father Of Two

After 8 years of his marriage with her loving wife, named Preston, Dewayne Turrentine eventually became the father of a daughter named Annette Turrentine. She was born on May 13, of the year 2007, in the United States which earns her 15 years of age as of the year 2022. Coming up to the recent, Annetteis is already into the games; she is a soccer player.Dewayne Turrentine bio

Furthermore, she is a student in Intermediate school and was a High Honor Roll student for 1st trimester in the year 2020.

Dewayne Turrentine bio is a father to two kids

Dewayne Turrentine bio’s two kids. Source: His Insta account

Likewise, Dewayne became a father of a son for the second time. His son Tyger Attila Turrentine was born on April 2, of the year 2011, as well as the year of the year 2022 make making his son 11 years old.

Dewayne Turrentine bio Has A Verified Instagram: His Other Social Media

The father of two is hugely available on Instagram under the username @goldenchildprince with around 10.5k followers where he keeps disseminating his personal as well as professional staff. His intro in his Insta account is catchy as well as says,


The greatness in me is not in how much wealth I develop but in my integrity & ability to affect those around me positively Scarlett as well as Tygers Dad.Dewayne Turrentine bio

Further, Dewayne Turrentine bio is also on Twitter under the username @PrinceSyc (Golden Child) with around 32.1k followers as well as around 11.9k Tweets in total. Moreover, short videos on Sewayne Turrentine Jr. are active on TikTok.

Dewayne Turrentine bio’s Net Worth

He undoubtedly has had a prosperous professional career. Over time, he not only seemed in numerous movies but also released several prosperous singles. Thus, his fortune is anticipated to be pretty high. While no official data about his net worth is available, sources estimate it to be skillfully in the millions.

Similarly, his wife has a fortune of around $1.5 million as per sources.


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