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Kris Brkljac bio is an Australian businessman who is more widespread as the husband of Stana Katic. She is a Canadian-American actress as well as producer famous for TV series such as “Castle” as well as “Absentia.” Kris Brkljac bio has also appeared in innumerable movies such as For Lovers Only, The Double, as well as Feast of Love, to name a few.

Besides being a celebrity husband, named Kris Brkljac bio is a successful businessman. Kris Brkljac bio strumbled from his early youth to reach where he is today. On accomplishing his career, he simultaneously met the love of his life as well as tied the knot with her dating for many years. Following their marriage, Kris, as well as Stana greeted their first baby in the year 2021. So let’s find out, how did the husband as well as wife meet? How is their connection?

Read the subheadings below to find out thorough information about the Hollywood actress Stana’s husband, named Kris Brkljac bio. We will also discuss his age, height, as well as net worth, as well as information about his wedding with the great Stana Katic. Stay with us till the end!

Kris Brkljac Bio, Age, As well as Early Details

An Australian businessman Kris Brkljac was born Kris Srboljub Brkljac bio on 26th April 1978 in the place of Australia. As of 2022, the entrepreneur is 44 years old as well as his great birth sign is Taurus.

Even though his birthplace is Australia, his ancestry comes from the place of Serbia. Also, later in his youth, Kris Brkljac bio moved to New York from Sydney. Accordingly, he holds Australian-American nationality as well as belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Kris Brkljac bio’s Parents, Siblings, As well as Education

As referred to earlier, Stana’s hubby Kris has a Serbian heritage. His parents initially resided in Lika, in former Yugoslavia, as well as later shifted to Australia a long time back, even before Kris Brkljac bio was born. Nonetheless, he hasn’t talked anything about his mother as well as father, not even their names.

Likewise, Kris Brkljac bio has two brothers named Dragoljub as well as Milan. Undoubtedly, like most siblings, they share great connections but his brothers have not made any public impressions, thus very little about them is known in the media.

Well, now to comment on his academic qualifications, he completed his high school education in the place of Sydney. Later, Kris Brkljac bio changed course to the United States as well achieved a degree in Communication Media Law from one of the colleges in the place of Sydney. Yet, he hasn’t disclosed the college he graduated from.

Is Kris Brkljac bio Still Married? All About His Wife

Yes, Kris is happily married to his long-time girlfriend-turned-wife named Stana Katic. She is a Canadian-American actress as well as a producer, prominent for her role as Kate Beckett in the romantic crime series named “Castle” (from the year 2009 to the year 2016) on ABC television. Likewise, she also appeared in the thriller series named Absentia (from the year 2017 to the year 2020) as Agent Emily.Kris Brkljac bio

Kris Brkljac bio’s wife named Stana Katic
Kris Brkljac bio’s wife named Stana Katic

Apart from the TV series, she has seemed in other multiple movies such as For Lovers Only, The Double, Feast of Love, as well as many more. In addition, she is also a nominee for many awards as well as is a winner of accolades such as the PRISM Awards as well as the People’s Choice Awards.

Stana Katic & Husband Kris Wedding, Meeting & More

The sweet pair Stana, as well as Kris Brkljac bio, have been together for more than a decade now. The pair met each other through the actress’ younger brother named Marko Katic, however, they haven’t revealed the date of their first meeting. Nonetheless, we know the fact that the pair has been together since the year 2000.Kris Brkljac bio

Kris Brkljac bio with his spouse named Stana Katic met back in the years of 2000s
Kris Brkljac bio with his spouse named Stana Katic
After their meeting back in the day, the duo dated for quite a long time before they declared openly their engagement in the year 2014. Following their engagement, the then-girlfriend, as well as boyfriend decided to walk down the aisle on April 25, of the year 2015, just a day before Stana’s great birthday.

The marriage ceremony was held at an Orthodox Serbian family monastery on the Dalmatian coast region in the place of Croatia. It was a private party that was attended only by their close friends as well as family members.

Does Kris Brkljac bio Have Children?

Well, the husband as well as the wife after some years of nuptials greeted their first child in 2021. Since both Kris as well as Stana maintain a low-key profile when it comes to their family as well as personal stuff, nobody had a clue of the big news coming on the way. Neither the couple announced their pregnancy nor the birth of a baby.

Regardless, the Castle star’s post on her Instagram hinted to her followers the news. She posted her beau’s image with a caption;

“Happy Father Day to all the Pappys out there, but a particularly Happy Pappy’s Day to my love. The best decision of my life I ever made was joining forces with you. We love you as well as are so glad we get to share this life. ❤️💋 #Blessed”Kris Brkljac bio

Kris Brkljac bio is a father to a kid with his wife

Kris Brkljac bio’s wife named Stana Katic with him during her early pregnancy while attending the EMA Awards
Even though the duo reportedly had their baby during the winter, they haven’t shared any details about it. The name, gender, as well as birth date, as well as appearance of the kid, are still under wraps. Well, the mother, as well as the father, might be planning to grandly introduce their baby or maybe they want to maintain the kid’s privacy just like they do theirs. She  is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Stana Katic’s Husband named Kris Brkljac bio Has A Successful Career

Kris Brkljac bio is an Australian businessman who toiled a lot during his early twenties to attain the place where he is today. He left his hometown as well as resided in the place of New York City seeking a job that satisfies him. He has made his individuality through his hard work, living on the streets, as well as being homeless at the youthful age of 21 years old.


All his hard work paid off as he runs an international sales as well as a growth company. He is also an independent consultant as well as a head executive strategist for around 500 companies. Before this, he also followed as the vice president of sales at great Dispute Suite.Kris Brkljac bio

What Is Kris Brkljac bio’s Net Worth?

Being an established businessman as well as working from the early age of 21, Kris must have accumulated a good fortune. He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million to $5 million. He has compiled his worth from his prosperous business career.


Meanwhile, he is also a famous Hollywood actress. She is a multi-millionaire with a total fortune of around $12 million to around $15 million.

What Is The Height of Kris Brkljac bio?

The height of the great businessman is 5 feet as well as 6 inches tall.


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