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Dodie Levy Fraser was better called an ex-wife of one of the greatest Hollywood stars named Michael Landon.  Dodie Levy Fraser’s ex-hubby just kicked off his acting journey around the similar time the couple tied the knot. Regardless, it couldn’t be last for long as the now-late-exes separated after approximately six years of their relationship.

Also, know did the former flames have any children? Moreover, Dodie was the mother of Mark Landon, a late actor, with her early husband.

In the upcoming paragraphs of the article, we will discuss further her parents, siblings, as well as many unexplored facts you didn’t know!

Who Were Dodie Levy Fraser’s Parents? Details on Her Date of Birth as well as Siblings

Dodie Levy Fraser was born on March 16 in the year 1933, in New York City, New York. She was the daughter of Victoria Dora Samarel  Levy as well as Nissim Levy. She spent most of her early life in New York City with her family. Dodie also has two older siblings named Mary Levy Rugraffe, born in the year 1926, and Solomon Isaac Solly Levy, born In the year 1930. The oldest Mary died in the year 1989.

Additionally, talking about her ethnicity,  Dodie Levy Fraser is a Caucasian and she belongs to the American identity.

Michael Landon’s first wife

By profession, The late celebrity spouse was a legal secretary. As per sources, there is not much information about her career accomplishments. She rose to stardom just after her marriage to the then-rising actor named Michael Landon

Dodie Levy Fraser
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When the couple Married

Dodie Levy Fraser and Michael exchanged their vows on Mar 11 in the year 1956, in a low-key wedding ceremony which was attended by their family members as well as close pals. At the same time, Dodie Levy Fraser’s then-husband Michael had begun his career in show business scoring the first role in a television series named Telephone Time.

After four years into a marital relationship, the couple also began a family together, adopting a son named Josh Fraser Landon as an infant. Josh was born on 11th Feb in the year 1960. It was until their relationship was looking pretty good.

But, just after the burgeoning acting career with the long-running roles of Michael, the actor was not able to handle his marriage which slowly started falling apart. Furthermore, in the early 1960s, Landon also had started a relationship with his then-second wife named Marjorie Lynn Noe. At that time, the actor was still married to Dodie Levy Fraser.

Landon gradually left his first wife for his new woman named Marjorie. The Bonanza star filed for divorce in March in the year 1962. Their divorce proceeding ended in the month of December of the same year.


The famous ex-wife, Fraser, was born on March 16 in the year 1933. Her birthplace is New York City which is in the United States of America. Dodie Levy Fraser was born to her parents named Victoria Samuel Levy and Nissim Levy.

Furthermore, she was raised with Mary Levy Rugraffe as well as Solomon Isaac Solly Levy. Unluckily, her oldest sibling, Mary, died in the year 1989.

Dodie Levy Fraser
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A few months after their finalization of the divorce, Landon tied the knot with his second wife named Lynn Noe on January 12 in the year 1963. Their relationship also ended in divorce. They had five children including a film director as well as producer Christopher Beau Landon. For the third time, Michael married Cindy Clerico, a Hollywood makeup artist on February 14 in the year 1983.

The two were together until the actor’s death on July 1 in the year 1991. He was just 54 years old at the time of his demise. Just Like her ex-hubby, Dodie Levy Fraser also married thrice throughout her life. Unfortunately, we lost him just at the age of 54. The date was 1 July. Dodie Levy Fraser married three times just as her ex-husband.

Dodie Levy Fraser Son Mark Landon
Dodie Levy Fraser had a son named Mark Landon who was born on October 1 in the year 1948 with her first husband who, sadly, died after their marriage. She never discussed her first late husband much. Soon after his death, Dodie Levy Fraser met Michael who adopted her first child Mark in the same year they married in the year 1956.

Growing up under the adopted actor father, Mark soon acquired a great enthusiasm for acting. He made his professional debut in the 1991 TV movie ‘Us.’ He played the role of a cab driver in the project which was composed and directed by Michael also. Similarly, Mark also came off in a few movies like Double-Edge as well as  Goodbye America.

What Happened to Mark Landon?

There were questions all around regarding what happened to Mark Landon. Dodie Levy Fraser’s first son named Mark was found dead at his house located in West Hollywood on 11th May in the year 2009 at the age of just 60. As per Sgt. David Infante of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, no immediate evidence of his death were found. He was buried at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery which is in Culver City, California.

Dodie Levy Fraser
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Dodie Levy Fraser Third Marriage to Dr. Peter Lake

After getting divorced from Michael, Dodie Levy Fraser for the third time married Dr. Peter Lake in the year 1971. Both of them always remained quite secretive about their marriage. As per Sources, they were still married and in a relationship until Dodie Levy Fraser’s death.


Reason for Dodie Levy Fraser’s Death
Dodie Levy Fraser died on 5th July in the year 1994 at the age of just 61, in Palm Springs, Riverside County which is in California. As per sources, No genuine reasons are found behind her death found yet. Her body was interred at Home of Peace Memorial Park which is in the Cemetery in East Los Angeles.

Dodie Levy Fraser Net Worth

Dodie Levy Fraser had a net worth of around $500,000 at the time of her death. Her major source of income was her profession which was of a legal secretary. Similarly, her ex-husband Michael had an estimated wealth of around  $40 million net worth at the time of his death in the year 1991. She had a very good fortune and she lived a happy and satisfying life.


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