Nicole Covone
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Nicole Covone is the ex-wife of Lil Durk, a rapper who rose to global success after being starred on Drake’s hit single Laugh Now Cry Later. Nicole Covone’s ex-husband, Lil Durk is also the creator of the famous Chicago rap collection Only The Family. After creating rap tracks on social media accounts, Lil Durk attained ground on the rap scene with his mixtape Life Ain’t No Joke.

It’s been a while since people began noticing and getting a little curiosity in Lil Durk’s life — professional or otherwise. And when we talk about the rapper’s romantic side, Nicole Covone’s a very famous name that keeps popping up.

Nicole Covone is the player’s baby mama, and Nicole Covone once had a promising and loving allegiance to him. So what’s wrong with them? And where are these two now? Have they gone on their different ways? Let’s try to find out the answers to these questions.

Nicole Covone Relationship With Lil Durk, a rapper:

Nicole Covone
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The Chicago native, Nicole Covone who is born on the 25th of April in 1990 has started dating Lil Durk, in the year 2008 when the couple was still in their teenage years. When these pair have completed three years of their relationship, these high school beloveds welcomed a son whose name is Angelo on the 28th of November in 2011. Nicole Covone and Lil Durk married shortly afterward and had yet been blessed with another child who is a daughter whose name is Bella. Bella was born on the 18th of July in 2013.

Things were going well in the life of Nicole Covone and Lil Durk for a while. Unfortunately for Nicole Covone, her artist husband who is also a rapper, Lil Durk was keeping a destructive secret that would ultimately break their relationship for good and all.

Shortly after Nicole Covone gave birth to Bella, the birth of the rapper, Lil Durk’s third kid Zayden was all out in the community.

To everyone’s surprise, Nicole Covone was not Zayden’s mother. While her husband, Lil Durk was sensible to keep the other woman’s name out of the media, Lil Durk did understand duty for his son, Zayden, and passed on his name. Nicole Covone, though, was not able to move past all the cheating and lying.

Thereafter, the new mother, Nicole Covone determined to get a divorce just after a few months after giving birth to Bella.

Nicole Covone Was About To Give Birth To Bella When Lil Durk Was In Court:

In June of 2013, Lil Durk got himself behind bars after administrations allegedly found him in the custody of a loaded .40 caliber firearm.

Reportedly, the then 20-year-old attempted to get free of the gun by throwing it into a vehicle.


Also on hand for support was Nicole Covone who is 23 years old was “literally about to pop,” alongside Lil Durk’s family members. Nicole Covone was due to give birth to her daughter, Bella that day and told the media platforms that Lil Durk isn’t guilty and that Nicole Covone didn’t want to go into labor with Lil Durk behind bars. Nicole Covone claimed that Lil Durk was innocent.

Nicole Covone’s Online Feed With Her Ex-Husband, Lil Durk:

Lil Durk is a very good dad to all his children, and his lovers know that Lil Durk’s got the means to back up their everyday needs. Then again, Nicole Covone — and likely the other newborns’ moms — don’t always approve of the fact that Lil Durk is certainly a good father to his kids.

In the year 2016, Lil Durk took to his Instagram account and said that he wished to take all of his kids away from their mothers so that he could raise them on his own. Lil Durk, however, admitted, that children’s mothers were all “good and perfect.”

To this, Nicole Covone had some option words for him urging Lil Durk to stay a little away from social media and do better as a father.

Nicole Covone added that while Lil Durk was a “great father” to their two children, she wasn’t confident about what was going on with him at that particular moment. Nicole Covone said it seemed like Lil Durk “wants some attention” and that Lil Durk “gotta be talking to his other 10 BABYMAMAS” in saying that Lil Durk’s “taking somebody’s kids.”

Nicole Covone pointed up her point by saying that “ Lil Durk knows it Ain’t flying this way” and referring that Lil Durk “stop the nonsense”.

Who Is Nicole Covone’s Ex-Husband, Lil Durk Dating Now?

The Chicago-born rapper, Lil Durk is presently dating India Royale. The couple greeted their baby girl, Willow in October of 2018.

Lil Durk started his relationship with India Royale in 2017. Lil Durk asked her to walk down the aisle with him in September of 2018. In addition to Bella, Zayden, Angela, and Willow, Lil Durk has two more kids, Skyler and Du’mier both are born in the year 2014.

Lil Durk is yet to reveal the name of Skyler’s and Du’mier’s mother.

Has Nicole Covone Moved On Too in her life?

Nicole Covone
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Nicole Covone, these days, appears to be pretty busy with being a mother of her two children with her ex-husband, Lil Durk. Through Nicole Covone’s Facebook account, Nicole Covone has described herself as unmarried.

Strange enough, Nicole Covone is yet to put out pictures of Lil Durk from her Facebook account coven though the dust has fully stabilized.

While Lil Durk has verified his relationship with India Royale on various occasions through his Instagram account, Nicole Covone is yet to disclose her new love partner. It’s unclear if Nicole Covone is staring for a new companion in the first place.

All about Lil Durk:

Lil Durk is one of the approaching American Rappers from Chicago. Lil Durk was born Durk Banks and then he had adopted the stage name, Lil Durk. Lil Durk began exhibiting concern in music from a young age and Lil Durk has self-released his first mixtapes on his OTF (Only the Family) label. After Lil Durk’s initial success, Lil Durk has begun assessing music as his full-time professional option starting from early 2010.

Lil Durk after that signed with the recording label ‘Def Jam Recordings’ and Lil Durk is now ranked by reviewers as the favorable rapper to be linked with the prestigious recording label. The severe neighborhood where Lil Durk was born and raised had an unfavorable effect on his family.

Lil Durk’s father was detained for life in the year 1994 on drug-associated penalties and Lil Durk’s family encountered financial hardships during his childhood. Chicago’s street violence had a very bad impact on many of his early releases.

Childhood & Early Life of Lil Durk:

Lil Durk was born on the 19th of October in1992 to a nurse and Dontay Banks in Chicago. The information about his mom is not available right now. Lil Durk has a brother whose name is D Thang. D Thang is also seen in some of the videos of Lil Durk.

Lil Durk had to shoulder duty at a very young age as his father was imprisoned when Lil Durk was only 7 years old. In an exclusive interview with a magazine, Lil Durk remembered that there was not even sufficient food in their home when Lil Durk was young.

The violent neighborhood in which Lil Durk was brought up had a very deep impact on Lil Durk. During his teenage, Lil Durk was imprisoned briefly on penalty of possessing projectiles.


Lil Durk did not obtain any consent to learn music in his childhood. Lil Durk learned on his own by watching music videos on TV. Lil Durk assessed rap as a full-time career after the achievement of his two singles ‘I’ma Hitta’ and ‘Sneak Dissin‘’.

Lil Durk began his first breakthrough social media accounts like YouTube and Myspace. Lil Durk was relieved when his online lover base started growing quickly. Lil Durk could concentrate more on his career after Lil Durk came to be a dad at a very young age of 17 as he felt more liable in raising people who are depend on him.

The career of Lil Durk:

In the early years of his career, Lil Durk was correlated with the Glo Gang label facilitated by another Chicago-based rapper, Chief Keef. But Lil Durk was never ratified into the label. Due to only this reason, Lil Durk began to establish his image in the music world.

After the success of his first two single albums, Lil Durk published a mixtape called ‘Life Ain’t No Joke’. This mixtape was downloaded by people almost 216,000 times on the online mixtape distribution platform- DatPiff. Social media accounts played a very important role in the popularizing ‘Life Ain’t No Joke’.

In December of 2012, Lil Durk published a new track called ‘L’s Anthem’ which was shown at French Montana and has got fame.

The rage of ‘L’s Anthem’ helped Lil Durk to join a joint project with Def Jam Recordings. Lil Durk’s fourth mixtape, ‘Signed to the Streets was published on the 14th of October in 2013. The mixtape was entirely broadcasted on DatPiff under OTF (his own) labels and the Coke Boys. A series to ‘Signed to the Streets’ was broadcast in July of 2014.


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