Donna Benedicto

Donna Benedicto is a singer, model, as well as actress known mostly for Hallmark movies. Fer of her films is A Wish For Christmas, Operation Christmas, Four Christmas, And A Wedding, Forever Christmas, Christmas On My Mind, Farmer Seeking Love, and many others.

As a singer, Donna has been a big name in Vancouver’s cover band scene for the past many years.

Donna Benedicto’s face is familiar to many as she also lights up stages across the city with her very soulful vocals. Talking about Singing-wise, her work spans all the musical genres.

Donna Benedicto has been making Hallmark films since the year 2016, as well as while that might seem like a relatively short time, she has managed to be in dozens of Hallmark movies. Much to the people’s surprise, Donna Benedicto has been indifferent to Hallmark movies.

The Brunette celebrity says that she just loves getting to highlight the supporting cast.

And the viewers adore her, as well as her fans believe she is well on her way to becoming a much-sought-after star. Her other notable appearances encompass television series such as Supergirl, Almost Human, and The Main Event.

Take a look at length with Donna Benedicto to trace the adventurous journey that brought her to her present standing that looks promising as it could be.

What Is Donna Benedicto Nationality?

While Donna Benedicto, by nationality is a Canadian, she was born in the place of Vancouver.

Donna Benedicto

Donna is growing up in Richmond in a Filipino family. Her parents were first-generation Filipinos. Moreover, She many times gets roles as Filipinos on TV.

The recurring star studied at Hugh Boyd Secondary in Richmond. Despite Donna Benedicto celebrating her birthday in October, the year she was born is still a mystery. By and large, Donna nonetheless is supposed to be in her late 20s.

Donna Benedicto Struggled During Her School Years

Donna Benedicto admits that she struggled to fit in at her school socially. Furthermore, Her elementary school was mostly white so for her, fitting in was very hard. Because of this, her schoolwork took a major backseat. Donna Benedicto would do just enough to pass all the tests.

The Forever Christmas star once said that she would never do any homework. Moreover, She also says that people who went to Hugh Boyd with her don’t remember her at all.

This she states is partly because in grades 10, 11, as well as 12 she never attended school continuously. Donna would skip them all the time. She would call in and pretend to be just her mom (in an impeccable Filipina accent). She also admits to feeling that always insecure when she was at school.

Benedicto Originally began as Singer
Donna’s Filipino parents initially wanted her to be a nurse, a dental assistant, or a hygienist. But once she did a show when they were realuraging.

For her, the singing started when she was young; she sang her first song at 4 years, in church. Donna sang in the church until the age of around 11 years.

Donna Benedicto

Donna Benedicto says she developed an interest in music because of Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. She once disclosed growing up listening mostly to R&B and soul. Benedicto during that time was also managing a busy bar through which she was making a leaving.

During an interview talking regarding those times, the Christmas On My Mind actress said, that she didn’t have d of goal or passion for anything. She had a boyfriend at the time tell me that she was a pretty decent singer, as well as he encouraged her to take some lessons.

Donna Benedicto ultimately took lessons for about a year. Donna Benedicto had been working at this bar for around six years, and after a while, her boss found out about her singing lessons. He first made her sing at a staff party also.

Donna Benedicto says she was all right back then; was a very good singer but because she had been working at the bar for around six years, her employers knew that if they gave her a show, then everyone is gonna come. Donna got a show every month. Over time, she got better and better and liked the performing aspects of it.

Donna Benedicto then auditioned to be in a cover band. Once she got in, she didn’t have any creative control, so the Hallmark actress never get to pick any of the songs they sang.

While Donna Benedicto would practice 8 hours a day, every day, beginning a couple of months before the show, she didn’t write music or anything like that. For her, singing was more than a hobby.


Why Did Donna Benedicto Move To The Acting?

While Donna Benedicto was following her childhood love, her job as a singer in the band had to do several songs that she didn’t land that wasn’t really to her taste. The now emerging TV star ultimately took a break from singing and started taking acting classes after which she says that she was hooked.

Talking about what she liked about her second career interest, Benedicto said that It’s not the writing part that she is passionate about. She loves singing and all that, but for me, it’s the performance aspect of acting and singing that she enjoys. So that’s how she got started. And just like anything, you get better and better.


Donna Benedicto believes, to her that it makes a lot of sense for actors to start as musicians. She claims that the latter helped with her current career many times.

Donna Benedicto Acting Career

Donna Benedicto began her acting career by landing a cameo role as Cindy in the year 2013 documentary series Untold Stories Of The ER. She then starred in the year 2014 short movie regardless after which she got another one-time role in the TV series named Almost Human.


Some of her next few projects included a short movie I’m Just Saying of the year 2015, mini tv series, Minority Report, the 2016 tv show, iZombie, and Heartbeat (also a tv show).

Her first time acting in a movie was for the year 2016 TV film, named The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story. The same year, Donna landed her first Hallmark movie job; her role of Megan in the year 2016 film, named A Wish For Christmas.

Donna Benedicto

Since then Donna Benedicto has been on over 40 projects films as well as TV shows combined. So far her notable tv show appearances are as Mandy in the CW’s Supernatural, as Doctor in UnReal, Kendra in A Million Little Things, as well as Agent Reiff in Supergirl.

Is Donna Benedicto Married?

For all that Donna Benedicto is expressive regarding her life on her social media handles, she is yet to share a part of her love life. By the looks of her Instagram feeds, it seems the one-time iZombie actress is more or less single much less as compared with a husband.


Donna Benedicto doesn’t hesitate to share her hangouts as well as girls’ night/day outs. But she conversely is nowhere near stating if she has a boyfriend or not.

While Donna Benedicto has disclosed it was her ex-partner who encouraged her to go for singing, she hasn’t revealed who he was or if things still stand with him. Though the latter part seems less similar in that Donna Benedicto herself has come a long way from her singing career.



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