Sarah Russi

Sarah Russi is an adult model as well as an online adult entertainer. She is famous as the girlfriend of Mason Reese.

Sarah Russi is also an actress, known for the TV series Palo Alto of the year 2014, and other similar projects like Party Day Massacre Stories of the year 2018, and Crois-moi of the year 2012. Moreover, she has around 350,000 followers on her Instagram.

Besides, Sarah Russi often makes headlines as the girlfriend of a former child actor named Mason Reese. Her partner, Reese worked in over 75 commercials in the 70s as well as was also a recurring guest on the Mike Douglas Show from the year 1973 to the year 1980.

Sarah Russi’s boyfriend Mason rose to fame due to his work in various commercials, particularly Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran, as well as Dunkin’ Donuts.

Seven of his commercials went on to win Clio awards, encompassing the coveted best male actor Clio. What’s more, the millionaire, who resides in New York, is 4 ft 10 in and earlier owned different restaurants and bars.

He had around three establishments in New York – Paladar, Destination Bar, and Grille, as well as The Luxury Box, though all of which are now closed.

Reese additionally is the son of William Reese as well as retired actress Sonia Darrin, who became a restaurant entrepreneur following her acting career.

Mason as well as Sarah Russi are those kinds of couples who have a significant age gap with the latter being around 27 years younger than the former and they are used to getting looks as well as stares when they go out in public.

Moreover, the 57-year-old Mason Reese and Sarah Russi are 29 years old and don’t look like an average couple. The pair, however, has often so much to say regarding their bondage.

Sarah Russi

Know all of them in the write-up below whilst also reading an extended description of Mason’s girlfriend’s life, named Sarah Russi, her early life, career, how she met her boyfriend? and much more.

Sarah Russi Is From Manhattan

The beautiful Sarah Russi is a native of Manhattan, which is in New York though she has also lived in the place of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

However, for all the interviews as all as candid conversations, she’s had, Sarah Russi is yet to shed a light on her upbringing about her parental specifics.

Sarah Russi

Sarah Russi Makes Decent Money

As stated Sarah Russi is an adult model as well as an online adult entertainer. To say more, she is an adult as well as a webcam model. However, She has also worked as a sugar baby in the past.

Sarah Russi used to be a woman who accepts gifts from older men frequently in the form of money, rent or mortgage payments, travel expenses, shopping sprees, as well as a plethora of other niceties.

She gets an allowance to meet up with men who are normally older than her and they would give her an average of around $1000. Sarah Russi usually goes all the way with her Sugar daddies. She though now mostly works as a camgirl, getting paid to talk to as well as interact with men online.

Sarah Russi also gets around $100 to $150 per hour from her camming jobs. The brunette online model is represented by an adult entertainment publicist named Lainie Speiser. Explaining how she got into the business, Sarah Russi once said that she had always wished to date older men and then make money.

Mason Reese’s Girlfriend: Sarah Russi

In an interview with This Morning in June in the year 2019, Sarah explained that it was a friend of hers who turned her attention to Reese as well as told her he was a child actor.

Sarah Russi however was unfamiliar with Reese’s work, so she looked him up before sending the actor a Facebook friend request — which he accepted.

Sarah Russi said after the Life Interrupted star liked a few of her pictures, the pair started getting to know each other. Reese met the ex-child performer in the place of Los Angeles at an adult convention.

Sarah Russi

They began their relationship in the year 2018 after meeting at the Chiller Theatre Expo, a horror and pop culture convention, in New Jersey.

Moreover, Sarah Russi was working, signing modeling posters, and taking pictures with fans as well. She was on a date with another guy, an actor. Sarah though ditched him as well as went with Mason.

The man and Mason were also good friends with each other. When she was about to meet Mason, Sarah Russi was living in the Pittsburgh apartment.


In the beginning, both of them agree that it was innocent, playful flirting. Mason says after meeting Sarah Russi, he said her every day he was in town for over a month.

He admits when Sarah Russi first expressed interest in really being in a relationship with him he found it just as shocking as anyone else. Sara also said that after their first date, their relationship progressed rather quickly.

Sarah Russi

Sarah Russi once also disclosed Reese has even already met her parents and her father is a big fan of the actor. As for Reese, he says though their age difference their relationship has taken off since the pair first met.

Is Sarah Russi Planning To Get Married?

Talking regarding the probability of getting married, Russi told FOX in June in the year 2019, She wants marriage at some point. they made a deal that if they were still together in two years that they would get married and we talked about getting promise rings.

Reese as for himself said that their relationship is a commitment type of thing he didn’t feel the rush to get married.

Sonia Darrin’s son said that it’s not something that has ever been that important to him. He, though, mentioned Sarah Russi looks at it in a much more convenient manner than what he does.

They nonetheless do have many plans to get married. As per reports, The couple also has promise rings tattooed around their fingers for that. The couple, however, isn’t looking for kids as well.

Sarah Russi, As well as Mason Reese, Have Been On Several Shows

Additionally, Mason and Sarah Russi have also done interviews and appeared on television to talk regarding, and in different cases defend their relationship. The couple appeared on ITV’s This Morning on June 20, in the year 2019, to talk about their love for each other. Both of them have also been on a reality spin-off of Extreme Love called ove don’t Judge where they gave a glimpse into their relationship.

Sarah Russi

In their Love Don’t Judge episode, Sarah Russi talks regarding her career as an adult and webcam model, saying that it’s not just a sexual thing for her but she also enjoys getting to know more people.


While Mason gets uncomfortable sometimes, he admits to being very supportive of Sarah as well as her profession. He has said he’s not jealous of his girlfriend talking with any other men.

While the couple didn’t share each other pictures on their social media handles, they are still very much supposed to be together and residing in NYC.

Sarah Current Residence

Reese has accepted that some people have asked her if she is really with him for no money. Although Sarah Russi has earlier been a sugar baby, she maintains that her relationship with Mason is strictly very personal.

She frequently blasts suggestions that she’s with him for money, despite dating sugar daddies in the past. Once Sarah hit back at claims that she’s using Mason as a Sugar Daddy by announcing that she doesn’t ask for his money.


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