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Derek Tisdelle, Michelle Morgan’s husband might be one of the least heard names in the entertainment industry. However, he is not a celebrity in himself but, being a celebrity’s husband, he could have lived an active life on the media platforms. Derek Tisdelle is the spouse of well-known Canadian actress, Michelle Morgan. Michelle Morgan is popular for her role in Heartless, the long-running Canadian TV drama series.

However, Tisdelle is not active on social media much and barely makes public appearances with his wife. That’s why many of you might be unaware of Derek Tisdelle lifestyle. In today’s article, Derek Tisdelle’s biography, wife, age, nationality, net worth, wedding, and about him we are trying to find out all the hidden secrets of Derek Tisdelle. Read below.

Derek Tisdelle is a Canadian Actor:

Derek Tisdelle was born and raised in Canada. But there is no information on where and when he was born. Derek Tisdelle holds Canadian ethnicity and belongs to white nationality.

Married to a Canadian Actress Michelle Morgan in 2012:

Derek Tisdelle married Canadian actress, Michelle Morgan on the 30th of June, 2012, after a few years of relationship. Both Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan have been secretive about their relationship before they get married. Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan reportedly met in the market in Alberta, Canada.

On the 30th of June, 2019, Michelle Morgan took to Instagram account marking her seventh wedding anniversary with her husband Derek Tisdelle. Michelle Morgan shared a photo with her husband, Derek Tisdelle, and their daughter, Mara. “Happy 7th Anniversary Derek and Michelle Morgan,” wrote Michelle Morgan in the caption of her post. Have a look.

Derek Tisdelle is not much present on social media, so he never shares his relationship with his wife on the media platforms. But, his wife, Michelle Morgan often shares their vacations and trips on her social media. Michelle Morgan frequently shares her photos with her husband and her children and sometimes also with her colleagues.

Moreover, the wife and husband frequently attend award shows and several film events together which Michelle Morgan cheerily shares on her social media account.

Who is Derek’s wife, Michelle Morgan?

Derek Tisdelle
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Michelle Morgan is a Canadian director, actress, producer, and writer famous for her portrait of Samantha Louise in the CBC series, Heartland. Michelle Morgan was born as the fourth child of Chilean-Canadian parents. Michelle Morgan was born on the 16th of July in 1981, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Michelle Morgan has five siblings, two younger and three older. Michelle Morgan grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Michelle Morgan reportedly studied classical literature and theatre at the University of Toronto and after this, she went on to pursue an acting career

Michelle Morgan made her debut on television with a small role of Rebecca in the 1999 television movie, Road Rage. Then in 2005, Michelle Morgan portrayed the character of Onyangos Tochter in an episode of Die Patriarchin. In 2007, Michelle Morgan landed the most famous role of her career as Samantha Louise in the CBC series Heartland.

The Canadian family drama TV series airs in the United States on UPtv and The CW. On the 29th of March in 2015, Heartland came to be the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history. This series had been renewed for the fourteenth season in May of 2020.

Derek Tisdelle is a Father of Two children:

Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan have been married for almost eight years. The wife and husband are blessed with two children. They gave birth to their first child, that was a baby girl Mara Carmen on the 1st of April in 2011. Mara Carmen reportedly weighed 7 lbs and 3 oz. at her birth.


After two years, on the 30th of September in 2013, Tisdelle and his wife Michelle Morgan welcomed their second child. The couple gave birth to a boy, Noah Santiago. Actress Michelle Morgan was 32 years old when she became a mom for the second time.

Derek Tisdelle is a Supportive Husband

Michelle Morgan remains stuck to her hectic schedule almost every day. Being a mother of two children, Michelle Morgan has to manage a lot to be able to go on with her career as an actress. But thanks to her beloved husband, Derek Tisdelle. Michelle Morgan says, her husband, Derek Tisdelle has been very supportive of her career choice. Michelle Morgan said that she doesn’t have to give more time at home like in raising their two children.

Michelle Morgan barely talks about her husband, Derek Tisdelle in interviews. Though, during a recent exclusive interview, Michelle Morgan disclosed that she never has to allocate her time for their children and in other household works which is one of the reasons for her successful acting career.

Derek Tisdelle is a Film Producer:

Some online sources have mentioned that he is an investor and a film producer. But, there is no official verification of Derek Tisdelle career and work as of yet.

Derek’s wife, Michelle is a Millionaire

Derek Tisdelle wife, Michelle Morgan has been serving as an actress for more than two decades. From such an extended acting career, Michelle Morgan has not only earned worldwide prosperity but a handsome sum of fortune Michelle Morgan’s exact worth is still under review, though, we can tell she has the net worth in millions. However, some online sources have figured her net worth to be almost $2 million.

Derek Tisdelle Professional Experience in the entertainment industry.

As a famous actor, Derek Tisdelle has no previous professional experience. Derek Tisdelle has no television show but has become famous for himself as a successful film producer and director. His net worth is approximately $200 thousand. Derek Tesidelle’s wife is a well-known Canadian actress and is a part of the Heartland ensemble. The couple has children together: David, a daughter born in 1999, and Mara Carmen in 2011.

Yoga and Snowboarding

While Derek Tisdelle is a successful actor, Derek Tisdelle has no professional career. His wife, Michelle Morgan, is a Canadian actress. In addition to that, the couple has two kids. Their both children are born in Vancouver. The duo enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and yoga. In their free time, both spend time with their families. They love spending time together and also they are very close. They also have a kid of their own.

Derek Tisdelle Net Worth is a Canadian actor, director, Michelle Morgan Life Story, and producer. He has two producing honors in his name. He gained fame as the celebrity husband of Michelle Morgan. Michelle Morgan made her acting debut in the 1999 film Road Rage and starred in the CBC series Heartland. Since their marriage, they have had two daughters. Noah Santiago and Mara Carmen were born to the couple. Their son is also named after their mother.

Derek Tisdelle’s Children

Derek Tisdelle
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Derek Tisdelle is married to Michelle Morgan. They met while shopping at a supermarket and were married on the 30th of June in 2012. They have two children, Noah Santiago (born September 30, 2013) and Mara Carmen (born April 1, 2011). Their relationship is solid and they are both supportive and happy with each other. Currently, they live in Vancouver, Canada, and they have two children together. Listed below are the three children they have.

Marriage Ceremony

Although Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan had dated for many years, the two got married in a lavish ceremony in 2012. In 1999, Michelle Morgan joined the world of acting in her first role as Rebecca in the TV series Road Rage. She later appeared in the series, Die Patriarchin, where she played Onyango’s daughter. However, their relationship is still a mystery, and their marriage is far from over.

Snowboarding & yoga

While Derek Tisdelle is a famous actor, he has no professional career. His wife, Michelle Morgan, is an actress. In addition, the couple has two kids. Both are Canadian citizens. Their children are born in Vancouver. The couple enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and yoga. In their free time, they spend time with their families. They love spending time together and are very close. They also have a child of their own.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Derek Tisdelle


Now talking about his physical appearances, Derek Tisdelle is a tall and handsome man with an average weight. Derek Tisdelle has perfect body measurements with dark brown hair and pretty blue eyes and which adds glamour to his face. Though, his actual body measurements, such as height, dress size, weight, shoe size, waist size, etc., are still not available on any online platforms.

More Facts:

Derek Tisdelle is the husband of a famous Canadian producer, actor, and writer, Michelle Morgan.

We can find Michelle Morgan’s biography even on trusted online platforms like Wikipedia and many more.

However, there is no information about Derek Tisdelle’s exact place and time of birth, so we cannot determine his zodiac sign and age.

However, her wife, Michelle Morgan often shares gorgeous pictures featuring Derek Tisdella and their kids on her personal Instagram account.

The exact location of their wedding ceremony is still a secret. Michelle Morgan frequently posts lovely pictures of her children on her Instagram account.

His wife, Michelle Morgan, is a prosperous woman with a net worth of over $2 million, with which she lives a luxurious life with her children and husband.


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