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Vanna White is an American TV personality. She gained a large recognition for her work in the TV game show Wheel of Fortune. She achieved so much fame and name. Even her children have been treated like a celebrity for many years. Well, we are going to know about her youngest and cutest daughter Gigi Santo Pietro.

Gigi Santo Pietro is an actress just as her mother is. Though, she has just appeared in some TV series so far. This article contains some untold and unknown facts about her career, family, boyfriend, as well as marriage.

Gigi Santo Pietro  Family Background
Vana White, A celebrity daughter of Gigi Santo Pietro born on July 1, 1997. She was born in the United States.

Her father is George Santo Pietro and her mother is Vanna White. At present, She is 25 years old. She is the youngest child of Vana and George Santo Pietro.

Gigi Santo Pietro grew up with both her parents. She lived with them until they divorced in the year 2002.

But since they separated their ways, she has been seen living with her mother. She sometimes lives many certain times with her father as well.

Gigi Santa Pietro’s Education:-

Well, Talking about her education, she graduated from NTU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. She studied there from the year 2015 to 2019. Later on, she joined NYC school, where she studied photography as well as imaging.  Presently, She is pursuing her passion for photography.

Gigi Santo Pietro
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Gigi Santa Pietro Siblings

Gigi Santa Pietro has two older siblings. One is Nikko Santo Pietro, and a half-brother Andrea Santo Pietro. He was a child from her father’s previous relationship.

While Nikko was born on June 10, 1994, and is 27. Andrea was born in 1982 and at present, his age is 40 years.

She has never been seen or made a public appearance with her half-brother Andrea. She is often seen with her brother. She is very close to her biological brother Nikko.

Both of them love spending time with him. In the year 2018, she even spent a whole day on New Year Eve. She spent the day with her brother and other family members.

Well, Gigi Pietro’s mother never misses an opportunity to share any lovely photo from any of their beautiful day. In the caption, she wished happy new year 2020 from her family.

Gigi Santo Pietro is An Actress just like Her Mother. Just like any other star kid, Gigi Santa Pietro is also pretty much-influenced and inspired by her mother Vanna. like her mother, she is also working in acting but has unluckily she appeared in only few TV series.

Her first TV appearance was in 2010, in Wheel of Fortune. Later on, in the year 2020, she made an appearance in an episode of CBS News Sunday Morning.

Gigi Santo Pietro
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Talking about her mother Vanna White, she has appeared and worked in dozens of movies as well as TV series. In 1981, She created her acting debut with the TV movie Midnight Offerings.

In The same year, she was working on two other projects Graduation Day, Looker, in which she played the role named Doris, & Reston Girl respectively.

Some of her other acting gigs include Style & Substance, The King of Queens, Double Dragon, and many more. Besides acting, she has also hosted various TV series. She is called for Wheel of Fortune.

It has been hosted by her since 1983. She has also done hosting in various other works like Entertainment Tonight, CBS News Sunday Morning, and Good Morning America.

Gigi Santo Pietro’s Father

Gigi Santo’s father George Santo Pietro works as a restaurant owner. George Santo Pietro has an Italian ethnic background. George owns various restaurants in different cities in the United States.

Apart from working in restaurants, he is also working in real estate and is very successful in both fields. He is not done with this only.

He even explored and had his hands in movies as well as TV. He has appeared and worked in TV series such as Good Morning America, Brooklyn South, Star Trek: Voyager, and various others.

Gigi’s Parents Divorced When She Was Young

Her parents were living very happily before they separated their ways. It is quite needless to mention that Gigi Santo Pietro’s parents were the center of attention as one of the most talked-about couples in past.

Despite getting so much love as well as popularity. They shared a sweet and a real-life duo.  But unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last forever and they parted their ways.


The couple got married in December 1990. They announced about marriage days earlier in a ski resort. The couple got their marriage license from the Pitkin County Courthouse. Instead of love and understanding, their relationship did not last forever.

Their relationship was not meant to last. After 12 years of their successful married life, they divorced. From the sources and the media, we are not able to find any information regarding the reasons for their separation. As they haven’t revealed anything exactly to the media regarding the reasons behind their divorce.

Gigi Santo Pietro
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After getting a divorce from George Santo Pietro, Vanna White started dating a businessman whose name is Michael Kaye. But this time again, her luck did not work well. Their relationship didn’t last for long. So they parted their ways Well, as per sources and media since, 2012, she is reportedly dating a guy whose name is John Donaldson. John Donaldson is a contractor. The couple seems to be interested in each other. They are sharing a good life for years now.

On the other hand, George Santo Pietro has kept his love life away from the limelight as well as media. From the media and sources, there are rumors that he has married Melissa Mascari in 2005, but that’s untrue. So we are not sure about it.

Who Is Gigi Santo Pietro Boyfriend?

As Gigi Santo Pietro is a star kid so all her fans expect that she has any boyfriend. They expect her to be dating, but the reality is that Gigi Santo Pietro is single. Currently, she is not having a boyfriend. As a young girl, she is working on her career. She has a creative mind so she seems to be more focused on her works, especially photography.

Sources also revealed that she has many good friends. Her good friends include a few guy friends, one of whose name is Jack Owen. Till now all we can say is that we can hope, she finds a perfect and understanding man for herself.

Gigi Santo Pietro’s Net Worth

As per media and sources, Vanna White’s daughter Gigi Santo Pietro has an estimated net worth of around $500,000. But her popular mother’s fortune as of 2021 is around $10 million.


Is Gigi Santa Pietro using any Social Media Platform?

Gigi Santa Pietro is not that active or available on any social media platforms. As per sources, we got to know that She is not a big fan or user of any social media platforms. She is quite active on Instagram as @gigisantopietro. She doesn’t post anything regarding her private life in Instagram posts. She mostly posts regarding her work designs of tattoos. She sometimes likes to post her photographs being shot by her. She rarely posts anything about her personal life.

She is not available on any other social media platforms whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform.


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