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Graham Waterston bio is a great American-born film producer. But, he is mostly recognized as the son of famous actor named Sam Waterston. His father has received several awards comprising Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, as well as several more. Not only that but, his dad has starred in more than around 80 films in his fifty years of acting career.

But, today we will be focusing more on Graham’s private life. Is he dating anyone? If so, who is his girlfriend? Or is Sam’s son already wedded to someone? We will never know until as well as unless we go through this great write-up.

Let’s get started, as well as also know about Waterston’s age, Instagram, career, as well as many more.

Graham Waterston bio Is The Fourth Child Of Sam Waterston: Information On His Age, as well as Siblings

He was born on April 29, of the year 1983, in New York, USA. He is the son of actor named Sam Waterston, as well as former model Lynn Louisa Woodruff. Graham belongs to English, Scottish, aa well as possibly other ethnical backgrounds, as well as is American by nationality.

Talking about his great childhood, the film producer has kept such details behind closed doors. Besides, Graham has two biological sisters named Elisabeth Waterston, as well as Katherine Waterston, as well as one half-elder brother named James Waterston. The eldest among them is his half-brother.

Graham Waterston bio is the cutest and youngest among his siblings
Graham with his siblings

James was born on January 17, of the year 1969, in New York to Sam as well as his first wife, Barbara Rutledge Johns. Likewise, some years after, their dad walked down the aisle for the second time with Graham’s mom. From their wedding, they first greeted a daughter, Elisabeth who was born on 30 March of the year 1977 in Paris, which is in France.

Then, Katherine came into their life as the second daughter on March 3, of the year 1980, in Westminster, which is in London, England, UK. Besides, as we told above, James is the half-brother, but in actually, they are like biological siblings. In fact, they are very near to each other, unlike other celebrity’s kids.

Graham Waterston bio Is A Well-Educated Individual

Waterston first visited to enroll at the Proctor Academy as well as graduated in the year 2000. Then, until the year 2005, he studied at great New York University.

Graham Waterston bio Has Produced A Short-Film: His Movie as well as TV Shows Career

Sam Waterston’ cute son first made his work debut in the film industry, in the year 2005, with The Ballad of Jack as well as Rose. Then, in the year 2007, again he worked in the additional crew, in the movie named Blackbird.

In the year 2015, Graham Waterston bio produced the short film, named And It Was Good. In this movie, his family member comprising, James Waterston, Elisabeth Waterston, as well as their father Sam Waterston has also starred. At the year 2015 Brooklyn Film Festival, his movie also obtained the Spirit Award.Graham Waterston bio

Graham Waterston as well as Ambra Medda attend COSTUME NATIONAL & ENNIO CAPASA Celebrate PATTI SMITH’S Film “Dream Of LIfe” at Costume National Store on September 12, of the year 2008, in New York City. Source: Getty
Moreover, after this production work in the year 2015, he has yet to work any in many further movies as well as TV shows. Besides, his dad Sam has worked in theater, television as well as, film, so far. Similarly, Sam has starred in several hits comprising, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Law & Order, as well as several more.

Moreover, the actor starred in The great Late Show with Stephen Colbert, just to promote the show. His other acting credit comprises Masters of Science Fiction, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Matthew Shepard Story, as well as others.

All Of Graham Waterston bio’s Siblings Are Now Successful Actors

Graham is not the only person to be in the great film industry in his family. As of present, all three of his siblings have followed in their father’s footsteps. His oldest brother, James, has appeared in more than around thirty TV shows including NBC’s “Law & Order,” from the year 1999 to the year 2017.

His other elder sister, named Katherine, has appeared in numerous television series and films. The actress first rose to stardom after starring in a leading role as Shasta Fay Hepworth in the movie named Inherent Vice. Likewise, she is also known for appearing as Tina Goldstein in the film, Fantastic Beasts as well as Where to Find Them.Graham Waterston bio

Graham Waterston bio’s second eldest sister, named Elisabeth, has also made an identity of her own in the media. She has even appeared in Much Ado About Nothing alongside her father. Her other great works include The Education of Max Bickford, Detective Trousers in the Beat Goes On, Gossip Girl, as well as others.

Is Graham Waterston bio Dating Anyone?

The star cool kid doesn’t seem to be dating anyone as of the year 2023. Similarly, he is a very private person when it comes to his personal life. Hence, till now his connection status remains single. But, if he has been dating or is married to someone, we hope they will lead a blissful marital connection.

Graham Waterston bio’s Parents Are Married For More Than Forty Years

Graham’s parents are presently married for forty-six years. Moreover, the pair have chosen to let their connection be private. But, here are some quick facts about Sam as well as his present wife’s love life.Graham Waterston bio

The Three cool actors walked down the aisle with Graham’s mom named Lynn Louisa Woodruff in the year 1976. Before that, Sam was in a marital connection with his first wife named Barbara Rutledge Johns, from the year 1964-75. Just Only a year later, Graham’s parents were romantically linked.


As per the New York Times, Woodruff as well as her longtime husband first met, in the year 1972, on a blind date in New York City. During that time, Sam was still wedded to his first wife. But, even then, they were having ups as well as downs in their relationship as well as called it off in the year 1975.

Unlike other actors, named Sam doesn’t seem to be having any problems in his present married life. In many cases, an individual wants their partner to be in the same industry where they have been working. Graham’s mother isn’t in the entertainment industry as well as she has a healthy life as well as appears like they will be together until one’s death.Graham Waterston bio

How Much Is Graham Waterston bio Worth?

As per the work Graham Waterston bio has done in the great film industry so far, he has definitely earned quite a bit of money. The celebrity kid/producer is calculated to have a net worth of around $500,000 as of the year 2023.

On the other hand, his dad Sam has a great fortune of around $20 million. Like Graham, his father also earns his money from the great film industry. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Is Graham Waterston bio Available On Any Social Media?

Graham Waterston bio is active on every social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram, as well as other. Moreover he is no longer available on Facebook as well as has kept his Instagram account private.


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