Joe Burrow bio

Joe Burrow bio is one of the hottest names in the great NFL world. The Ames Iowa born quarterback has led his present team, the Cincinnati Bengals to two great consecutive deep playoffs.

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With increasing attention, there also has been some interest about Joe Burrow bio’s dating life; who his girlfriend is, or who he has dated till now.

Turns out, Joe Burrow bio does have a girlfriend as well as the pair looks like each other’s keeper. In fact, they have been together for many years before Joe became the Bengals quarterback in great Superbowl LVI. But are they wedded? Read that as well as more about their connection in the write-up ahead.

Joe Burrow bio’s Girlfriend: Is He Dating?

Burrow is currently in a connection with his girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher. The pair apparently has been together since mid of the year 2017.Joe Burrow bio

Ohio State graduate Olivia Holzmacher with her boyfriend as well as NFL quarterback Joe Burrow.

Burrow as well as Holzmacher met at Ohio State where the former played football for around three years, during the initial years of his college. They crossed each other paths in a good classroom when they were pursuing same majors.

When Did Joe Burrow bio And His Girlfriend Start Dating?

While the exact date when Joe as well as Olivia started their connection is uncertain, their earliest picture together appears to be from the year 2017. It anyway has been taken that the two became a pair in the August of that year. The two were in their junior year during the time.

As such in Aug of the year 2018, Holzmacher, through her Instagram, disclosed that it had been a year since they started dating. On an anniversary post, the LSU graduate’s girlfriend told,

Three Hundred As well as Sixty-five days xoxo.

Joe Burrow bio also posted the similar picture on his own Instagram handle. As for the caption, the AP Comeback Player of The Year added,

The first chapter was a pretty great one. Now it’s good time to write the next one.

Burrow studied consumer as well as family financial services whereas his college girlfriend named Olivia graduated with a degree in data analytics as well as social sciences.

Although Burrow left Ohio State midway to study as well as play at LSU, the NFL player and Holzmacher stayed together as well as worked on their connection by being a long-distance couple.

Joe Burrow bio’s Girlfriend Holzmacher watching his game in Jan of the year 2023. InstagramJoe Burrow bio

The quarterback as well as his partner named Olivia do not share much about their connection but the latter does share enough images of herself with Burrow on her Instagram.

Joe Burrow bio’s Girlfriend named Olivia Is Also From Ohio; What Does She Do?

Joe Burrow bio’s girlfriend named Holzmacher was born a few miles outside of Cincinnati. Having said that, many appeae she must have been a Bengals fan and definitely experienced excitement when her boyfriend became the no. 1 draftee of the Bengals. Moreover, a post from Olivia’s Instagram that she shared similar time in the year 2015 suggests she may have been a fan of the Green Bay Packers in the history.

Kroger’s senior process specialist Olivia Holzmacher with her boyfriend as well as NFL quarterback Joe Burrow bio. Instagram

Holzmacher, as spoken of, studied at Ohio State even after her boyfriend named Burrow left for LSU. Olivia graduated in the year 2019. The young quarterback’s girlfriend now labours as a senior process specialist for Kroger in the place of Cincinnati. She additionally is a great analyst. The brunette partner of a quarterback describes her job comprising responsibilities such as building dashboards for Kroger’s e-commerce pickup as well as delivery services. Olivia’s role also incorporates providing insight into operational metrics as well as customer experiences.


Meanwhile, Olivia also went Paycor Stadium to watch her boyfriend’s games.

Girlfriend as well as boyfriend since college, Olivia as well as Joe. Instagram

Since her partner became the Bengals QB, Olivia has followed almost all of Burrow’s games. She frequently shares her cool experience as a viewer on her Instagram posts or stories. Holzmacher really has been a supportive figure for her great footballer boyfriend since day one.

She was also by her boyfriend’s side when he won the great Heisman Trophy. Holzmacher later took to her Instagram to wish her footballer partner.

More presently, Olivia also attended the Bengals taking on the Baltimore Ravens at the great AFC Wild Card Game.

Joe Burrow bio’s Girlfriend named Olivia Holzmacher Is Yet To Have A Child

Burrow as well as Holzmacher are yet to have kids of their own but the couple is parents to their pet, a Goldendoodle. Holzmacher expanded her Goldendoodle, Beau, to the family shortly after making her connection with Burrow official.

So, Burrow as well as Holzmacher, the seemingly indivisible duo who’ve been hand in hand for almost half a decade, remain childless for the moment being.

When Are Joe And Holzmacher Going To Marry?Joe Burrow bio

Despite their devotion for each other, the college love, Joe Burrow bio as well as Olivia have yet to exchange nuptials or expand their family. As the years pass, their fans wondering if the beloved pair will ever tie the knot or have little ones of their own. Until then, the mystery stays shrouded in silence, leaving the viewers to ponder what the future holds for this cute enchanting pair.


Are Holzmacher As well as Joe Still Together?

Despite the absence of photos of Joe as well as Olivia together since September of the year 2022, according to an October of the year 2022 article in Sun US, the couple is thought to still be together. Burrow as well as Holzmacher, from the looks of the latter’s social media, also appear to be still going very strong. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Nevertheless, a current development has added a new twist to their story, specifically regarding Joe Burrow.

Is Joe Burrow bio Dating A New Girlfriend, named Olivia Dunne?

Joe Burrow bio presently has been making headlines for having a great  connection of some sort with a female TikToker as well as a gymnast named Olivia Dunne.

Joe Burrow bio with a TikToker as well as a gymnast Olivia Dunne.

Dunne who attended the same college as Burrow is a third-year student as well as she presently added a picture of her with the NFL player to her great TikTok video.

Joe Burrow bio

This has led several to speculate that Burrow as well as Holzmacher are already done as well as that the quarterback is developing a secret connection with his junior. Nonetheless, no such news of a breakup or a new hookup is on the surface or buzzing.


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