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Griffin Arthur Fraser is the oldest son of Brendan Fraser and his ex-wife, Afton Smith. Griffin Arthur Fraser’s parents married for almost nine years until their relationship finished with a messy divorce. Even after their divorce, the former flames created a lot of drama on their alimony and child backing payments.

Besides, Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith also shared two kids. Sources say although the exes consented to joint custody of their children, their kids mainly live with their mother.

In addition, Griffin Arthur Fraser suffers from autism. Here are many other facts that you didn’t know about him!

All about His Date of Birth and Parents

Griffin Arthur Fraser was born on the 17th of September in 2002, in Los Angeles, California to actor parents Afton Smith and Brendon Fraser. In The same year, a new daddy Brendan Fraser’s movie The Quiet American was released, featuring legendry actor Michale Caine.

Griffin Arthur Fraser spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles with his family. Besides, talking about his ethnicity Griffin Arthur Fraser has a Caucasian ethnicity and the star kid is an American.

Griffin Arthur Fraser is the Older Brother of Two Siblings

Griffin Arthur Fraser has two younger brothers named Leland Francis Fraser, born on 2 May 2006, and Holden Fletcher Fraser, born on 16 August 2004.

The Fraser brothers are very close to each other. Back in September 2016, the proud father of three kids Brendan Fraser shared a beautiful photo of his boys on the occasion of Griffin Arthur Fraser’s 14th birthday.

Griffin Arthur Fraser is Autism Child:

The celebrity kid, Griffin Arthur Fraser has been suffering from autism. Back in February 2018, The Mummy trilogy star disclosed in an exclusive interview with GQ that his son, Griffin Arthur Fraser “needs additional love in the world, and he gets it.”

In addition, Fraser’s mother Afton Smith co-wrote a book for his son, Griffin Arthur Fraser called “Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum.” Afton Smith united for the publication along with Margo Smithwick and her mother Miriam Smith. Afton Smith once confessed to referring to her older son, they made this book for Griffin Arthur Fraser.

Griffin Arthur Fraser
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Similarly, Brendan Fraser’s ex-wife is an author of the book whose name is “Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado.”

All you need to know about Afton Smith:

Afton Smith is an American film and television actress who became famous after she got married to a Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser; Afton Smith nursed fantasies of becoming a superstar in Hollywood as a child and she made her debut in the film Less Than Zero way back in 1987. Then, she got other parts and played skillfully well including her main role in the movie George Of The Jungle where Afton Smith starred alongside her husband Brendan Fraser.

As time went on, Afton Smith played a good wife until April of 2008 when Afton Smith backed out of her marriage after having had three sons. Queries have been raised about her divorce.

Afton Smith’s Early Life and beginning of Career:

Afton Smith was born on the 3rd day in the month of Christmas that is in December 1967 in Northport, Long Island, New York. Due to her place of birth, Afton Smith holds an American nationality and is of white heritage. There are not any records relating that the actress went to school and also not any records that she was home-schooled. Being a very isolated person, Afton Smith has also withheld information regarding her family and childhood background.

Being on the big screens of the Hollywood industry is not easily achieved but Afton Smith had nursed the dream of being a Hollywood superstar for a while and strategically followed it. Afton Smith made her debut in the film Less Than Zero (1987) but Afton Smith didn’t get any other roles until after four years, in 1991 when Afton Smith featured in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, Her role in the movie took her to stardom and opened the door for a lot of other roles. After that, Afton Smith played an outstanding role in the romantic comedy-drama film, Reality Bites (1994) then, she came up in the movie George of the Jungle (1997) which secured her public recognition.


Afton Smith worked in the movie George of the Jungle with her husband, Brendan Fraser after which Afton Smith retired from acting. This meant that her career as a Hollywood actress can only boast of four movies. On leaving the path as a Hollywood actress, Afton Smith published a book titled Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado, which was published in 2004.

The Real Reason behind Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser’s Divorce:

It looked like all was going well for Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser as they were prone to massive PDA, but their devotees never knew that behind the curtains, there were so many things that were out of the locale. Exactly after one year and seven months their last son was born, Brendan Fraser made a public statement that they had decided to quit the marriage and go on separate paths.

Their separation was not easily achieved as it involved a lot of drama. First Brendan Fraser planned to separate from her without taking due responsibilities, though, the judiciary saw how buoyant the actor was, gave a standing order that Brendan Fraser will pay Afton Smith $900,000 of annual alimony and settled with her on $50,000 monthly alimony and an additional $300,000 per year for their children support.

After some time, Brendan Fraser requested the court to reduce the stipulated amounts implying that he was no longer active on the screens and he was also having some health issues. Brendan Fraser backed these reasons with a thorough document containing expenses made concerning his health.

On Afton Smith’s part, she believed her husband, Brendan Fraser was lying as he previously hit a jackpot in a film role before their divorce. Afton Smith further buttressed her points stipulating that her ex-husband, Brendan Fraser was protecting his properties. The court later saw reasons with Brendan Fraser and finally reduced his alimony.

Let’s Know About Griffin Arthur Fraser’s Parents Love Story:

Brendan Fraser first came across his future wife Afton Smith at the barbecue party in Los Angeles arranged by their mutual friend Winona Ryder in July of 1993. There became a sudden connection between the two. Shortly after their meeting, the pair started spending time with each other. They thereafter became close companions and then after boyfriend and Girlfriend.

The duo dated for almost four years before Brendan Fraser proposed to his girlfriend in October of 1997. They shortly decided to take their relationship one step closer to getting married. Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith exchanged their vows on the 27th of September in 1998. The duo walked down the aisle in a renowned wedding ceremony arranged at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

Griffin Arthur Fraser
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Within almost eight years of their marriage, the pair also became parents of three sons. Though, a year after their youngest son’s birth, it was declared that the duo had decided to go on their separate ways.

Tabloids say that they split after Brandon Fraser’s alleged affair with his fellow actress Mario Bello. The rumors about their private romance arose while they were shooting for a film in China.

Custody of Their Three Children:

The former0 duo gained joint custody of their kids. But their sons spent the majority of their initial life with their mother Afton Smith in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Alimony Battle:

Everyone was in super trauma when the two favorite couples separated by divorce. Their divorce proceeding became final in February of 2009. After the finalization, the court ordered Brendan Fraser to give his ex, Afton Smith $900,000 as annual alimony. Moreover, the court also ordered him to pay $300000 a year for their children’s support.

But, in earlier February of 2013, the actor, Brendon Fraser went to a Connecticut court to reduce the alimony payments that amount to $900,000. Brendon Fraser cited his no interest in TV shows and movies as a reason behind his appeal. The actor, Brendon Fraser also claimed several medical issues comprising his back injury in October of 2012 from Hurricane Sandy in his appeal.


But, in response, his ex-wife, Afton Smith accused Brendan Fraser of hiding millions of dollars. Later on, the judiciary didn’t find any solid evidence that backed up Afton Smith’s claims. As a result, his alimony money was decreased.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of the 18-year-old young boy is still under study. On the other hand, his actor father Brendon Fraser has approximately $20 million of net worth. Brendon Fraser makes wealth from his acting roles in both TV shows and movies.

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s mom Afton Smith is also a former actress with limited acting projects under her belt.


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