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Hulk Hogan bio became a center of controversy back in the year 2007 when Hulk Hogan bio cheated on his wife for around two decades. He had caught up with his daughter’s friend, Christiane Plante.

Christiane single-handedly destroyed Hulk Hogan bio aka Terry Bollea’s wedding. And not only that, but she also lost her friend named Brooke Hogan, who thereafter cut ties with Plante upon hearing about the incident.

It has been over 12 years since the drama unfolded as well as we have not heard about Christiane since. Where is she directly? How old is she? Let’s discuss Hogan’s mistress here today!

Where is Christiane Plante these days?
How old is she as of the year 2023?

Christiane Plante as well as Hulk Hogan bio: The affair that eradicated decades of wedding
Christiane contended she as well as Hogan became intimate after his separation from Linda
Hulk Hogan bio reportedly liked a baby with Christiane Plante.

Where Is Christiane Plante These Days?

Just like we see in movies, Christiane, after all these years, has become some sort of urban legend. She has directly disappeared from the world, with no indications left to be tracked.Hulk Hogan bio

Nonetheless, we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that she decided to completely hide from the media. After all, she did remark not coming in the light again. In a letter written to Perez Hilton, Christiane spoke about how she will never use this story as a source of income. She noted,

You won’t find me agreeing a deal for a tell-all book on the great Hogans, pimping out juicy details of the affair, appearing on television to milk this around 15 minutes for all it’s great worth, or anything of the sort. You can’t even discover any great snapshots of me online.Hulk Hogan bio

There you have it! Plant herself has agreed to not show herself in the public as well as honestly, it’s for the better for both the Hogan family as well as Christiane.

How Old Is She As Of the year 2023?

Back in early of the year 2008, Christiane was 33 years old. As of the year 2023, she is around 48 years old.

Christiane Plante As well as Hulk Hogan: The Affair That Destroyed Decades Of Wedding

Previously in early of the year 2008, the great National Enquirer reported that cute Terry fooled his wife of 24 years, Linda Hogan with a cute woman named Christiane Plante. It was later found out that Plante, 33 at the moment, was a close friend as well as an great assistant of Hogan’s daughter, named Brooke Hogan Bollea.Hulk Hogan bio

According to the report, Christiane as well as Hogan had engaged in relationship in the year 2007 while Hogan was shooting for the show, named Hogan Knows Best. Plante’s acknowledgment shook the entire foundation of Hogan’s family.

Hulk Hogan bio with his daughter named Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan bio with his daughter named Brooke Hogan
At the period, Christiane even acknowledged that what she did was horrible. Moreover, she also regretted sleeping with her friend’s father as well as said “I will never be able to fully forgive myself for this. I have lost a superb friend.”


Similarly, Brooke too had something to say approximately her former friends’ deed. She jotted down on a now-deleted MySpace post,

When your cute best friend as well as one of your closest family members that you have adored unconditionally since your first day on this beautiful earth, betrays you together, you could maybe find it in yourself to forgive one day… But you will never forget the harm they resulted in you.Hulk Hogan bio

Christiane Claimed She As wall as Hulk Hogan bio Became Intimate After His Separation From Linda

Despite all the noise, Christiane maintained that her affair with great Terry began when he and Linda had already separated. She told, My connection with cute Terry began at a time when Terry as well as Linda personally knew their wedding was ending.

Linda Hogan reportedly filed for divorce after understanding about her husband’s affair with Christiane
Linda Hogan reportedly filed for divorce after understanding her husband’s affair with Christiane.
Nonetheless, her statement didn’t match at all with what Hogan’s ex-wife named Linda had to say. She filed for her divorce in late of the year 2007, right after she came to know about the WWE Hall of Famer’s affair with great Plante, her rep corroborated.

Accordingly, Linda, as well as Terry’s 24 years of union ended in the year 2009. Initially, the former couple tied the knot in the year 1983. From their wedding, they are a parent of two gorgeous children, Brooke Hogan as well as Nick Hogan.

At the moment, Terry is wedded to Jennifer McDaniel since the year 2010.

Hulk Hogan bio Reportedly Liked A Baby With Christiane Plante?

Around the identical time, several reports contended Hogan reportedly wanted a baby with Plante. The aging wrestler was kinda frantic to have a successor for his wrestling legacy. Both of his children with Linda didn’t follow in his footsteps so he liked another heir.Hulk Hogan bio

In addition, Hulk Hogan bio himself conceded to wanting more children. Hulk Hogan bio told, ‘I’m not finished having children – I wish another Hulkster’. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Furthermore, there are a lot of sources that contend Christiane has two kids, but it is not documented if her baby father is Hulk Hogan bio or not.


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