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Nicole Covone bio is the ex-wife of rapper, called Lil Durk who rose to international celebrity after being featured on Drake‘s incredible hit single Laugh Now Cry Later. Nicole Covone bio’s ex-husband is also the founder of the famous Chicago rap exhibition Only The Family. After building rap tracks on social media, Durk attained ground on the rap scene with his mixtape Life Ain’t No Joke.

It’s been a while since people began noticing as well as taking a curiosity in Lil Durk’s life — professional or otherwise. And when it comes to the rapper’s love side, Nicole Covone bio’s a very unique name that sticks to pop up.

Nicole Covone bio is also Durk’s baby mama. She once had a loving as well as favorable allegiance to him too. So what went wrong? Have they gone their separate ways? And where is Lil Durk’s ex Nicole directly? Let’s attempt to discover the answers here.

Nicole Covone bio connection With Lil Durk
The Chicago native, Nicole Covone bio commenced dating Durk, in the year 2008 when the couple was yet in their teenage years. Three years into the connection, as well as the high school sweethearts, greeted a son named Angelo on November 28, of the year 2011. The two married shortly afterward as well as had yet another child, a daughter named Bella, on July 18, of the year 2013.

Lil Durk’s ex-wife, Nicole Covone bio

Lil Durk’s ex-wife, Nicole Covone bio. Source: Facebook
Things were going well for the pair for a while. Unfortunately for Covone, her artist husband was hiding a destructive mystery that would finally tear their connection for good as well as all.

Presently after Nicole Covone bio gave birth to great Bella, the delivery of Lil Durk’s third child called Zayden was all out in the public.

To everyone’s surprise, Nicole Covone bio was not Zayden’s mom. While her husband was thorough to keep the other woman’s name out of the press, he did take responsibility for his son as well as passed on his name. Nicole, nonetheless, was not able to proceed past all the lying as well as cheating.

Accordingly, the new mother agreed to get a divorce just months after giving birth to Bella.

In June of the year, 2013 Durk got himself behind bars after authorities allegedly found him in the custody of a loaded .40 caliber firearm.

Reportedly, the then 20-year-old tried to get rid of the gun by tossing it into a car.Nicole Covone bio

Also on hand for benefit was Nicole Covone, 23, who was “instantly about to pop,” alongside Durk’s family fellows. She was due to give birth to her daughter, called Bella that day as well as told the media that Durk isn’t regretful and that she didn’t like to go into work with him behind bars. She exhorted that he was innocent.

Nicole Covone bio’s Online Feud With Her Ex-Husband, Lil Durk

Durk is a pretty good dad to all his children, as well as fans know he’s got the means to back up their everyday needs. Then furthermore, Nicole — and likely the further babies’ moms — doesn’t still agree with the truth that Durk is a good parent to his kids.

In the year 2016, Durk took to his Instagram as well as said he liked to take all of his children away from their mothers so he could put forward them himself. He, nonetheless, acknowledged, his kids’ moms were all “perfect as well as good.”Nicole Covone bio

To this, Covone had some choice words for him exhorting Durk to stay off of social media as well as do better as a dad.

She put in that while Durk was a “great father” to their two kids, she wasn’t sure what was going on with him at that moment. Nicole Covone bio said it appeared like Durk” wants some attention” as well as that he “gotta be talking to his other 10 BABYMAMAS” in saying that he’s “taking somebody’s children.”

She stressed her point by telling “he knows it ain’t flying this way” as well as indicating that Durk “stop the foolery.”

Who Is Nicole Covone bio’s Ex-Husband Dating Now?

The Chicago-born rapper is presently active to be married to India Royale. The duo greeted their baby girl, named Willow in October of the year 2018.Nicole Covone bio

Lil Durk with his new girlfriend, named India Royale

Lil Durk with his new girlfriend, named India Royale. Source: Instagram
Durk started his connection with Royale in the year 2017. He inquired of her to marry him in September of the year 2018. In addition to Angelo, Bella, Zayden, as well as Willow, Durk has two additional kids, Du’mier as well as Skyler both born in the year 2014.


Lil is yet to divulge the name of Du’mier as well as Skyler’s mother.

Has Nicole Covone bio Moved On Too?

Nicole Covone bio, these days, ensues busy with being a mom of her two children with her ex-husband, named Lil Durk. Through her Facebook, she has characterized herself as unmarried. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Odd enough, Nicole Covone bio is yet to blush out pictures of Durk from her Facebook even though the dust has resolved.

While Durk has substantiated his connection with Royale on many occasions through his Insta, Covone is yet to reveal her new love interest. It’s ambiguous if she is glancing for a new partner in the foremost place.Nicole Covone bio

Where Is Nicole Covone’s bio Now?

Nicole Covone bio, 33, nowadays resides in Chicago, which is in Illinois with her two kids. Besides, as for her professional endeavors, Nicole who is owned by mixed ethnicity is laboring as the CEO of The Credit Clique. The company is all about helping out people rehabilitate their credit scores as well as assisting them in the facility with a strong foundation.

Although she is busy with her work in the recognition company, she is also taking care of her kids.


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