Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim Chappelle is the middle child of the Chappelle family and the youthful son of Dave and Elaine.

Ibrahim Chappelle was born in the Chappelle family in the year 2003. The specific date and month have not been revealed to the public yet.

All the three children of Dave have been born and grown in Yellow Springs, Ohio, America. Their parents never wish them to be in the public spotlight for their justifications.

This 17-year-old boy, Ibrahim Chappelle, has always been in the spotlight due to his father’s favor. Dave fans around the world are likely to know more about his family. But at times, they failed.

Here we have all the information regarding the young, Ibrahim Chappelle.
Ibrahim Chappelle was born and raised in a village called Yellow springs. This village is situated, in Ohio State, which is in the ed States of America.

Being born in the year 2003 makes him a teen by now. He is presently in high school nevertheless; Ibrahim Chappelle is 17 years old. He is both a Filipino as well as an American-African by ethnicity.

His early education, as well as his high school name, have been kept a secret from the public eyes. Unlike his father, he is not enthusiastic about the film and drama industry.

Education And Career Of Ibrahim Chappelle
Ibrahim Chappelle is presently pursuing his high school and must be at the end of completing it. We do not know anything more regarding him, like where he is studying, in which grade he is, his school name, and, many other things.

That is all due to Dave as well as Elaine’s strict privacy of their children. They do not wish people to be concerned about their private life.

Why Ibrahim In Public Limelight?

Well, Ibrahim Chappelle is the youngest kid of the significant comedian David Khari Webber Chappelle and the reason for his favor is crystal clear.

People want to discover more about Dave’s life, and that encompasses his family as well. Because of that, Ibrahim and his siblings were also in the limelight.

Ibrahim Chappelle stayed Away From The Public

Like many other celebrity parents, Dave and Elaine were also defensives of their children’s privacy. They didn’t want their children and private life to be public conversation material.

With that, they kept everything regarding all three of their kids private. So that, in the future they will be able to decide whether they want to be in the public spotlight or not.

Dave married Elaine in the year 2001 and has three children together. Both of them are still together as a couple.

That makes Ibrahim Chappelle the middle youngster, who has a little sister and a senior sibling. Her brother’s named Sulayman and, her sister is Sanaa.


Elaine Chappelle – Mother Of Ibrahim Chappelle

Dave and Elaine got married in the year 2001 after they met in Brooklyn, New York. They two are having a sentimental relationship for about 20 years.

They had two sons as well as a daughter as their children. Elaine is also away from the public eye, but she can be seen various times with Dave, unlike their children.

Elaine is Filipino by ethnicity which gives her children a Filipino touch in their characteristics. She seems to be a great mother to Ibrahim as well as his siblings.

Sulayman Chappelle – Elder Brother Of Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim’s elder brother, Sulayman, was the very first child of the Chappelle family. Like his brother, he is also away from the public limelight. With that, we do not have much knowledge regarding him.

Since he was born in the year 2001, he is 20 years old and might have entered professional life. He does not seem to have an interest in Film as well as the music industry.

Ibrahim Chappelle

The information regarding his education and wealth is ambiguous. By now, he must have enlisted in college for a bachelor’s.

Sanaa Chappelle, Younger Sister Of Ibrahim

Ibrahim Chappelle’s younger sister, Sanaa, is a Star kid who got popular because of his father’s immense popularity. She is also the youthful daughter of Dave as well as Elaine Chappelle.

Together with her father named Dave, she got a role in a movie named A Star Is Born. This movie showed Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in a lead roles.

She has also worked in Kids Talk Trump on TV. So, she is not like her two brothers as well as is a little more into the film industry.

She is 11 years old now and was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the United States Of America, in the year 2009. Presently, she is studying in a personal school there.

Who does not know the famous Dave Chappelle? Dave has made his name as an extraordinary comedian, writer, producer, as well as even an actor.

This 47-year-old has won many awards and achievements. His awards encompass; four Emmy awards as well as three Grammy Awards. Not only that, but he has also won the prize called Mark Twain Prize.

Ibrahim Chappelle

Dave’s total assets are around $50 million, making him probably the most impressive comedy on the planet. He had successfully run a comedy show named The Chappelle’s show.

Does Ibrahim Chappelle Have A Net Worth?

It seems like he does not have a net worth right now since Ibrahim has not started his professional life as well as career.

But there is some vague news that he owns around $1 Million, all due to his father’s wealth. That is all just an assumption. But In reality, we all do not know his net worth as he is away from all the public drama as per sources.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s Religion As well as Ethnicity

Like his father, Ibrahim is also a Muslim. His father has called him Ibrahim, which is an Arabic name.


Ibrahim means Father of various, which is the same as that of Abraham in English.

Ibrahim as well as his family are devotedly Muslim, but they do not seem to obey it very strictly. Dave has restricted them of several things which are haram in Islam, like pork as well as Alcohol.

Ibrahim Chappelle

Concerning ethnicity, he is African as well as Filipino. Both of these make Ibrahim an Afro-Asian descendant.


Ibrahim In The Film Industry, Soon?

Well, this is his decision whether to pursue his father’s footprints or not. But, it never seemed like he wants to be in the public spotlight at all.

People have never seen him attending any events or occasions with his father named Dave.

But it is never too late for anyone to change his mind. So it depends on Ibrahim’s decision.


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