Josh Kiszka

Josh Kiszka was born on 23 April in the year 1996. Josh Kiszka is a popular American singer, writer, composer, lyricist, social media influencer, videographer, as well as a great entrepreneur from Frankenmuth which is in Michigan, United States.

He is popular in the industry as a group member of the famous rock band named Greta Van Fleet.

According to sources, Greta Van Fleet is a rock band that was launched in the year 2012 by the Kiszka brothers. As per the reports, Josh serves the position of the main and former vocalist of the group.

His two brothers Jake as well as Sam is also part of a Rock band. his friend named Danny Wagner is a lead drum in Greta Van Fleet.

Greta Van Fleet band members are Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka, as well as Danny Wagner.

Other than being a singer, Josh Kiszka is also a talented writer as well as composer. He published numerous EPs, singles, and albums with his band. His top albums encompass Black Smoke Rising, From the Fires,

As per reports, Josh also wrote the Safari Song for the movie named Aquaman. In this article, we will discuss the information regarding Greta Van Fleet’s main vocalist, Josh Kiszka.

Josh Kiszka’s Biography

Josh Kiszka is a well-known singer. Josh Kiszka took birth to his parents on Tuesday, April 23, in the year 1996, in Frankenmuth, Michigan, which is in the United States. Josh Kiszka was born into a well-known musical family.

According to his birth date, the age of Josh Kiszka is 26 years old as of the year 2022. Every year he cuts his birthday cake on the 23rd of April.

Being a son of a professional musician, he finalized to make his career in the field of music even at a very young age. Josh Kiszka started music at a very young age.

Let me tell you that, Josh began practicing music in childhood. Josh finished his education at a local private school.

Later on, he began focusing on his music career. Due to his talent as well as excellence, today, he is a popular musician and a great composer.

Josh Kiszka’s Family & Ethnicity

Josh Kiszka Bio –  As per the sources and reports, Josh holds a pure white caucasian ethnicity. Josh Kiszka follows the Christian religion. Taurus is his zodiac sign.

Parents & Siblings

Talking regarding his family details then, Josh is one of the four siblings in the family. As per the sources and reports, his father (name not known) was a popular professional musician amulmulti-instrumentalist.

His mother’s name is Karen Kiszka. After researching a lot, we got to know that Josh has two brothers as well as one sister in the family.

Josh Kiszka as well as his mother Karen Kiszka

His brothers Jake Kiszka as well as Sam Kiszka are also good musicians and he is a part of Greta Van Fleet.

He does not disclose the name of his sister to the media. Furthermore, Josh likes to spend time with his family members.

Josh Kiszka’s Girlfriend

Being a popular personality, Josh Kiszka has a great fan following. His fans are eager to know about his personal life as well as his relationship status.

However, Josh Kiszka does not share any information regarding his girlfriend and current relationship status. As per our research, he is single as of July the year 2021.

As per his IG profile, he loves to spend time with his friends as well as his band group.

Music Career

Josh is passionate about music since childhood. He as well as his brother began practicing music at a very young age.

As per the sources and reports, they also performed at their high school functions. After attaining experience, Kiszka and his brothers created a Rock Band called Greta Van Fleet in the year 2012.

After forming the band, Josh came to be the main vocalist. On the other hand, Jake and Sam assist in the position of Guitarist and Bassist respectively.

Josh Kiszka

They also worked together with a Drummer Danny Wagner. In the year 2017, the Greta Van Fleet confirmed a contract with Lava Records.

Josh Kiszka’s Net worth

After that, they featured their first EP album titled ‘Black Smoke Rising.’ in the year 2017.

Later, they released lots of music albums as well as singles. Apart from this, Josh and the band members also performed live at different stage concerts.

As per the sources and reports, their album From the Fires won Grammy Award for Best Rock Album In the year 2019. Josh Kiszka made a net worth of around  $4-6 million USD (approx.) from his music profession.

Josh Kiszka is an American musician. Normally speaking, he is known for being the head singer of Greta Van Fleet.

However, it is fascinating to note that Kiszka has an interest in film-making, which might clarify how he winded up contributing to the soundtrack of Aquaman.

Comes from Frankenmuth, MI

Kiszka appears from the city of Frankenmuth, which is encircled by the township of Frankenmuth. The word comes from a couple of letters. One would be Franken meaning the citizens of the German region of Franconia.

As such, one could say that Frankenmuth summarizes “Courage of the Franconians.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the original European settlers in the region came from Franconia, thus clarifying the name.

Older Identical Twins

It is delightful to note that Kiszka is the older of identical twins. In other words, twins can be either monozygotic or dizygotic. The first means that the twins are identical because they developed from a single zygote that divides into two embryos.

This, the second means that the twins developed from separate eggs fertilized by different sperm cells, meaning that they are pretty much similar to normal siblings because they were born at the same time.

Josh Kiszka

However, Josh, as well as Jake Kiszka, are a pair of identical twins, with Josh being the older of the two by only five minutes to More Siblings.

Besides Jake, Josh Kiszka is blessed to have three other siblings as well. Generally speaking, interested individuals will be most friendly with Sam Kiszka, who would be the twins’ younger brother.

This is because he is in the band Greta Van Fleet as well, being the bass player to Josh’s singer as well as Jake’s guitarist.


Exposure to Arts from a Young Age
Kiszka has claimed that he and his siblings were exposed to the arts from a young age. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this meant several kinds of music such as blues and rock. However, this also meant film as well as literature.

On top of this, it is worth noting that the Kiszka siblings were encouraged to get hands-on with music.

Some common friends and family members meet up with their musical instruments whenever they headed out on a ski trip to Yankee Springs in the places of Michigan.

Josh Kiszka

Has Done Some Acting

Education-wise, Kiszka went into the arts. To be exact, he studied film, theatre, as well as even painting. As such, enthusiastic individuals might be able to guess that josh Kiszka has done some acting.


In particular, he organized to secure the lead role in a production of Willy Wonka put on by the Frankenmuth Community Players in the year 2013. Nevertheless, Kiszka believes that his acting experience has boosted him in his singing career, not least because it has made him feel more at ease on the stage.

Something that has been recognized to trip up even experienced masters in the arts.


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